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  1. Leeds Sunday was massive, for me seeing one of my favourite bands ever back on stage for the first time in years is something I'll never forget. Especially since they're Canadian
  2. Honestly 2015 as a whole was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better lineup at that point in my life.
  3. I reckon the new Origami Angel record is going to be amazing.
  4. Some bands I'd love to see on the lineup in 2022 Hot Mulligan Origami Angel Lotus Eater Vein
  5. Offering the roll over even without cancelation would be ideal for me. I hope that's what ends up happening.
  6. I know it's not a direct comparison obviously but even then, Boomtown cancelling has to cast a lot of doubt over Trees happening.
  7. Yeah they're genuine great guys, I'm sure they'd help if I ask. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens!
  8. Does everyone think this is really going to happen? At this point I'm hoping for it to sell out so I can at least flip my ticket. I'd say the likelihood of myself being able to get over from Canada is very low, even though I'm vaccinated.
  9. would be a great cave headliner like in 2018, new album is phenomenal
  10. Looks like Knocked Loose won't be dropping out this year as they are in Europe the week after which is a bonus. Anyone think there is a chance of Will from Creepers new band Salem playing?
  11. Saturday is such a strong day without a headliner, that Cave lineup plus Higher Power/Black Peaks/Knocked Loose/maybe a heavier headliner is too good.
  12. Were Stick To Your Guns confirmed for last year before it got called off? Them and The Menzingers are pretty great additions.
  13. Any idea of what the dates later in the year might be? Or like at least a ballpark idea? I can't imagine they would consider anything past September right?
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