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  1. Can't go anymore so listed my tickets on their official resale through Twickets. If anyone is still looking for one check their website as it should be up soon.
  2. I can no longer go anymore as I've got a clash with a work trip abroad. I've currently got tickets for both weekends (through DICE). Does anyone know the best way to go about trying to resell or refund the tickets?
  3. Modest Mouse are playing. Confirmed tour date on 22 July via their mailing list.
  4. Are they big enough to headline the main stage on that, or would it be one of the smaller ones? Admittedly not much of a fan but it does feel like their stock has been in free fall for a while now. I agree Slam Dunk is most likely, but could this not also be R + L?
  5. Clashes with Primavera (currently going both weekends) so don't think I'll be able to go...but AOF, MCS and TWY is making me really think hard about staying at home instead. Quality start to the lineup for me.
  6. Wouldn't say so in my experience. Most probably arrive sometime between 12 - 3 ish. Makes sense to time your arrival just before the first act you want to see, and then you can make the most of cheaper food/drink prices outside of the festival rather than inside.
  7. So I guess I should give up on the idea of Modest Mouse then? Wonder if they'll cancel that Germany show at Rolling Stone Beach as well. Hopefully if not this autumn they'll make it over for festivals in June/July.
  8. Boston Manor Key Club secret headliner
  9. Don't suppose anyone has heard anything further about Primavera Weekender?
  10. Hopefully doing South this year. Will probably be going on my own as the rest of my group backed out with the line-up changes and the loss of Basement/Story So Far/Movements, etc. My day currently looks like... Creeper -> We Are The In Crowd -> Funeral For A Friend -> Skindred (half set) -> Alkaline Trio (most anticipated act of the whole day for me!) -> Frank Turner -> NOFX/Don Broco (see how I feel on the day) If anyone has any particular suggestions for acts to see while stage hopping before Creeper let me know. Likewise if anyone fancies a pint or a meet-up between or around those sets then drop me a message!
  11. Worried she'll clash with the return of We Are The In Crowd on the main stage. Imagine potential overlap in fans there if so.
  12. Volunteering at this one for my first festival of the year. As it stands I should have all my shifts in the morning so free for all the headliners in the evening. Originally, I was going with a friend but they can no longer come, now I'm solo but keen to meet up with any efesters at any point!
  13. Please, willing this into existence. They did have that show the same weekend in Germany for Rolling Stone Beach but can't see it on their website anymore
  14. Any ideas on Modest Mouse? Favourite band and really keen to see them if/when they make it to Europe with the new album. Could fit well either on a 90s rock or more modern indie orientated day.
  15. Tickets for 80Trees on 27th Nov and 31st Dec on sale now. Still no line-ups announced for any dates yet.
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