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  1. now just saying not available for every stat.
  2. Are daily figures working for anyone else?
  3. Sorry to ask but are you currently in a full time stable job that hasn't been affected as much by the pandemic?
  4. This is the problem, it's hard to come up with a financial plan that will cover everyone. Unemployment benefits are a disgrace in this country, other european countries have increased that and sick pay because of covid, Unemployment wouldn't even cover my rent and bills. - I applied for UC while on low income due to furlough, make 700 from furlough a month and I couldn't get further support on UC, rent credit or a council tax reduction. You are living millions MILLIONS of people in poverty and not to mention people whose partner is still working, so can't get benefits and most then re
  5. Rishi has no sense of reality here. 1. So many viable jobs, that have just been affected by the pandemic alone, that will probably be viable when we return to normality. 2. Subject to availability, hahahahahahahahahaah 3. So many businesses will perish without support, freelancers, self employed, industries that can't opne on GOVERNMENTS orders are all now being fucked by the gov. I'm sorry imo this is catastrophic, not as catastrophic as just leaving people with nothing. But hate how so many people will defend and like this announcement, by saying "well at least its not nothin
  6. Like this government really has no sympathy does it
  7. Yep they get nothing, they basically said they are protecting VIABLE jobs. So anyone else has to somehow get a new job. FUCK rishi, who the hell likes this fraud hack
  8. YAY RIshi is doing a boris impressions
  9. Bye Bye to so many sectors bye Bye to the arts. Everyone needs to get a new job lolollollol. What?
  10. Guess we're fucked. I'm sorry how is this good for the people who needed it the most. SO MANY MORE GAPSSSSSSSSSS
  11. This is so shit so far. - Doesn't help anyone in industries that cannot open at the moment. Not viable businesses, as in the whole of arts, theatre, cinemas, hospitality. All the excluded don't get a thing. It's been 6 months with no income for so many. and there are not jobs This is ridiculous, again putting all the power of employment in the hands of the employer, There's no reason for some businesses to keep SHITTTTTTTTTTT
  12. Cant wait for rishis ten minute build up of kissing his own ass before he gets to the point.
  13. Sounds promising. though i dont hold out hope
  14. So Rishi's on in a bit. He's gone from a promising voice at the beginning of lockdown, to one of the most grating of them all in my opinion. He released the first furlough scheme and from then on has only bragged and boasted about how much money the government have spent to help us. Though his priorities have always been with the businesses themselves and not retaining jobs as he has refused to address huge gaps in the furlough scheme. Don't get me started on how eat out to help out probably is responsible for this second spike and a lot of my friends worst months in work in the hospital
  15. Thanks was a good speech hope it gets through to some of the people on the fence
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