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  1. Just a guess, but was mainly based on them asking Geoff whilst he was there this year but now he's not
  2. Oh yeah I'm not saying they aren't food, just that they'd probably be a bit heavy for anyone expecting Hundred Reasons, Xcerts, Lenman etc. And they weren't exactly well known, and definitely aren't recognisable to look at
  3. Probably not thought they've just added RXPTORS to the Thursday
  4. Yeah it's them. Weird choice I'd say because plenty of people will turn away when they have no clue who they are. Should have just announced the reunion.
  5. It was some "banter" by some YouTube channel or podcast hijacking every poll Trees put up on Facebook
  6. I'm hoping for Coheed, Trees are promoting the Bristol show with Thrice so I'm sure they'll be asking
  7. I reckon Thursday doing Full Collapse is gonna be at Trees
  8. Is Chris Brown and ASAP Rocky being on the same day not a little bit asking for trouble?
  9. No. I'd imagine in Architects wanting to play to more mainstream fans.
  10. Charli XCX's awful mime act shouldn't headline my back garden let alone a major festival
  11. I cant really see a whole lot of people caring about that but could see it
  12. That wasn't the first time Ghost headlined though
  13. 4 days next year then, my feet are already aching at the thought of that
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