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  1. Get this lad a job booking the bands. It's actually really awful that this year has been pulled, I was likely still going to go, but the line-up was absolutely shocking.
  2. Would be amazing if true (and if it goes ahead obviously).
  3. Call it what you want, unless they have had an actual official, 'we definitely aren't playing this' from the bands management, they'll continue to use the artist to advertise.
  4. I work in an o2 venue and this is exactly it. Even if there aren't shows announced in September/October/November/December, most of the date holds will be in place already, if not confirmed dates. So like you say, it will be a case of fitting in what can be fit in, around what is already there. As well as this, it's all well and good that festivals are looking at pushing back their dates to September/October, but this is only going to work if the bands on the line-up didn't already have commitments booked that far in advance.
  5. As it stands, they're still trying to sell tickets for their event. I've known festivals to have had acts pull out and delay announcing that for a few weeks, because the artist are big ticket shifters.
  6. You're right, they probably are being optimistic. But even if they're not and artists are able to tour September - December this year, the touring schedule is going to be so congested, and are people going to be able to afford it?
  7. Yeah, it was extremely optimistic of me. It’s cool bands are live streaming shows though. Code orange did their record release show and Dropkick Murphys are doing their St Paddy’s day one tonight.
  8. I'm actually hoping that if they ban large gatherings (say over 1000), we are going to get swathes of big bands playing in 100-1000 cap venues, proper underplays.
  9. FWIW I was initially told AFI were headlining the Pit at Reading and Leeds, which it looks like they aren't now. So maybe they are at Trees instead?
  10. So who has tours finishing around that time?
  11. I'd assumed the rise in capacity was because they wanted to start booking bigger bands and not be so low down the pecking order. They're main competition would likely be Arctangent (which is a bit more niche) and Slam Dunk (who let's be honest, are smashing it) and they aren't really anywhere near Slam Dunk, in terms of consistency of the line up. I love a lot of the bands on the undercard, but they need to stop filling it out with bands you could see two or three times a year in 100-400 capacity venues.
  12. Is it stage splits for the whole festival today?
  13. There’s so many big slots to fill still, so this could be really good. But at the moment it’s Just the same filler bands with a smattering of really good ones.
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