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  1. Last time they did Outbreak and Trees, would expect the same next year
  2. People on social media seemed to think they hinted at BMTH by using the word secret to err...describe their secret guests. Others thought they were hinting at Mcfly because they said "Obviously, we've got one more secret" which sounds like more of a hint than the BMTH one. They have a gig on the day of the Leeds show but presumably could make it as the slot is pretty early.
  3. You could watch pretty much all of them before Broco start to be fair
  4. Presumably after who ever it is has played at Reading/Leeds today? But then I guess Neck Deep have already finished
  5. Daze and Daze out due to their flight being redirected through a red list country. Buster Shuffle replacing
  6. Yeah none of the secret slots are longer than 40 mins so maybe they're replacing someone
  7. Waterparks were always playing so yeah just sounds like they've bumped everyone up and eliminated a slot
  8. US changed their travel restrictions this week so either they came over before that or didn't violate the rules somehow like someone in Fever 333 must have.
  9. Creeper were never on the website if you go to an archived page of the website they weren't on it on the 20th August so we're likely never put on it as they were a late addition https://web.archive.org/web/20210822200215/https://www.slamdunkfestival.com/line-up
  10. They're pretty much my favourite band now but was half tempted to see Lizzy Farrall over them as I've seen Creeper twice recently and will be again in December and I've not seen Lizzy so that's one clash gone at least.
  11. If Creeper are isolating like I suspect as their Facebook group has had a fair few people catching the rona at their gigs last week, they should be just about fine by Slam Dunk Should have stayed at the back like me and they'd have been fine, being old has its perks.
  12. Broco playing Reading Friday Leeds Saturday
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