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  1. They didn't confirm they'd headline the next year, they said they'd try and make it work next year. I think Frank is playing, could very well be headline if it's full band, could very well be a set in the forest as was planned last year if its just him solo
  2. It said they were playing the Thursday and that day is already far too stacked so seems like a mistake
  3. If you just listen to Dark Signs I can totally see the point
  4. He would I reckon he's doing a solo set in the forest as he had one planned last year that got pulled
  5. I'd probably watch 5 of those 6, clashes dependent Think I'm going now.
  6. Think they ended up playing multiple dates in places, did like 4 nights at the o2
  7. Interlaker is a good little addition. David Jakes (formerly of Lonely the Braves) new band with Jack Wrench (formerly of Arcane Roots)
  8. Nah those stages will alternate. They only clash if there's a heavy headliner on main
  9. Yeah it'll be the cave, a stage I rarely see anyone on but I'll make an exception to get away from The Chats. If its the Axiom that'd be great as I'll be watching Hot Milk
  10. I wanna know who's opposite The Chats because I'll be camped close to the main stage so can't just chill at camp without hearing it.
  11. They were Saturday in 2022 so presumably it's for this year
  12. If I remember rightly Busted are busy Trees weekend
  13. I'm not sure we're getting any headliners tomorrow as they normally specifically mention that they are, but think Turnstile will be one when they are announced
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