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  1. Just booked vaccination 1. I'm 25. This vaccine rollout is great
  2. Our group got out tickets feels good to have something booked this early
  3. Well don't buy into the Sunak is okay shit. DC is clearly leaving out any attacks on Rishi and Give cause he believes they could take over. But Sunak did well with furlough at first. However he refused to fix glaring issues with that furlough. Let's not forget how he was just as deceitful in parliament and still pretends he "left no one behind" while simultaneously saying he couldn't save any job. Sunak is just as bad as the rest of them and complicit in their failings. Let's not fall into domcums trap
  4. 1.5 times more transmissible https://www.newscientist.com/definition/uk-covid-19-variant-b-1-1-7/
  5. Saw Gorillaz/Kano/Vince Staples and De La Soul at Dreamland for their Humanz tour and that was also great. Such a great atmosphere.
  6. I support not letting covid rip through the population. The best way is to contain and prevent. Why should young unvaccinated people just take this shit on the chin.
  7. Seriously, if posters on here are spreading misinformation like "long covid isn't real, people are just hypochondriacs" after there is so much evidence of contrary, this long into the pandemic. Like seriously @Fuzzy Afro , this shit is so dangerous. Normally on social media sites, you can be banned for spreading such blatant misinformation.
  8. What a stupid baseless claim.
  9. Btw Palestine and Hamas are different entities. Hamas is a terrorist group. So Palestinian pedestrians shouldn't be bombed as retaliation for Hamas' action. That's not defense that's revenge. Some real poor takes on this here
  10. I feel a efests mutiny on the horizon 😉
  11. I mean it's utterly insane anyone can defend the actions of the Israeli government and the IDF. Whilst over the years the conflict and who started what is up for debate. This particular stint was started by horrible violence against Palestinians being forcefully removed from their homes and places of worship. Whereas everyone condemns the actions of Hamas, their attacks make very little damage but the IDF are devastating the Gaza strip. Killing children, pedestrians, bombing that building full of journalists. Disgusting but expected that western politicians are defending Israel inst
  12. Yeah, I just think Boris would do anything he can to not have to utter the words "Lockdown" ever again, even before these recent concerns about the Indian variant, the June 21st date was held in question. Also it was always gonna be the case that Boris is less worried about changing plans after the local elections. I think opening is good though. Even though I predict a little bumpier road than we expected
  13. Yeah I think the panic is due to there being echoes of the last two times we locked down, Boris saying he's not ruling anything out etc etc. I think people are rightly cautious. But I think the most that will happen is delaying of june restrictions being lifted and maybe local lockdown. (But even that seems unlikely)
  14. Why have we still not evolved beyond the the discourse of "let's just let young people get it so that we can go to the pub" young people are overwhelming represented in hospitality and public facing jobs so have no choice whether they want to go out or not. - Also everytime this conversation comes up people forget about long covid, everyone i know who has had covid my age (25) are still struggling with shortness of breath and other symptoms, months and months after testing postive. This is not a disease you want to have.
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