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  1. Not necessarily though, You Me At Six and Frank Turner have both done Wembley
  2. Yeah I think they'd be much more forgiven clashing JEW and Crossfaith then they would with JEW and The Menzingers
  3. Yeah looks a bit weaker, but if you consider The Amazons, Against the Current and Silverstein were all in the top 5 acts for that day on this years poster I'd hope there's still big names to come for that day.
  4. Crossfaith in the cave I'd imagine, Anti Flag in the axiom. Was the plan for this year anyway.
  5. It hasn't been said outright no. Now AFI should actually have new music to tour it could be just them seeing if they can now fit it in amongst the other dates as it was originally a one off show more or less
  6. I think it's you. Thrice is the only thing I can even slightly see anywhere and I even know the top line is Jimmy Eat World 😂
  7. Yeah I think it'll be AFI or Thrice Monday. Unless Monday is the new headliner they were on about and AFI and/or Thrice are just announced with the day they were originally playing on.
  8. Well we would have been less convinced if Melvin had of said it was 2 from last year and 3 who have headlined before 🤷‍♂️
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