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  1. OddRon

    Crowd Tolerance

    felt like a rude/touchy/too drugged up(don't have a problem with this but it felt like a key a minute) crowd tainted both Tame Impala and Killers for me
  2. I've got some big boy gaps here and there but I've never been to green man so excited to just wander really, for the main weekend I've got three solid acts each day really
  3. yeah I really enjoy a few of their albums but their set just felt like a quiet jam for an hour with hardly any "hits" for headliner material at all
  4. they were shite on the Thursday of eotr last year as headliners, didn't deserve the smaller headline slot let alone this Friday one
  5. Friday night is a bit dead but other than that I'm happy, shame about idles but glad I saw them at glasto now, just wished they'd play television cause I don't wanna pay to see them now they're doing Ally pally
  6. sorry who are idles clashing with on main stage? father j or Sharon? I've never been before sorry
  7. sorry who are idles clashing with on main stage? father j or Sharon? I've never been before sorry
  8. OddRon

    The Killers

    I'd seen them at glasto in 2017 and later that year in Birmingham but that encore gave me shivers, we were so surprised by pet shop boys and then he goes "they say never meet your heroes something something ... well I'm gonna double down" and then Johnny Marr too, incredible couldn't fault their set in the slightest even with a creepy fuck trying to kiss my girlfriend and a guy trying to pick a fight
  9. as much as I love eels, their Stock has fallen massively, so I can see main stage going Eels, Sharon and then father John, whilst the Second biggest stage has Idles as a headliner and growlers as a sub as much as I love both fjm and Idles, they're completely different so makes sense to clash them, like car seat headrest and four tet
  10. didn't think I cared too much for vaccines new album but nightclub was Soo good live
  11. messaged green man on Facebook like someone else on here did with Sharon ve and idles
  12. anyway here's an etesticles exclusive straight from the horse's mouth, EELS and Father John Misty aren't clashing, praise the lord
  13. find it funny that they copy and paste any information on their site that we find, yet refer to us as etesticles
  14. was that Rashida Jones on the side of the stage in Orange during vampire weekend? I know her and Ezra have a child together/our in a relationship but couldnt quite see and I was on barrier I saw Ed o Brien in the park Sunday night and both Ezra and vampire weekend guitarist in park and near beat hotel respectively
  15. as someone who's had to miss stuff before because of how small a venue is at a festival it does begin to drain, I know I should just be there super early but I got caught in the bloody Lewis capaldi crowd forming
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