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  1. Refused look likely to be added to Mad Cool. Add them to the hypothetical RATM day please.
  2. Complete fantasy dreamland at this point but would love something like... Tame Impala / The Strokes / Foals / My Chemical Romance Rage Against the Machine / System of a Down / Royal Blood / Idles Pearl Jam / The National / Pixies / Biffy Clyro Bon Iver / Coldplay / Lana Del Rey / Vampire Weekend
  3. Supposedly followed by Juliette Lewis who is in a relationship with Brad Wilk, the drummer. Maybe a wait and see how legit it is but could be huge news if its true.
  4. Rage Against the Machine apparently back and all (turning into one hell of a week!), also rumoured for Coachella. Any chance they come over here afterwards too, and if so, where?
  5. Real difference in popularity to back home in the UK then, would be a nice addition further down the bill for sure.
  6. Some rumours of My Chemical Romance following their reunion. What sized slot would they get at Werchter?
  7. Saw them play The Cookie in Leicester the same week as a reunion warm up show, was brilliant!
  8. Was thinking the same and reckon you're on the money here
  9. Coldplay and Pearl Jam seems like two great big headliners. Then some kinda combinations of Bon Iver/Tame Impala/The Strokes and someone else for the other two days?
  10. Adds fuel to the fire of them having Blink 182 following Simple Creatures this year
  11. Lidl on site too just before the entrance at RIP which was great for cheaper food and drink versus what you'd get inside. Brilliant for breakfast and snacks in the campsite etc.
  12. Top ten wishlist for this year would be something like: Pearl Jam, Bon Iver, Modest Mouse, Pixies, Tame Impala, Foals, The National, Death Cab For Cutie, Biffy Clyro, Vampire Weekend 5/6 of those and I'll definitely be there next summer.
  13. Does anyone know when Werchter usually announce their first acts? Imagine it shouldn't be too long with other festivals in June and July also starting to announce their first headliners.
  14. I've only been to Rock Im Park and did the Green Camping option which was fine and at least as good if not better to other UK festival camping options I'm used to. Had a really good number of showers you could buy an extra wristband for which was invaluable as it was quite hot the year I went. Don't remember much of a loud party atmosphere at all, more an issue of waking up early because of the heat rather than being kept up late instead. Festival site and camping was also really easy to get to from the train and was a really smooth transition from the airport. Had a little trouble trying to find a spot to begin with and the right campsite but would mark that down more to inexperience rather than anything else. Festival itself was great though and saw Gorillaz and Muse for the first time with good spots for both. Also second the previous comment about the arena stage in the (I think?) ice hockey stadium on site, saw Alexisonfire play at about 1am to finish my festival and one of my favourite sets I've ever seen. Still got the set list on my wall at home. Would definitely recommend it as a festival if you like the lineup, usually scheduling is done really well and I had a great time when I went.
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