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  1. Yeah The Croft was replaced by the Neu stage a few years back
  2. Not this far out they aren't. They've said this morning they're still announcing on Wednesday.
  3. Yeah they definitely can't be. My county has 4 reported cases according to the search on the BBC, I know for a fact it's much more than that in my city alone.
  4. I think it must be Deftones given that they'd be stupid to tease it this way given that every social media post they do has loads of replies asking for them.
  5. I'd be very up for AFI, I like Incubus but wouldn't be hugely exciting given how they are live more often than not
  6. Itll be a cave headliner not both main stage ones
  7. He ruled them out to me so I'll let him off
  8. Careless of him to get my hopes up!
  9. Don't think that rules anyone out, Creeper are doing both on consecutive days
  10. Circa Waves are not the right fit and nobodies fave band ever I'd hope.
  11. Some dates before Coachella so not sure what the point was
  12. Cant imagine NBT being an all time fave of Matt's to be honest.
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