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  1. I hope to god it isn't SOAD, they only did it in 2017 and they were very average. Placebo definitely wouldn't headline Download, they would be ok as a sub/third down or Zippo headliner. With that said I would love it if they played.
  2. I'm really hoping something comes a bit out of left field. I think Download is starting to get a bit stagnant, but then that's personal preference.
  3. I would fuck with this pretty hard, but there is no way Dimmu Borgir would play that low down.
  4. Back this, saw them in London in April and am seeing them in Southampton in November. Consistently great band, Morbid Stuff is one of my records of the year.
  5. It was billed as a co-headline, not Limp Bizkit supporting them. It might have been very successful, but there is absolutely no way Korn would have sold that tour out on their own.
  6. Are they an arena band? They did a co-headline with Limp Bizkit and supported Slipknot?
  7. People keep suggesting Korn. They have subbed a few times and played the second stage (subbing), slipped to third main, before subbing again. I don't really see what reason people think Korn are going to headline all of a sudden? They peaked about 15 years ago and haven't got any bigger than they were then.
  8. I worked Royal Blood in Bournemouth and it wasn't anywhere near sold out! Plus didn't they also have that production that protruded out in to the normal standing space, meaning you would lose some of that capacity that was stated! By the time we get round to next years festival Foals will have had two records out and if it's anywhere near as good as this first one (you would imagine they would release the one they considered better second), it's only going to propel them to a higher level.
  9. Found out yesterday that i'm working this again, which is very exciting. Will be there from Wednesday and working Thursday/Friday. Has anyone worked out what day The Streets are playing?
  10. Top trolling from @jj200
  11. Wasn't this more of a pact between themselves, rather than a contract that they signed?
  12. I thought this year was pretty bad tbh, but I did manage to fit in as much as I can.
  13. As much as a lot of the bands on that poster are probably too big to be playing some of those slots, I would love to see a fair few of those bands on the line-up next year. Wonder whether Rancid might do Download instead, but NOFX playing will have opened the gates for them to book a lot more bands they probably wouldn't ever have booked and I think it will generate some interest for a lot of bands to play.
  14. I saw Pup on that headline run in April, definitely go and see them over Royal Blood.
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