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  1. had a fantastic time for my first Green Man, loved Father John Misty, EELS and Car Seat Headrest the most and really nice site only complaints were there never seemed to be a place that just played fun sort of club music like propaganda/indie hits stuff until like 2/3am unless I just couldn't find it, kinda wished there was something like the Disco ship/silent disco that eotr had kinda felt like four tet/shy fx attracted a certain type of crowd, not necessarily all bas but plenty who it felt like they were only there for those two acts and decided to be an arse the rest of the time, particularly a group of lads who were loudly shouting during father John Misty as well as necking budweiser kegs and pissing on my girlfriend/others. a very personal final complaint would be that a group of 3 turned up late, unpegged our guy ropes, camped in the fire lane right behind our tent and literally loudly shouted the entire time whilst exclusively pissing and smoking by our heads, they didn't see a single act until the third day and made us actively avoid being around our own tent it's a testament to how good the festival's music and "vibe" that they didn't ruin our weekend but they came close at points
  2. thought the weird pants were a one off when I saw him in Bristol last year I enjoyed the cover, little slow at the start as someone who's seen him twice before play almost entirely hits, it was fun to just hear whatever really, didn't come in with any expectations or songs I wanted to hear cause I felt like I'd heard all favourites before, new stuff sounds great too
  3. where abouts is this tent please
  4. I care more about going gets tough by the growlers than I do hangout by the gallows by fjm, so yeah nail on the head don't really wanna risk it cause like you said, occasionally it's real love baby or Hollywood cemetery forever sings
  5. sorry if this has been asked but how long does it take to get from far out to main stage, I wanna catch all of growlers but be at Father John Misty by second song of his set
  6. idles vs fjm made worse by having growlers end as fjm starts so gonna have to miss half their set too no doubt
  7. would very much prefer this because don't want father j and idles to clash
  8. sorry I can't find anything about broken social scene cancelling? where have we seen this please
  9. OddRon

    Crowd Tolerance

    felt like a rude/touchy/too drugged up(don't have a problem with this but it felt like a key a minute) crowd tainted both Tame Impala and Killers for me
  10. I've got some big boy gaps here and there but I've never been to green man so excited to just wander really, for the main weekend I've got three solid acts each day really
  11. yeah I really enjoy a few of their albums but their set just felt like a quiet jam for an hour with hardly any "hits" for headliner material at all
  12. they were shite on the Thursday of eotr last year as headliners, didn't deserve the smaller headline slot let alone this Friday one
  13. Friday night is a bit dead but other than that I'm happy, shame about idles but glad I saw them at glasto now, just wished they'd play television cause I don't wanna pay to see them now they're doing Ally pally
  14. sorry who are idles clashing with on main stage? father j or Sharon? I've never been before sorry
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