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  1. Still feel like Yard Act will lead second announcement.
  2. A Savage and Johnny Flynn clashing would be a nightmare
  3. Yeah I've told my group not to hold their hopes out for any particular older song (other than masterpiece) when it comes to them.
  4. Yeah the forest part of End of The Road is the one thing I miss really. Can never manage it anymore with it always being at the start of the academic year.
  5. Loving Johnny Flynn so far, I'd never seen the detectorists tv show before but after listening to his theme tune for it non stop I've given it a go. The lineup is getting me into new telly, let alone new music.
  6. Yeah I'm really enjoying a few of the newer tracks especially spud affinity and that single, Vampire Empire. Gotta tell myself I've already seen them do that older material at eotr 2017 and gm 2019.
  7. I know there's no point living in the past and bands probably get sick of playing their hits but it's a damn shame how little Big Thief play from their first two albums. Looking at their setlists from last year and they play almost entirely new material, which is good but no masterpiece (badum tshh!)
  8. They've confirmed that the top 4 are the headliners, no more to come.
  9. Wonder if Yard Act will lead the second announcement, feels like they were really likely.
  10. I was a lot more excited to see them before I saw on their setlist that they hardly play any of their first two albums. I'm sure the new stuff is great but there's so many fantastic songs they're leaving behind.
  11. I've definitely felt a little similar but I think built it up in my head that they were going to get some really standout unique headliners after kraftwerk and devo.
  12. There's no way they'll clash big thief and black country new road. The two bands feel very similar now that bcnr have shifted their style.
  13. Am I missing something with Jon Hopkins? All seems very ambient to me on Spotify, are his sets a bit more lively in person? I found something similar with four tet though so probably just not my style of music.
  14. Yeah that's a pretty disappointing set of headliners but some great acts in the undercard. I love BCNR but I'm surprised they're back already, hopefully with new music. Their set in 2022 was my highlight of the weekend. Can't believe I was getting excited for The Smile, Pj Harvey or Pixies and we've got the waitrose equivalent of British "punk".
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