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  1. Isn't it because of the covid restrictions not being up to scratch?
  2. I think its sold over 10,000 tickets a couple of times when that was the capacity, they just realised they could fit more in!
  3. Yeah Broco said themselves they weren't ready for Main the year they played it. They'd smash it now.
  4. Not if smaller font is discussed they won't be
  5. There's lots more bands to announce, and a few big slots left. It's only one doom and gloom merchant who needs to make sure every penny he spends is well catered for or he writes it off as shit, don't worry. Personally trees is the kinda festival I'd go to even if I only wanted to see a couple of bands. It's the best weekend of the year every year hands down.
  6. They've been announced as headlining Outbreak and 2000 Trees so I don't see why Slam Dunk would have to wait to announce them.
  7. They were booked for the Wednesday of Mad Cool for 2020 and 2021 before cancellation, as they were for Trees. Them playing Trees is why they're doing the Wednesday
  8. Only if you sell them out... I could do an arena tour I'd only sell about 52k I reckon
  9. Yeah I was. Not sure who everybody was thinking I was meaning by saying Josh? Is there someone in the Slam Dunk set up called that? If so my bad
  10. According to Josh the pre sale is selling extremely well.
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