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  1. They're in Europe 2 weeks before so I think it'll happen for you!
  2. Not a huge name but a band I think are very likely is Spanish Love Songs
  3. Would love to see Gallows pop up as they are active again, however it seems pretty unlikely that Wade and Stu would agree to fly over for multiple fests on either side of the summer.
  4. Not sure if this has ben mentioned but outside chance due to a relationship with the festival. Gallows are teasing something on monday.
  5. New Code Orange song rips pretty hard. I'd love to see them get a big mainstage slot for the shock value alone.
  6. So that is early entry making a return this year confirmed. Can't wait to see if Thrill Collins can bust out something even better than the Gangster Rap Medley from this year.
  7. I think we might get Marwood
  8. Could a "heavy headliner" against The Amazons be Architects? I saw a rumour somewhere that they might have been rebooked for Jera on Air to make up for the whole thing where they pulled out last year. Obviously it is just a rumour but if it were true it would put them around two weeks before hand. I imagine Trees would take a swing at booking them if they thought they could.
  9. Honestly that seems far more responsible than The Cave
  10. Knocked Loose playing in The Cave (I assume) is just going to be irresponsible, I can't wait.
  11. Dallas is around so that's about all you can really go off of in terms of AOF hope.
  12. Damn I guess thats MCR out of the mix 🙄
  13. I mentioned City and Colour, but it got me thinking that if Dal is around you never know maybe AOF is stil a possibility.
  14. Oh I'd totally forgotten about that, good call.
  15. Is Knocked Loose still a posibility with them headlining at outbreak?
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