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  1. Guess it rewards those fans who buy on Trees/ArcTanGent branding alone, which are more likely to be the long time festival goers. Either way, at £15 a ticket think it's easy to buy now and then resell it if the line-up isn't to your personal taste (at that price, I wouldn't expect much in terms of big name bands anyway)
  2. Alkaline Trio added. Excellent news.
  3. Same here. Also if you haven't seen Julien Baker is playing in Barcelona the Tuesday before Primavera Weekend 1 (31st May), so you could do Slam Dunk - Travel on Monday/Tuesday - Julien Baker - Primavera Sound
  4. Emailed DICE about upgrading and got the following back? Does a few weeks seem a bit late if they're going on sale next week? Has anyone upgraded through a different ticket provider yet? Hey, Thanks for getting in touch and registering your interest in an upgrade for your Primavera Sound 2022 tickets. The window for upgrades isn't currently open, but we’ve made a note of your request and will be back in the coming weeks with more information on this, including pricing. Then, if you'd like to proceed we can take it from there. Also agree with the above about Turnstile - saw their sets at Slam Dunk and 2000 Trees and always so much fun
  5. Mail from DICE too. Weekend 1 looks like the default (has changed on the app too), so just need to worry to change to weekend 2 or upgrade. Think I'm gonna try do the whole thing, with Julien Baker the night before to kick it off.
  6. same here with DICE, but will let you know if I hear anything through today!
  7. Assume previous ticket holders should get the chance to upgrade to both weekends before the general sale next week?
  8. Misfits join My Chemical Romance to headline in 2022. Tickets on sale now and rest of the lineup in spring 2022.
  9. Thanks both! I've got a ticket for 2021 that should rollover but still anxious if there are two weekends how that might transfer and not wanting to miss out on the other if its a lineup I prefer.
  10. I'm based in the UK and bought a ticket last summer. They've listed on their website that international ticket holders have until 20th August to decide whether to keep their tickets or roll them over to 2022. Great customer service from the festival and should allow longer to see how things play out with international travel corridors over the summer. Fingers crossed!
  11. Modest Mouse teasing new music, with leak claiming an album in August. If they aren't playing Weekender I'd love them to play the main fest in 2022 (or both but imagine thats very unlikely!)
  12. Would line up with Sleaford Mods being Quarry headliners on Sunday and being on the same row on the poster.
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