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  1. Headliners just been confirmed, announcement March 25th!
  2. Neck deep just started announcing stuff for next year, and haven’t played for a few years
  3. Last year the app gave you notifications around 20mins before, but the bigger ones are often on a poster or something as well
  4. they’re opening the arena an hour earlier than most stages for introducing so if they wanted to the arena is already open, but whether they actually do one is another thing. I don’t think we’ll get a big R1 set this year personally, but I’d love to be wrong!
  5. I didn’t even notice they were on the poster for the pit now haha. That’s true, we know there’s definitely, or there seems to be, some for at least the other days, because frank iero’s band is meant to be playing (unless he’s a secret set). But the poster still says more TBA at the bottom anyway
  6. Are they definitely “headlining” the stage though, could they have them on earlier on and fidlar later still? Bc there are still pit bands tba
  7. Are they definitely “headlining” the stage though, could they have them on earlier on and fidlar later still? Bc there are still pit bands tba
  8. Could they drop it with stage times? It’s sold out so it’s not like they need to sell more tickets
  9. Whilst I’m here, why does shikari have two slots after them on the pit now on clashfinder?
  10. There are 3 days at this festival, Liam gallagher one day would please half of twitter, so we can have slipknot headline another tbf though i’d take either of them
  11. I haven’t camped at reading before and was wondering about silent disco’s? I know there’s a a couple (could be wrong)? But are they all rap/edm etc. now or is there normally one better suited for rock music/a sing along? Also are the silent disco’s etc. normally on the clashfinder bc I tried to google it but couldn’t find much
  12. Does anyone know what food/water prices have been like
  13. Whether all time low and busted sound similar or not, there’s still a massive crossover in busted’s fan base and people who attend slam dunk. Maybe not so much in their core fanbase but fans in general. At least from people I know anyway. They were massive in their day as well, so a lot of people would’ve grown up them. Im excited about it, you can see adtr with a crowd like this any day, but Busted with a pop punk crowd is something that would rarely (if ever) happen
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