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  1. Literally answered that in the post above yours
  2. I've asked this question numerous times and get shot down because they've headlined coachella which automatically means they headline everywhere
  3. They've said it'll be a large chunk of this years line up with some extra cherries on top. £100,000 stretch goal passed today
  4. AXS are great. Refunded me for MCR, offered me refunds for any number of the 3 tickets, said it'd 5-7 days and it was refunded the next day and with the booking fee too. Great stuff.
  5. Gotta be Jimmy you'd think as they're about
  6. Jimmy been announced for Trnsmt 2021 on 10th July so looks likely they'll be playing still.
  7. Ticketmaster being arseholes for a change? AXS would let you refund single tickets from your order.
  8. I reckon they'll offer it roll over
  9. I'm pretty sure they'll honour tickets for the next year. They've already looked at dates for later in the year too.
  10. They've said they're still working out how to reschedule the entire europe tour before they can announce if they'll be there or not. Sounded like it's likely NoFX themselves will be but the undercard less clear at the mo
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