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  1. In the last few months I have seen SASASAS and Macky Gee on his own and they were both really good. I think it's the crowds they attract that make them so cringe. I worked Bedlam a couple of weeks ago and the crowd was the fucking worst. I really like most the DJ's on Crucast, but the majority of the crowd is kids on drugs that dress like they are about to tarmac a road. Question: How is Yungblud on the main stage? Absolute shite.
  2. Both Puppy and Pup are well worth seeing.
  3. Backed, great band. Gutted I missed them with Vein.
  4. It is sad, used to be one of the best stages. I think Slam Dunk has it covered now though.
  5. The Festival Republic headliners are Hobo Johnson, Peace and Blaenavon. Also featuring Swmrs and Basement. Dappy and Not3s head up the one xtra.
  6. I'm under the impression it will be pretty much the full pit and festival republic.
  7. If I could post it I would, I'll potentially post it a bit before tomorrow. None of the headliners have been mentioned.
  8. From what I've been told, it's definitely not Coheed. No mention of whether they are anywhere else at the festival, but I know they aren't there.
  9. I can tell you this isn't happening.
  10. I just don't see what the big deal was. Then at the same time if Parkway and Architects were both headlining I'm not sure why they didn't just make the bands the same size on the poster, over losing a headliner. Seems so easily avoidable.
  11. Just had a look at the statement, mad.
  12. It's annoying they don't play Cassius anymore.
  13. Converge will have no problem selling out Electric Ballroom, especially with Terror supporting.
  14. What's this about? Did I miss something?
  15. I found the strip on the way down to Banghai, had loads of varied stuff and that's where I found the decent stuff.
  16. The food at Boomtown is Generally very good. Everything I ate last year was amazing. I had two really good pizzas over the weekend and the best loaded chips I'd ever eaten.
  17. Both of them were acquired by Live Nation. I wonder if Bestival will be back in some capacity at some point. I worked the last Bestival that was on the Isle of Wight, was mad how scaled back it was compared to the time I had been before in 2012. They never really recovered from that, then moving it didn't particularly help either. This is so sad, could have been completely avoidable.
  18. What year was this? I went in 2015 and they headlined the main stage. Granted they definitely don't have the same pull they did then.
  19. Same with me. It was one of three areas I spent most time last year. Hangar 161 was great. I really feel like they could do with making the Earache stage a bit bigger though.
  20. Did people rule Don Broco out of that slot on the Radio 1? That seemed to be the most popular rumours a while ago.
  21. If this is the same set they just played on the UK tour it was absolutely unreal. They have really really upped their live game.
  22. Last year I pretty much only saw acts in Disorder Alley, Bang Hai and Sector 6. Oh and I saw Omar Souleyman on the Old Mines. I did so much walking around the districts, don't know how I didn't end up seeing more on other stages.
  23. I saw Cypress Hill on there a couple of years ago. Brilliant space at night time.
  24. I didn't see anyone on Lions Den last year, which I plan to change this year.
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