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  1. I fully expect they will have other dates just extremely unlikely to be at reading and leeds but yeah not totally impossible i guess
  2. Dance music ain't my thing but Guess he will do creamfields and reading next year then but yeah he was just an example some of those lower ones will pop up
  3. Can't see them letting the streets play another festival run by another company on the same weekend . Them and major Lazar are out of the running . Maybe some of the lower acts like Andy c will do reading .
  4. Victorious headliners have never played reading the same year as far as I know . In fact they usually share very little . This almost certainly rules out Ian Brown
  5. If any of them are Thursday , Phoebe Bridgers , Citizen , code orange or hot water music id be very happy . Also they hardly tour but i think fidlar would be great here . Pretty sure Knocked loose are nailed on but wont be announced for a bit with outbreak .
  6. really really dont think mcr are doing reading this year im afraid . Do believe there announcing stuff this week so the brixton thing is probably them since there were rumours of that a while back .
  7. If they do have RHCP then there could be an outside chance they may get the bump up to sub but third seems the best fit .
  8. Its not 10,000 this year . Try 15,000 . Dont sleep on tickets .
  9. Architects are playing Summer Breeze festival during august in Germany two weeks before reading . Again i think they are much more likely to be doing knotfest than reading or even possibly a headline slot at 2000 trees .
  10. Headlined the radio 1 opposite Mumford a few years back
  11. If limp Bizkit did play i think it would be high main stage , headlined boomtown only 2 years ago . If they are about in August I'd say Knotfest is much more likely than reading . For £100 Slipknot must have some decent supports .
  12. Zero chance of this . Travis ain't getting a boat all this way for trees .
  13. Sources now seem to confirm this to be the case . At least talk of the Fratellis to play r&l 2020 is a few more pages in the past .
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