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  1. They played in 2014 and the tent was pretty packed at Leeds, still think they would be a decent booking.
  2. Pretty sure they'll support anyone, once saw them support Chiodos lol
  3. Counterparts announced for a festival in europe same weekend as trees would go down super
  4. So do we think Creeper is a likely sub? Been enjoying the new single a fair bit.
  5. I feel like every year Trees has a take it or leave it headliner for me, Twin Atlantic in 2018, YM@6 in 2019. Hopefully its Jimmy in 2020 and theres two awesome ones coming.
  6. Yeah I assumed they meant the arena but even then that is still a fairly large difference. But it seems in there are several options in terms of playing it safe for them this year. If there is an album on the way (probably a fall 2020 release) I bet there is a full scale tour early 2021. And then I imagine based on the Aus/Japan headline slots they will be nailed on for Download in 2021, possibly already booked.
  7. Take this for what it is as I don't even live in the UK but I have some people I know in the UK that book shows. I've heard from them that they were involved in booking the MCR date (they only mentioned a single show) in the UK. Word at the time last I asked was that the venue was up in the air they mentioned both MK and Wembley. Seemed odd considering the difference in capacity, I do believe the person however I am not saying any of this is set in stone obviously.
  8. I had heard June 30th, but it sounds like everyone is getting the same sort of intel.
  9. Word is MCR playing Mad Cool as well. I'm willing to accept NBT if packaged with MCR.
  10. Silverstein announced for a festival in Sweden the weekend before trees and not on the anything in the UK as of yet. Would make sense for trees.
  11. I prefer the comp because I am a big fan of the spazzy mathy stuff, but the new record is awesome. I think it would go down super well, plus the festival wants more female fronted/membered bands right? So should be an easy choice if they're around.
  12. I think they would be a perfect booking, especially if Knocked Loose are booked which looks like it could happen.
  13. After seeing Seeyouspacecowboy play two sets at different venues last night I really want to see them get booked for trees.
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