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  1. Does anyone wanna buy my boomtown ticket for a reduced price life shizz has gone down n need to sell my festival tickets fast
  2. Does anyone wanna buy my sgp ticket for a reduced price. Life shit has gone down and I need money fast
  3. I'm starting to get worried that they are just unorganized at this point
  4. Any ideas on lineup yet? Been super quiet (I know that's kinda the point)
  5. I also did a lil research into who could be playing this year by whose touring around the time and who'd be coming back from the cancelled lineup. My predictions are : Damian Marley Jr, IDLES, Greentea Peng, Underworld, De La Soul, Princess Nokia, Ibibio Sound Machine, Biig Piig, The Skints (duh) Shy FX , Meute, all returning from the cancelled one. With Gorillaz (again?), Kae Tempest, Kamasi Washington, Ezra Collective, Yves Tumor, Kurupt FM, Slowthai, Little Simz, Jungle, Chemical Brothers, BICEP as possibilities cause touring around that time. Haven't seen wutang clan or mura masa touring so can't see them returning at this point plus a few surprise big acts could be nice
  6. If it turns out that the reason boom can't release the lineup is because they've booked rage against the machine then I'll do a back flip with joy Edit: Ignore me they're in New York that weekend
  7. It's annoying right. A) you want to support up and coming bands, so its good to put a support announcement out there. I've got into some of my favourite bands through looking up the support before a gig and sometimes if you can listen first and familiarize yourself you enjoy the set a lot more. B) America always seem to get huge support bands announced from the get go or very soon after tickets drop. Why not announce a support band to help drive ticket sales. I get it's easier to get a big American act on board on a tour of America, but even Australia etc bands seem to buddy up with other big bands to play them. C) We spend so much on big shows like this there is kind of an expectation they'll be big support acts. Like I spent the same on Red Hot Chilli Peppers tickets because they had Anderson Paak and Thundercat supporting
  8. I do always notice that acts tend to care less about announcing supports for UK tours. Leaving it to last minute, having tiny support acts in comparison with the us. Or sometimes not bothering announcing support at all. At least in recent years. Had a few concerts recently where I literally couldn't find out supports acts until they showed up.
  9. Some great stuff on there! Meltyourself down Bob Dylan kojaque snapped ankles
  10. Thank you I bought ittttt. So hyped.
  11. The used and creeper deffo make a lot of sense. Was hoping for a more leftfield choice as I don't like when the whole bill of a gig is to similar. Creeper especially feel like mcr light (I still really like em)
  12. This is getting close now. Do we think it's going ahead?. Any more ideas on support acts?
  13. They didn't replace first aid kit when they pulled out the bon iver day in 2019. I guess they might if they still need to shift tickets
  14. I bet they won't replace them either. That's a shame for sure.
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