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  1. I like to plan who I'm seeing in advance (especially with a line up this stacked) but I understand you don't get times until the festival. Is that the case as if so I'll be spending Thursday working out who to see when?
  2. I would love the tbc to be Me First and the gimme gimmes!!! Half the band already there too so is possible!
  3. Wonder who the TBC is on the Friday.
  4. I’d fucking love that! I wouldn’t say too heavy as Employed have played and they’re not exactly mainstream
  5. If A get announced I’ll be one happy chappy!
  6. Just got this! Pretty sure Frank will be appearing.
  7. It’s the slot that opens that stage frommwhat I can see. Why, will there be more?
  8. Dammit! Was hoping for Me First and The Gimme Gimmes!!
  9. Man I’d love to see Skunk Anansie at Boomtown!!
  10. Hoping for Billy The Kid on Thursday based on this. Would be good for Frank Turner to come out and do This Sure As Hell Ain’t My Life with her!
  11. Rodney P and Skitz playing this area as well as Whistlers Green. Interesting.
  12. As shit as that clash would be I’m hopeful that means Lenman and Turner won’t clash!
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