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  1. Also I think them rebooking The Strokes would be really likely, given they're already announced for Primavera and BKS. I think the one a day headliner release before Friday's ticket sales is a good shout for what might be happening. Would be strange to hold back headliners like The Strokes or Pearl Jam if they'd been arranged before trying to sell tickets. Possible replacements for Kendrick (unsure of summer plans) and SOAD (June only tour) look like the source for more uncertainty/excitement.
  2. Pearl Jam are already announced for Lollapalooza Stockholm the same weekend aren't they? And its been mentioned before how much they like Werchter and structure their tour around it. If they come back to Europe in 2021, they'll be here.
  3. Did likewise with the key worker offer and London. Great initiative and really made my week having something positive to look forward to.
  4. Taking another look at it, that does seem to be the case. Hopefully a proper announcement soon though!
  5. https://www.slamdunkfestival.com/line-up Looks like its up early here anyway
  6. Phoebe Bridgers is meant to be in Europe around July time - e.g. for 1975 Finsbury Park show and festivals like Rock Werchter - so not sure if she'll stay around long enough/do two trips to play this too. Also with the success of the new album I'm not sure if she'd demand a bigger slot? But that might just be me blinded by being a really big fan somewhat.
  7. Mad Cool lineup nnouncement 8th July for next year, should give further indication of which returning and new bands are around Europe for the June/July festival season.
  8. Imagine these results are really based on the context of the clashfinder though, and they tell you more about relative popularity between options presented at the same time rather than absolute popularity of the acts people wanted to see. For example, Keane being so highly ranked is probably due to them playing an early afternoon slot without much in the way of "quality opposition" programmed at the same time, rather them being the 4th most anticipated act people wanted to see.
  9. Bought a ticket coming from the UK. Will be my first time to Chicago and this festival. Thought I'd start a thread here in case anyone else is interested/has been before and can offer any advice. Thanks!
  10. Any news on what Pixies will be doing next year? Seen they've been announced back for End of the Road in the UK in August, but unsure about their earlier summer run. Really liked the idea of them and Pearl Jam back to back and so would love to see it again personally, even better if they can fit another band in between!
  11. This resembles my experience with Foo Fighters too - saw them the first time playing Voodoo Fest in New Orleans and they were great, and it really felt special. Then saw them later at Rock Im Park in Germany and felt like the a copy of the exact same set, which made it feel really quite stale and rehearsed, and all the elongated songs and covers really starts to get quite repetitive after a while.
  12. Thinking of going to this next year for the first time. Does anyone have any experience of what its like attending on your own, and just anyone sharing an overview or impression of the festival would be great to help make up my mind.
  13. Refunded today too! Thanks for the replies, sometimes its hard to know if its just you they've forgotten with things like this.
  14. What are you thoughts for a next move on this?
  15. Did you purchase through Ticketmaster? Got an email saying they'd refund me and not to overwhelm with individual requests, but that was weeks ago now without any sign of an update.
  16. Anyone got any refunds for the KoL Finsbury Park show yet?
  17. Imagine part of the alternative offer/timeline to reconsider the refund will be the rest of the lineup coming out, which should be finalised by the date given in August? I guess this makes sense in case they drop any really significant curve balls that would get people to change their mind and want to go again. This would allow flexibility, and them to keep their original ticket, rather than refund all of them now and then have those people compete to purchase a new ticket against everyone else (which could be difficult if there are really significant additions) if they did change their mind.
  18. Trying to think optimistically and so bought a ticket this morning. Hopeful it will go ahead and I'll attend my first Primavera Sound - been on the bucket list for years!
  19. Does anyone know what time tickets will go on sale Wednesday?
  20. Saw Gorillaz play Rock Im Park 2018 after Foo Fighters, probably the best set I've seen out of the 400 or so bands I've been lucky enough to watch so far. Really fun band, great songs, stage presence and overall experience.
  21. Adding my name to the list who'd love to see Arcade Fire coming back next year, great band and one I'd love to see again.
  22. Love this as it means each time you look at it you spot someone you didn't catch the first glance over and makes that lineup feel just that little bit better every time.
  23. Lineup for this is brilliant, and agree that its provided a much needed sense of optimism and something to look forward to it. Am I right in thinking tickets will be on sale early next month?
  24. I've just submitted a form to claim for an e-voucher now. You get credit valid for any booking in the next 12 months, so I don't think there is a rush to know the dates right away as its not like its a like-for-like direct replacement. Only the booking needs to be made within 12 months, the actual date of travel can be after that (think they release schedule around 6 months in advance, so basically valid for travel late into 2021). Link here: https://www.eurostar.com/uk-en/travel-info/service-information/coronavirus-and-eurostar-service
  25. Ah thats good news then! Assumed it might be like other fests where they tend to creep up by about £5-10 or so each year. If this 5 day thing turns out to be true might still need an add on for that, mind.
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