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  1. Are Menzingers (Axiom - assume headliners?) and Jimmy Eat World (main stage - headliners) going to clash? That would be brutal.
  2. Usually the website is pretty good with listing the stage info, but I imagine it might update all in one go at the end of the week, so expect a better idea then!
  3. Hope not, one of the worst bands I've ever seen.
  4. Seen promotion for AC/DC's 40th anniversary of Black in Black on social media. Thinking of big one off type bands for Wednesday, could they also be in the mix if they do shows again?
  5. Thanks for this, its got a free cancellation policy so I went for it so I at least have something in budget. Then if something better becomes available I can always let it go and take the place more central/closer to Douglas Park.
  6. Hi Memory Man, thanks so much for the help here. I'm looking at accommodation now, and likely will be coming over on my own for this as a postgrad student so trying to keep everything on a budget is key. I've found a reasonable looking hostel thats about £200 for 7 days, so feels like a decent deal, but its located near Lincoln Park so quite a bit further North than Douglas Park/Riot Fest (although good for the zoo/sightseeing around Chicago afterwards). It looks like its close to a metro station on the brown line, which can take me into the centre to change onto the pink line and to Doug
  7. Announcement at 4pm today then? If day tickets are on sale then a better day by day breakdown must surely be coming soon. Mad Cool is a week later and has most the lineup announced, albeit with some gaps for headliners/other bands, could we expect that much for Rock Werchter too?
  8. The Big Moon have Rock Werchter listed on their tour dates for Thursday 1st July - which would make it next year rather than this year - and so it looks like they're back too ( https://www.thebigmoon.co.uk/)
  9. European festival season usually works in two blocks in June/July - Primavera, Glasto, Werchter etc and August/September - Reading and Leeds, Sziget, Pukkelpop etc. Looks like Strokes will be in Europe for June for already announced shows at BKS and Primavera, so think its highly likely they stick around for early July and keep the same schedule as 2020 for Werchter, and then come back to the US for late summer/autumn shows. I'd be really suprised if they don't turn up.
  10. Whats the latest with The Killers as a co-headliner for The Strokes? Pearl Jam - Royal Blood - Pixies The Strokes - The Killers - Liam Gallagher Gorillaz - Twenty One Pilots - Faith No More Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Volbeat - Placebo That looks pretty good to me?
  11. Also I think them rebooking The Strokes would be really likely, given they're already announced for Primavera and BKS. I think the one a day headliner release before Friday's ticket sales is a good shout for what might be happening. Would be strange to hold back headliners like The Strokes or Pearl Jam if they'd been arranged before trying to sell tickets. Possible replacements for Kendrick (unsure of summer plans) and SOAD (June only tour) look like the source for more uncertainty/excitement.
  12. Pearl Jam are already announced for Lollapalooza Stockholm the same weekend aren't they? And its been mentioned before how much they like Werchter and structure their tour around it. If they come back to Europe in 2021, they'll be here.
  13. Did likewise with the key worker offer and London. Great initiative and really made my week having something positive to look forward to.
  14. Taking another look at it, that does seem to be the case. Hopefully a proper announcement soon though!
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