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  1. Me and my wife hadn't watched TM at all until last Friday and have now finished 2 seasons haha. So hooked!
  2. I'd say Architects are probably too big to headline Trees to be honest? I'm sure they did Wembley Arena on their last tour and Trees headliners are nowhere near that size normally
  3. Just had a look at that BBC map that shows infections by area. How are so many Southern places avoiding Tier 2? Loads of areas are well over 100 cases per 100k, I thought that was the threshold for restrictions?
  4. Says on Facebook Saturday is a forest set. This day is looking super heavy and I absolutely love it, glad they’ve got knocked loose back with a real strong undercard too. No headliner yet but Saturday is probably still my favourite day overall. Just gotta cross everything that it can go ahead now!
  5. Yeah where are people getting this 4th headliner stuff from? They've only just recently moved to having 3 so can't see it tbh
  6. They're doing early entry on Wednesday again like 2019 but the stages aren't open. Think there's a few acts in the forest plus silent disco but that's it.
  7. Weather is gonna suuuuuck for sure next year I can see it now
  8. Sounds like a great idea to me I'd be all for it. I'm sure there's some drawbacks here but my brain being desperate for pubs/gigs clearly can't see them currently.
  9. Couldn't agree more mate. They're first on my list every year. Unlike a lot of festivals the organisers try and run it for the fans rather than trying to make money. It's not just the bands but the awesome food, yoga, spoken word, games (they had mini golf at Trees last year), extra things for kids, silent disco etc etc. Trees is my favourite weekend of the year every year without fail and if the weather at ATG wasn't so consistently horrendous it would definitely be up there too!
  10. Ohhhh please don't be true! I mean of course it was going to be but still don't like to hear it ☹️
  11. So my sister-in-law has it we’ve found out recently and all of the family that were there have now been ill to an extent. 111 said just to assume we all have it and have been self-isolating for the last few days. Everyone has had similar symptoms to varying degrees but at the worst it seems to be a nasty cold. Personally I was pretty ill for 2 days and now I’m fine. Isolating ourselves for the next week under advice from the government just so we don’t infect anyone but that’s pretty much it, the intense boredom of being trapped in the house is probably worse than the actual illness
  12. Nah pretty sure it was just that robot band
  13. I was so confident in my prediction for Wednesday a few weeks ago, now feel like there's pretty much no chance... Cmon Emily prove me wrong I'm sick of hearing about nothing but bloody coronavirus!!!
  14. Just had a look at that announcement and don't think there's ever been that many announced for any other year in March, right? Maybe they'll change that for 50th year!
  15. Architects would be a brilliant booking, hope there's some substance to this!
  16. The price has barely risen for years before this and with the emails they were putting out last year about 'please try and buy from the bars' it sounds like they were losing quite a lot of money on the original ticket price. Rather than the size of bands going up I reckon it's just to make the festival more viable tbh, they don't run it for a profit so I can only assume costs have gone up a lot
  17. I've used Viagogo to buy tickets but only when they're around face value. The charges the site add on are absolutely ridiculous, makes tickets even more expensive, I don't understand how they get away with those fees
  18. I wasn't in the campervan fields last year but lost my ticket going to help my friend get some of her gear from her car, it must have fallen out of my pocket during the walk somehow. I did get back into the festival but it took nearly an hour queuing at the little cabin (box office) at gate C who had no computers and basically were calling seetickets to confirm all of my personal details and trust me they went through literally everything. I was just relieved to get back in tbh, although there were a lot of people queuing up that clearly didn't have tickets as they didn't have a wristban
  19. Why do I keep looking at this thread? Well imagine what a knob I'd look if there was an announcement and I'd somehow missed it
  20. I mean it might be... This would be the earliest poster drop so far though right? Seems unlikely but who knows
  21. There's a lot of tours in Feb so I reckon they're waiting for them to finish before announcing, maybe next week?
  22. How is this a festival lineup in 2020? What is going on I feel like I'm losing my mind, The Kooks and The Wombats... Is that what's popular at the moment? I would say I feel old for being out of the loop but then surely these bands weren't even that big when I saw them in 2008 after releasing their biggest albums??? How are they still going? So many questions
  23. Can I have 11th March please?
  24. Thanks for the congrats everybody! She is super-mega fit and is determined that she can do it while I'm slightly more cautious about the whole thing tbh. It is the first pregnancy and it's early days at the moment so things might be different by then. Sticklinch might be the way to go with less of a hill but lets see how stubborn about it she's feeling by May 🤣
  25. Will there be a resale for WV in April as well? Recently found out that my wife is pregnant (and will be over Glasto) so trying to make it as easy as possible for her. Do people think that WV would be better for a pregnant woman or that the hill might actually make it worse...?
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