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  1. Would definitely be interested to hear the "what if" of who they were talking to for the Friday slot at a later date
  2. I've seen Jimmy Eat World twice touring this new album, and will see them the week after Werchter headlining 2000 Trees in the UK, so although I'm a big fan I'll probably use Werchter as an opportunity to see someone else. Would also really enjoy Frank Carter though, so fingers crossed there. Will have to check out more of the other names you mentioned. Thanks!
  3. Think we will get Royal Blood, and the other main stage act will be someone like Sam Fender/Two Door Cinema Club and playing much earlier on that afternoon. Would fit in really well with the currently announced acts for that day.
  4. Thought as much! Still really happy with Royal Blood anyway, and have my tickets bought regardless. Hopefully we will get the last few names tomorrow and then can properly start planning out my schedule of who to see. If anyone has any must see recommendations, particularly among the smaller names, please let me know. Generally into indie/punk, so I'm most excited for Pearl Jam, Pixies, Strokes, Fontaines DC, Phoebe Bridgers, Pup, Big Moon and Whitney, but open to any suggestions others have!
  5. Will start this by saying I'm British so my understanding of band placements in Belgium will be slightly skewed, but we do have two main stage acts left for the Friday. My instinct is that it'll probably be a run of Liam Gallagher - Royal Blood - Strokes, with the other act being a smaller band possibly shared with DTRH, as suggested by Ken, so someone like Sam Fender earlier that day? Assume it would it be far too optimistic to ask for Liam Gallagher - Royal Blood - TBA - The Strokes?
  6. Royal Blood at Mad Cool, imagine they could be our missing sub for The Strokes.
  7. Clashfinder also doesn't have Bayside on it so wouldn't base too many decisions of it just yet
  8. Yeah its the same team, so not in competition at all and sometimes manage to book bands for both - e.g. TWIABP this year.
  9. Noticed that with Will Varley and also God Damn, so think they might be any of the 5 acts they dropped one a day after the first announcement is still waiting to have their placement confirmed on the website.
  10. Cage the Elephant, Sam Fender, Idles or Two Door Cinema Club would be great from the DTRH lineup
  11. Some theorising regarding big acts left to be announced... According to the website, thus far, main stage Thursday looks like... Jimmy Eat World - Creeper - Dinosaur Pile-up - The Get Up Kids - Beach Slang - Roam - Nova Twins - Nervus - St Pierre Snake Invasion (plus maybe Dream State but the website has them listed as playing the Axiom too). Which perhaps looks like one or two too many acts, but either way looks as good as complete. But, if we assume they've tried to balance the strength of the days, I think we should feel confident that Friday and Saturday should get similar treatment with a lot of big names to come. Friday so far... Boston Manor - The Virginmarys - Ditz Based on poster name placements St Pierre Snake Invasion and Nervus(8/9th? down Thursday) are higher than Virginmarys, so expect around 6 bigger names to slot in above them on Friday(including a headliner)- e.g. Virginmarys and Ditz will probably be two of the first acts on that stage. Saturday so far... Knocked Loose - Demob Happy - Hundredth - Haggard Cat Based on poster name placements Roam (6th down Thursday) are higher than Hundredth, so expect at least 3 big names to be added before them on Saturday (including a headliner). Made some assumptions that the poster placements is informative/reliable regarding size of slot across days and that the website postings are legitimate, but hopefully the logic I've used makes a bit of sense.
  12. Be interesting to see once they update the website's lineup page to show day/stage splits. Previously the main stage for Friday and Saturday was really empty (think only Boston Manor and Knocked Loose respectively), and can't see many of the acts from this announcement filling in too highly, so optimistic of some big names to come...or they're really struggling.
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