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  1. I remember some Cornish Newspaper labelled him as a grime act 😂
  2. I mean the man won a Pulitzer and has dropped a couple of the most critically acclaimed albums of the 2010s plus has big tunes
  3. How is Kendrick Lamar a mediocre headliner ? What planet are you from ?
  4. I can’t see RATM or Metallica getting booked. Reading is for the kids
  5. It’s lacking hip hop so badly
  6. What we thinking for lineup with regards to hip hop and grime
  7. Genuinely think kasabian will be added as a sub. Potentially for Ezra. Bastille are subbing and I’d say the current state of kasabian are around that level.
  8. Was kinda hoping for wu tang or skeppy getting the Friday slot you know
  9. Nobody has given a fuck about KOL since 2007 disclosure are a great dance headliner. ezra is a decent enough choice just very bland . last years headliners (bar foals) had that little bit of edge (granted jorja’s set wasn’t amazing) and it felt quite progressive. hoping they can stack the undercard with some hip-hop, grime and some cooler progressive bands.
  10. Yawn what a dry announcement
  11. I hope it’s not flo and the machine or Liam Gallagher or kasabian. Blur reunion anyone ?
  12. I think they’re going to go for the younger audiences personally
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