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  1. Do we think the Special guest on the Marshall stage will be first on, or could they slot in further up?
  2. I don’t listen to them so I have no clue how big they are in terms of festivals, but could Parkway Drive sub bullet? Someone on twitter mentioned them in a reply to the 4o’clock announcement tweet
  3. I counted up bands the other day and if we’re going by numbers last year, we should only have around 4/5 bands left. So to have one be as big as frank carter or sum 41 would make sense if it’s meant to be a “huge announcement”. I was expecting neck deep to disappear for a bit but if anyone off of Don Broco’s tour was to be announced, i think issues could be a shout! Even just with Boston Manor and Simple Creatures I’d be happy though, it’d be interesting to see what SC are like live.
  4. I was thinking touché + menzingers could be on main stage and real friends could headline some sort of pop punk stage. At least I’m hoping they are. I’d be gutted if touché clashed with the other headliners. Also waterparks are the same size (more or less) as As It Is, who headlined signature brew last year, so they could easily headline that stage instead of sub As for how many stages, last year the Key Club stage was an acoustic stage but in previous years it’s been a pop punk stage. (The story so far headlined it in 2017 I think?). They could bring that back, along with having signature brew still. Plus they’re on a field now so I assume there’s room for extra stages
  5. Has anyone thought of having a go at the clashfinder yet for this year? It would be nice to see what we have so far laid out!
  6. That could be a shout! Someone mentioned them as a possibility for 2000 trees as well
  7. Sorry, good point! Charlie xcx being second on should’ve given that away
  8. No way would Twin Atlantic open main stage, surely??
  9. Foos / ADTR / Frank Carter seems like way too much rock music in one go, considering how mixed the stages tend to be now. Edit: plus, if Foos have a 3 hour set, that would take up half the afternoon
  10. I was guessing 3rd down on main stage? Followed by NFG/All Time Low. Unless simple plan headline signature brew? I was assuming that would be waterparks, but I can also see them playing low down on main stage
  11. I’m assuming the monster stage is gonna be the other heavy stage this year then (with bullet headlining), instead of a 2nd main stage?
  12. Turnstile would be such a good move, I’d love to see more bands in that realm play! (Angel du$t, Title Fight) I think the fever 333 are likely to be there! And Set it off apparently have announcements this week(?). Culture Abuse, Trophy Eyes, Boston Manor, Casey and maybe even Basement are shouts too. Maybe not on this announcement but WSTR have a new album and didn’t play last year. Neck deep have nothing planned either after the broco tour, they could definitely take a main stage slot and tend to do it every other year. I’m really interested to see what the stages will be like this year now that both venues have moved. Do we think they’re gonna have a coheadliner again or just drop monster back down to a second stage? EDIT: I’m talking in general mainly rather than tomorrows announcement, I know Boston Manor etc have already played
  13. Does everyone just predict AM every year in hopes that one year they’ll get it right
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