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  1. I wonder when we'll get told this is cancelled? It's just a matter of time now.
  2. If the festival is postponed do you think we could defer our ticket until the following year if we can't make the date or would they refund and we rebook?
  3. I'm not sure why the next headliner hasn't been announced yet. I assumed it was related to another festival they are playing or a tour.
  4. Just seen this tweet liked by Sam Carter from Architects. Think this makes them more likely to be one of the headliners now.
  5. Carcass have a new album out in August
  6. Body Count are back. Would be sick to see them at Knotfest!
  7. Deftones and/or Ffaf would be amazing!
  8. As The Wonder Years are already there, this seems quite likely now
  9. I'd love to see some heavier acts make an appearance like Napalm Death or Venom Prison. How many bands do we think will play?
  10. Neck deep in Russia the Saturday of trees. Prob makes them less likely to be doing the Friday now too.
  11. Any rumours on when we can expect any line up announcement? I had hoped we may hear something soon after their UK tour ended.
  12. Fucking yes!! Was hoping for Me First last year as Lagwagon played.
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