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  1. I don't think it's a festival. They did an arena tour in June a few years back and sold well. I predict the same again.
  2. Blink said in a radio interview that they're back over here in June, so it won't be them
  3. Something was definitely put together rather hastily with the co headline stuff as Biffy played longer and last at both sites so it didn't really play out as much of a co headline.
  4. That says former exit acts? Or are they just highlighting how many repeats they've got? 😂
  5. Yep, as big as they are I don't believe I've ever heard a song of theirs. Didnt even know it was a he and not a they until this second 😂. Now granted I'm not Readings audience any more but I've still some knowledge of all the newer headliners coming through.
  6. Everyone and their mother on here are super convinced they're headlining R&L every year
  7. JeW are my favourite band, the new album is great so really looking forward to this.
  8. I think he's headlining but doubt he'd be announced with the tour not happening for a while
  9. BabyMetal, Volbeat, The Pretty Reckless, Killswitch Engage, Puppy, Pup, Airbourne, Wargasm, Skillet & British Lion
  10. To be fair I'm sure theyd get paid the same. Given the amount of effort they put in to their live performances I doubt if they would care where they played, would still draw a big crowd into the tent regardless.
  11. Cos they're fucking shit live and don't deserve what they got last year?
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