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  1. How much of an indicator is Graspop for Download? Surely they share a lot of bands, being so close? some pretty decent names on the graspop announcement.
  2. I’m a huge NOFX fan, but last year took the piss, even by their standards. I left and went to the bar. regardless of whether they deserve it or not, NOFX/that stage is a huge draw for the festival now.
  3. Honestly can't see this happening, why would NOFX agree to go back for less than what they had this year?
  4. I saw The Streets `at the first Reading I went to (2004) Would love to see them sub a day with Travis Scott/Bring Me (If it happened obviously), or headline the Radio 1 tent maybe.
  5. Was that the year they did the acoustic set on the BBC Introducing?
  6. I wonder if they might do what Enter Shikari did and play the two sets next year.
  7. I also heard a camping chair got thrown at him, which is pretty wild. Heard quite a few rumours about that set in the immediate aftermath. Heard he only stayed on for as long as he did, because if he didn't play a certain amount of the set, he wouldn't get paid. Also heard that when he threw the mic in to the crowd at the end, it hit a girl in the face, breaking her nose. Whether either of those are true, who knows.
  8. Even though I really wanted to see the whole set, it was sort of impressive when 50 Cent got bottled. I think it was just the sheer volume.
  9. Wasn't V Fest full of wall punchers though? I rarely ever saw it at Reading, 50 Cent, The Rasmus and Panic at the Disco are memorable ones though.
  10. If last year is anything to go by, I'm going to wait til the week before to get a ticket. Saw people selling them for as little as £100 in the couple of days before the festival. 2018 my friend couldn't even get rid of his for £100.
  11. I always fucked with Parallel Worlds.
  12. Seen someone elsewhere say they’re going to play a shot tonight. Mad if it happens.
  13. I'd been told they were going to do Riot Fest this year, and that never ended up happening. I think if they do a reunion anywhere, it's going to be there first.
  14. Line up for this dropping today apparently. People are starting to get well antsy.
  15. Oh yeah I know, I just meant with the main stages, I know some of the bigger European festivals do it with the top two.
  16. I wonder what the chances are for a side by side main stage with no clashes? Similar to what some of the European festivals do.
  17. I'd love to see any of Code Orange, Vein, Jesus Piece or Venom Prison on the heavier stages. I would love Title Fight to play, but I think there is more chance of me getting on the bill, considering they do less than nothing anymore.
  18. I am a huge NOFX fan and I fucked off last year, because they were actual garbage.
  19. Given the crowd they had last time I saw them at Slam Dunk, I couldn't imagine them going in a tent. Unless they are banking on a lot more people watching Sum 41 and NOFX.
  20. You know, I'd completely forgotten about that.
  21. I think NOFX will still headline it. Next year is 20 years of Pump up the Valium, I wonder if they'll play that in full? What stage were Jimmy on when Good Charlotte headlined?
  22. Not really sure why they've booked NOFX again, plenty of bands that could have headlined that stage, and they were dog shit last year. The line-up is great already. Looks like it's going to be a good one for me again next year.
  23. I like Greyscale, but in the grand scheme of the overall line-up they're such a non band. Hardly worth announcing either separately from tomorrow's announcement, other than the convenience of them being in Leeds over the last two days.
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