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    Arcade Fire

    Bagged Manchester tickets, super excited, their Castlefield Bowl set is in my top 5 gigs of all time.
  2. OddRon

    Arcade Fire

    End of empire I-III is definitely the album highlight for me
  3. Alex g and Ezra clashing would be gutting, makes sense though as they're very different.
  4. Metronomy were ace in Cardiff tonight and they're always even better at festivals so looking forward to seeing them again at Green Man.
  5. Lowlands same weekend, usually shares a few acts with Green man doesn't it?
  6. Do we think it's too late for Wet Leg to be added? Got really into them at the moment but just missed them playing Bristol and Cardiff and UK tour for November is sold out but noticed they're free and around weekend of Green Man.
  7. Just punching myself that I've missed them with the lead singer because I'm loving their new album, completely respect their decision but it's criminal to release that album and then not perform any of it. It's always tricky when it comes to a lead singer leaving.
  8. Very hard to be excited about Black Country, New Road when their music sounds fantastic on Spotify but they've said they won't be performing any of it now the lead singer has quit. Just makes me wish I'd seen them before his departure.
  9. I'm hoping for ezra or parquet courts against kraftwerk/Michael. I'll be gutted if parquet courts and ezra clash with either metronomy or beach house.
  10. Probably already know him and not sure if this is considered low down but Willie J Healey has always been great when I've seen him over the years.
  11. They were amazing at EOTR 2017, felt they got shafted at APE 2019 though, they did not suit an early day main stage slot at all.
  12. Their most recent album was pretty forgettable but I'd say Human Performance and Wide Awake are way beyond their older material, both albums feel more nuanced and less one dimensional.
  13. Hoping for something loud and fun in far out during Kraftwerk and Michael. Would love parquet courts and I know it won't be them as they're not high enough on the lineup but ezra furman would smash it.
  14. I've tried doing something similar but going with their top 10 most played songs in most recent year of touring. I hate getting into an artist when they're announced for a festival to find out they don't play the songs that got me into them.
  15. I was already excited for beach house, ty segall, metronomy, parquet courts, ezra furman, Willie j healey and Alex g but after a quick listen the following sound like they'll be great: Yves tumor Dry cleaning Katy j pearson Pip blom.
  16. Super chuffed with that, lots of acts I love and I've been trying to see Beach House for 6 years now.
  17. I'd love the National but if they can't get Nick Cave I don't see them being able to get The National either, All Points East seems to rank those two artist at the same tier.
  18. What about The Chemical Brothers? Playing the Saturday at All Points East, would fit the same sort of thing as caribou or four tet perhaps?
  19. Assuming they don't have the biggest budget after covid and not every act is willing to play abroad yet I'm gonna go for a nice safe bet of Beach House, James Blake and some boring safe UK act that is playing everywhere else. I would die if it was Animal Collective though.
  20. Really hoping they pull it out the bag this year with headliners, with it being the anniversary I was hoping something similar to the scale of End of the Road's anniversary a few years back (Tame Impala, Sufjan Stevens and War on Drugs). Not necessarily those acts, just acts of that size. Beach House would be great for me, hoping we get something that no one is predicting rather than someone always on the festival circuit like Idles. I like Idles but I've also seen them loads now and Green Man/Eotr should be about seeing bands you can't see at every other festival.
  21. They've gone back to saying soon now rather than very soon.
  22. had a fantastic time for my first Green Man, loved Father John Misty, EELS and Car Seat Headrest the most and really nice site only complaints were there never seemed to be a place that just played fun sort of club music like propaganda/indie hits stuff until like 2/3am unless I just couldn't find it, kinda wished there was something like the Disco ship/silent disco that eotr had kinda felt like four tet/shy fx attracted a certain type of crowd, not necessarily all bas but plenty who it felt like they were only there for those two acts and decided to be an arse the rest of the time, particularly a group of lads who were loudly shouting during father John Misty as well as necking budweiser kegs and pissing on my girlfriend/others. a very personal final complaint would be that a group of 3 turned up late, unpegged our guy ropes, camped in the fire lane right behind our tent and literally loudly shouted the entire time whilst exclusively pissing and smoking by our heads, they didn't see a single act until the third day and made us actively avoid being around our own tent it's a testament to how good the festival's music and "vibe" that they didn't ruin our weekend but they came close at points
  23. thought the weird pants were a one off when I saw him in Bristol last year I enjoyed the cover, little slow at the start as someone who's seen him twice before play almost entirely hits, it was fun to just hear whatever really, didn't come in with any expectations or songs I wanted to hear cause I felt like I'd heard all favourites before, new stuff sounds great too
  24. where abouts is this tent please
  25. I care more about going gets tough by the growlers than I do hangout by the gallows by fjm, so yeah nail on the head don't really wanna risk it cause like you said, occasionally it's real love baby or Hollywood cemetery forever sings
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