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  1. Yeah, it's definitely not this year though cos they've already said While She Sleeps are headlining it.
  2. Think theres is week too, they replied to someone on twitter saying it'll be before the 29th
  3. Really hope so! Theres an announcement soon, someone on Twitter said they should announce of Feb 29th as you can only do that once every 4 years and they replied saying they're itching to tell us more bands and cant wait that long
  4. Yeah they're obviously waiting for something, the obvious choice would be Frank Carters tour which finished up Saturday so still possible it's this week
  5. It's usually a headliner in Jan, one in Feb, one in March so only real difference is how early Jimmy were announced.
  6. He still does, was clearly a bit pissed off about the soundcloud rappers that were obviously not his choice last year as he was tweeting out the line up for his stage every morning and referred to them as 'etc.'
  7. Yeah they are but they don't seem to have a massive ego so it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility although its very unlikely.
  8. The Biffy thought definitely crossed my mind today I won't lie. Still fairly sure the Trees regulars such as Black Peaks and The Xcerts will still turn up.
  9. Because they sell out without spending the money it'd take to book either. It's a no brainer.
  10. So they don't have to book a replacement when Migos pull out and can just bump them up
  11. Few acts confirmed by Time Out Magazine. A very random assortment of acts leading me to believe its stage headliners.
  12. Strikes me as the other acts mentioned are probably other stage headliners. Fever 333 and Gallows seem like pit headliners to me. AJ Tracey in the Radio one stage as Dan already said.
  13. "Wanted Drake or some shit? shoulda got tickets to TRNSMT"
  14. Oui FM is not a thing, I'm not having it 😂
  15. Anyone could take a good stab at the line up now given the headliner pool seems to have been narrowed down to 7 or 8 people but he could be spot on, at this point you just wont know until tomorrow.
  16. Well no not really, if Rage are announced for Rock En Seine tonight that'll more or less confirm they're playing.
  17. And a band that have split up and some terrible spelling.
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