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  1. Why is anyone working in an office rn? Also you can pack a lunch, im sure there's nearby shops and stuff if you really need to buy a lunch rather than bring your own, ,but this is what I'm talking about, people don't need to go to greggs, greggs might be the most convenient option for some, but the whole point of a pandemic response is you need limit stuff, if that means somewhere like greggs where the shops are incredibly small and create lines outside As soon as you start arguing for somewhere like greggs being essential the line becomes blurry enough for so many more businesses to rem
  2. As much as I like a fresh v*gan sausage roll. Greggs should not be classed as an essential business. It was at the beginning of the first lockdown. It could do deliveries or s/t if it wanted and you could argue that it's open because less people are working from home this lockdown. - Man businesses that have to argue that they are essential, probably aren't essential
  3. Absolutely disgusted with JOhnson saing Labour wants to abolish universal credit. As if the labour party dont want to see something better replace it
  4. Florence's last album was a lot more low key and meant for more intimate settings. So I guess it depends if she has hits on her next project or continues in the more stripped back restrained direction, either way I could see her taking a sub slot to someone as big as Fleetwood Mac. Remember she also supported the Rolling Stones in 2016 an wasn't supposed to be headlining 2015, so imagine she doesn't have a huge ego for that sorta stuff. Surprised she hasn't taken the top spot at Reading considering the sausage fest they always seem to conjure these days
  5. Also this video of dutch border control confiscating packed lunches off this guy because he didn't realise brexit meant he could bring in his own food anymore.
  6. You guys seen this about free school meals. This is supposed to be a weeks worth of food and supposed to be 30 pounds worth of stuff. Being commented on by prominent figures but duhnno if this just one council, but someone is profiting off fsm, 30 pounds in tax payers money ammounts to this. 5 pounds worth of rations?
  7. I mean we all agree that this is a ridiculous thing to be worried about, its such a minor rule break. But this is the prime minister who is setting these rules, encouraging people not to travel unnecessarily. Didn't all the MPs defend fining that women who drove outside her local area the other day https://www.thejournal.ie/matt-hancock-flex-of-lockdown-5321369-Jan2021/ This is why people care that the prime minister broke the rules, because ordinary people are still getting fined and being told they are the reason lockdown isnt working, and then government officials do the same thing
  8. Right very depressing outlook this morning. But reading all of the things they are planning to impose as new measures are horseshit. - We all know that the main reason for increased cases is indoor contacts. So doing stuff like limiting exercise to once a week is bullshit. I'm so annoyed I have spent every single one of these ten months complying with lockdown rules. Even in summer when the government relaxed the rules I still didn't go to restaurants or cinemas or pubs. I haven't been inside a vehicle or a friends house since march. Every-time I even go to to the small shop near me I m
  9. I have not missed this joke from last time
  10. I feel like it's more likely that people who break lockdown go outside and clap, than people who actually care about our health professionals. If you care about health professionals you'd surely know, that half arsedly bringing back an empty gesture after months and months of utter disrespect to our nurses is clearly more of an attempt to make this lockdown seem more like the first. Why only clap for carers when we are in the strictest measures, then go out an flount the rules as soon as your told there's less deaths. I'd take it as an insult and condescending if after all this you
  11. Perhaps even the small profits they get by staying open in lockdown is deemed worth it to putting employees at risk, perhaps they want workers to stay working and loyal to costa, cause perhaps if giving time off paid by furlough and time to look for another job, Costa won't have any workers coming back. I don't know how these companies think, but I do know it's insane that the support for a pandemic is tied to their job, Imagine if we had a system like canada where every citizen gets 2,000 dollars a month. Imagine how many less people would be facing homelessness or starvation. I t
  12. This pandemic should have exposed how disgusting and unfair working practises in the UK are. Especially in the lower paid jobs that the majority of the population have. I have worked 6 or 7 different fast food and retail jobs and every single one with the exception of Greggs (who actually have pretty good pay and benefits for staff), treat their staff like crap, the majority of my jobs have tried to get away with underpaying me, overworking and in some cases "accidentally" not paying me for months at a time. It's got to a point where no one expects anything more than that. - This low paying jo
  13. On the covid scale we are an 8.3a
  14. I would only go to the garage down the road to get a snack, but always made sure i'd get essentials to cover it. So I'd really be craving a choccy bar and come back with loo roll cat food, soap etc aswell
  15. Wait would it not be insane to keep live sports going right now.
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