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  1. would be a great cave headliner like in 2018, new album is phenomenal
  2. Looks like Knocked Loose won't be dropping out this year as they are in Europe the week after which is a bonus. Anyone think there is a chance of Will from Creepers new band Salem playing?
  3. Saturday is such a strong day without a headliner, that Cave lineup plus Higher Power/Black Peaks/Knocked Loose/maybe a heavier headliner is too good.
  4. Were Stick To Your Guns confirmed for last year before it got called off? Them and The Menzingers are pretty great additions.
  5. Any idea of what the dates later in the year might be? Or like at least a ballpark idea? I can't imagine they would consider anything past September right?
  6. Strange that they would be dropped off the poster yet still nothing done with Knocked Loose.
  7. Nah I'm right there with you, very meh in my opinion. For me at least last year was so stacked with the likes or Turnstile, Gouge Away, Drug Church, Single Mothers, ETID, Angel Dust ect ect. This year in terms of hardcore or even like post/metalcore there isn't much. And the one band I'd be the most excited to see (Knocked Loose) is most likely not playing so......
  8. They are for me, however their day and stage has been removed. Actually for that matter everyones day and stage has been removed, maybe they're changing things in line for the new acts on wednesday?
  9. I suppose if they were moved to Thursday or Friday and they played S&F on Saturday it would be possible but I don't really see it happening. Especially since they didn't reply when I asked them on twitter.
  10. Looks like Knocked Loose have dropped out for what its worth if this goes ahead or not.
  11. If its a Cave headliner I could see it being Deafheaven
  12. Yeah The Offspring would be my other guess, Nofx are also around but likely exclusive to Slammy D
  13. Deftones basically confirmed in the new email then yeah? Two "Californian" bands? Seems like a strange thing to throw in there. Also Architects out of the running if both bands are American, who would the other one be?
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