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  1. Just seen a pic of the setlist, was actually a song longer than Eden gigs
  2. The circulated setlist definitely wasn't the full thing as I've seen videos of Boy Division and that wasn't on it
  3. Gerard confirmed on stage that they're doing a different setlist every night of the tour. Also he's very much in costume and not dressed like a scrub like he was in Cornwall
  4. Off they've not bothered releasing stage times for any of the other shows. Frank Turner tweeted that he's on at 7.45 tonight
  5. They were promoting one of the euro fests they're doing yesterday so I think you're good there. There were still gaps in the line up despite the last announcement being called the final announcement so makes sense they have a couple more to announce
  6. Didn't realise Ed sheeran was playing Cardiff the same night as MCR, it's gonna be mental in Cardiff. I'm staying in Chepstow anyway as I wasn't paying the extortionate Hotel prices, I did find it odd they were so high just for MCR which hasn't exactly sold brilliantly seemingly.
  7. No. They said they were staggered, which they are.
  8. Do we think the Zummo band added to the key stage is something to do with the bloke from Sum 41?
  9. Map would be nice now. To know how far I have to quickly haul my ass from stage to stage
  10. The Darkness were bumped twice that year. From 4th top in the Radio one tent to second on Main because they were blowing up then to 4th top on main after Jay Z pulled out
  11. Yeah just load money on, when they scan your ticket they'll then load it onto a wristband, its all pretty handy, you can then top up on site too.
  12. It's like they've heard me moaning as it's just appeared 😂
  13. Nah they won't even reply to me about where my ticket I bought 3 years ago is sooo...
  14. The lead singer of Nervus is the wokest of warriors. Just being a douchebag for douchebags sake. It's actually meant I've not bothered listening to anything since the first album, which I really liked, because of how annoying she is.
  15. No, last announcement was billed as the final one. Might get the odd one of two but nothing major. Only thing left to announce is silent disco stuff really.
  16. Best one was someone asking why Biffy are headlining and Steel Panther aren't
  17. Hope that's spot on as the only clash I'd have would be Hot Mulligan & Motion City Soundtrack which is an easy win for MCS and a slight overlap of The Used and The Wonder Years
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