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  1. Chelsea Wolfe Thursday headliner
  2. You just have to pop the balloons from the sufjan costume and the taylor costume can be underneath. A swift costume change
  3. I wouldnt care about any other act, if they score sufjan to headline park for the 50th it would be the best year ever
  4. would love a ticket for bon iver for a friend to come with me, would be more than happy making a donation
  5. i'd give it atleast an hour, its really quick to get through if you go early but quite packed in the evening
  6. yay just got 2 to see bon iver, he's been a must see for yearsssss
  7. if anyone has spare codes or ickets for bon iver would be so grateful
  8. tbf we had dick and dom dj a uni night with a ballpit
  9. ace56blaa

    Hot Chip

    village underground said 9 on twitter
  10. ace56blaa

    Hot Chip

    if anyone has spares or cant go to village underground will buy off you
  11. i hope so, can see him slowly phasing out stuff, like he basically already has with anything pre because the internet
  12. Would be insane for him to retire from music now, considering there seems to be another album on the way, wondering if he's just retiring the gambino name. could just see him tour as Donald Glover
  13. according the 02's twitter last night was his Last UK show as Childish Gambino
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