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  1. I think it's you. Thrice is the only thing I can even slightly see anywhere and I even know the top line is Jimmy Eat World 😂
  2. Yeah I think it'll be AFI or Thrice Monday. Unless Monday is the new headliner they were on about and AFI and/or Thrice are just announced with the day they were originally playing on.
  3. Well we would have been less convinced if Melvin had of said it was 2 from last year and 3 who have headlined before 🤷‍♂️
  4. Tuning in to radio 1 at any point is a mistake
  5. Nah Liam Gallagher is a solo act, even though he plays with a band.
  6. Thats cos every trendy bell end going to Reading wear bucket hats until the next ridiculous looking trend comes in
  7. He headlines 2000 trees cos its run by his mates rather than that being indicative of his size but yeah he's clearly not big enough to headline Reading
  8. Was going more for the solo act that hadn't been mentioned rather than the disappointing
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