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  1. BlackFoxx

    Slam Dunk 2019

    Anyone willing to have a go at partitioning out stage splits from that? Looks like it's going to be clash central. Depending on my uni exam timetable I might have to try and do both dates now.
  2. BlackFoxx

    Slam Dunk 2019

    Really hope Matt Pryor might do a solo acoustic set too
  3. BlackFoxx

    Slam Dunk 2019

    Does anyone have any ideas of stage splits for the ones not yet announced?
  4. BlackFoxx

    All Points East Festival 2019

    Didn't someone way back mention something about Modest Mouse being around in Europe May time? Would they be big enough to do a day here?
  5. Lived in Austin last year for uni, and the co-op I was staying at had a bunch of shows as part of the unofficial events that go on. Lots of good fun venue hopping around the city even if you don't have a proper pass. Definitely recommend it, Austin is a great time!
  6. BlackFoxx

    2000 Trees 2019

    Same here when I was watching them. Of all the targets in the music industry/festivals to aim that criticism at I don't think Trees should be high up the list at all. Seem one of the more progressive/inclusive grassroot festivals out there.
  7. BlackFoxx

    2000 Trees 2019

    “I thought what Refused said was appalling and badly thought out. Some festivals should be criticised but I don’t think we’re the festival that should be,” states Scarlett. “As a booker, I’m absolutely doing my best to get as much female representation on the lineup as possible. However, I resent the fact that I would be expected to book a band on gender because they might not be very good.” https://alreadyheard.com/2000trees-festivals-james-scarlett-you-have-to-move-with-the-industry/
  8. BlackFoxx

    2000 Trees 2019

    Would Refused come back if they weren't headlining again? Also not sure how relations are between them and 2000 Trees after Denis Lyxzen called the festival out on stage for not being inclusive/diverse enough.
  9. BlackFoxx

    2000 Trees 2019

    Jawbreaker UK Show in April so rules them out for this.
  10. BlackFoxx

    Mad Cool 2019

  11. BlackFoxx

    Mad Cool 2019

    La Dispute are a brilliant addition. Really tempted by the line up so far
  12. BlackFoxx

    2000 Trees 2019

    Think with Gaslight it was more of a one off thing for 59 Sound. Brian has said a few times about how he doesn't want to force another record out and atm seems more than content with his solo stuff (another UK tour in Feb) so don't seem them as likely.
  13. BlackFoxx

    Rock Werchter 2019

    Did think that it looked a bit weak as a one off day but balanced out maybe by the rest of the weekend. Good candidate for a dance closer act on that day though for sure.
  14. BlackFoxx

    Rock Werchter 2019

    Appreciate I'm British so it's hard to know how band placements translate across sometimes, and it's not the most diverse line-up ever but. Muse Foals Bring Me The Horizon The Smashing Pumpkins Biffy Clyro Weezer The Cure Editors Death Cab For Cutie Fleetwood Mac Tame Impala The 1975