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  1. Traher666

    RnL 3rd Announcement

    Did people rule Don Broco out of that slot on the Radio 1? That seemed to be the most popular rumours a while ago.
  2. Traher666

    Pukkelpop 2019

    If this is the same set they just played on the UK tour it was absolutely unreal. They have really really upped their live game.
  3. Traher666

    Boomtown 2019: Chapter 11

    Last year I pretty much only saw acts in Disorder Alley, Bang Hai and Sector 6. Oh and I saw Omar Souleyman on the Old Mines. I did so much walking around the districts, don't know how I didn't end up seeing more on other stages.
  4. Traher666

    Boomtown 2019: Chapter 11

    I saw Cypress Hill on there a couple of years ago. Brilliant space at night time.
  5. Traher666

    Boomtown 2019: Chapter 11

    I didn't see anyone on Lions Den last year, which I plan to change this year.
  6. Traher666

    Slam Dunk 2019

    I'd love to see Random Hand (I know they've had them before), Shootin Goon, Adequate 7, Captain Everything or Jesse James. Bar Stool Preachers or Faintest Idea would be great for the newer bands.
  7. Traher666

    Slam Dunk 2019

    I am seriously considering going to both, so that I can see as many of the bands as I can. Just not a fan of that trip from Leeds to London on the Sunday morning, or Bournemouth to Leeds on the Friday before come to think of it.
  8. Traher666

    Slam Dunk 2019

    Probably the first person I have seen that even knows who Cruel Hand is, let alone think it's good.
  9. Traher666

    Slam Dunk 2019

    I'd Imagine New Found Glory would have a much bigger draw at Slam Dunk than they would at Reading.
  10. Traher666

    Slam Dunk 2019

    I saw them a couple of years ago. Sold a thousand (venue is 1800) tickets on a Friday night in Bournemouth and the support was Killswitch Engage. So make of that what you will.
  11. Traher666

    Slam Dunk 2019

    I'm thinking Neck Deep will plat below ATL on the main stage, and NFG will play the same slot JEW played last year.
  12. Traher666

    BoomTown Fair Line-up

    Not many of my friends like ska really, so it will be nice to see bands that I wouldn't get the opportunity to watch elsewhere. Leftover Crack will be ace, and hoping some more bigger ska bands get announced.
  13. Traher666

    2019 festival

    Not sure who made that clashfinder, but I imagine the crucast takeover will be longer than an hour as it's normally about five DJ's.
  14. Traher666

    Boomtown 2019: Chapter 11

    That's what I meant. Sorry, I'm very tired. Especially considering they subbed System at Download a couple of years ago. (I know it's not the same crowd, but surely doesn't warrant that much of a drop?)
  15. Traher666

    Boomtown 2019: Chapter 11

    Wild that Prophets of Rage are on the Lions Den.