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  1. Any chance viagra boys, amyl and the sniffers, the chats, fat white family or king gizzard and the lizard wizard could be announced?
  2. Will prices go up again this year? And when does it usually sell out, thinking of going here instead of reading now that readings decided to go fully mainstream
  3. What a fucking shite announcement, kinda dont wanna go now looool
  4. Really want amyl and the sniffers and viagra boys play reading
  5. Really just hoping we get some decent punk bands added to the line up
  6. Cant stand Lewis capaldi, keep him as far away as possible from reading please
  7. I dont see how you could go 50/50 gender balance at a festival, it depends who's touring and who's popular at the time, yeah this announcement has been low on female fronted acts but theres still 140+ acts to come
  8. If you actually have to pay to get the the front I'm fully stabbing someone to get close for rage against the machine that's fucking bullshit
  9. Who cares about the other headliners?? WE GOT RAGE
  10. Reading wont sell out for atleast a few months no matter how good the line up, glad I got mine before though
  11. Idles and slowthai under ratm pls thx
  12. Idgaf who else is playing ratm are the perfect reading headliner I'm so gassed
  13. If it's not rage I'll never forgive you all for getting my Hope's up
  14. Would love to see the dandy warhols and madness turn up at reading, but I'll take anything as long as they hurry up and announce something
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