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  1. Just got an email from APE offering VIP upgrades for £29.99 to any of the events, is that what they were always charging or is that cheaper as well?
  2. Was billed as their first UK show wasn't it? That's probably why
  3. I know literally nobody on Vodafone I don't think. Ho hum.
  4. If anyone has a spare for BMTH they fancy giving me I'll give you a wagon wheel or something. I can't even win competitions where every fucker wins.
  5. Baby when you're gone is a banger.
  6. Transplants were doing the double set I think? Both main and lock up
  7. You Me At Six won't be playing any lower than 4th
  8. Yeah, Dinosaur pile up are playing so will be one I'd imagine
  9. Still think it's possible but As It Is just seem really prominent on the poster so maybe they are just gonna be a very weak sub.
  10. It'll be packed but as it's against 21pilots and I can imagine she'd share a crowd with post Malone I don't think a dangerous amount will go between the two stages
  11. If you're going VIP I wouldn't bother getting a Wednesday ticket. One of our group emailed and you don't get half the perks you pay for.
  12. Tickets for Wednesday entry on sale Wednesday 10th. £15 or £20 buy now pay later. Silent disco and a few acts in the forest.
  13. Very and not too many more
  14. I think Dream State are now on Main Stage on Friday. They originally tweeted they were playing main stage and have now been moved from Thursday to Friday on the poster. Westthebarton pulled out I think. Were put on the website without being announced, never put on the poster and have since been removed from the website.
  15. Creeper are my guess but then I've not looked into who's touring. As it is would be a very weak sub but they're the only band playing main that appear before the cave headliner on their given day. That is, of course, if cancer Bats are headlining
  16. Don't seem big enough, there is another band at least on that stage, I'm guessing someone that has a tour or are rising from the dead that'll slot in as sub. Cancer Bats are headlining the cave by the looks of it yeah.
  17. 2 of those at least 👍🏻
  18. 2 of those at least 👍🏻
  19. Nice, hopefully some big ones. Seen a handful of names whichll mostly be main stage I reckon but not in the high spots I wouldn't of thought but then maybe I don't know nothing, nothing.
  20. The Dangerous Summer added today. Great band. Another announcement next week I believe...
  21. Course they are, their dad is well famous as far as frogs go. Oh wait...
  22. New band every day next week
  23. Don't think so. Imagine they might have Thrill Collins or something like that but nothing big.
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