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  1. Not unless they've planted some more trees, no.
  2. Because they've essentially said they're going to attempt to book it. Is it likely? No not really but the offer will definitely be made.
  3. They did the cover, not with Post Malone though
  4. Stormzy will drop a new album out of nowhere before the end of the year I reckon. He alluded to it on I wanna say Graham Norton a few months back.
  5. Dunno, doesn't seem like they're even a band half the time at the moment.
  6. Similar size I should have said. Not having Peace against is a weird one. They would have closed the 1xtra stage and the pit headlined by Ghostemane early anyway you'd have thought.
  7. I doubt it. He'd have got the same size crowd anyway surely? There wasn't much competition even if all the stages ran. He was lucky they didn't all leave on account of him being dull as dishwater mind you.
  8. Hey now I enjoyed him last year with just his tattered rag slung over some lights
  9. Much like last night with 1975, enjoyed 21 Pilots despite never listening to them outside the odd song on the radio.
  10. Rou Reynolds just alluded to doing something at Reading today on twitter
  11. I thought 1975 started hot, ended hot, bit meh in the middle but I enjoyed it overall for a band I've not listened too and wouldn't consider myself a fan by any means.
  12. Yep that was fucking great and I've not bothered with them in a fair while
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