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  1. Maybe Django Django as replacement headliner 🤔
  2. Wargasm, bleed from within and Frank carter 🤘
  3. It says pre sale Tuesday and any left over will go on general sale so I don't think they're saving any
  4. It's beautiful and I need to go:'(
  5. If you start the payment plan now for 22 do you get pre sale access?
  6. Ah well I'm seeing idles like 4 times this year so 15 mins won't hurt
  7. If squid and idles are clashing I'm gonna be pissed
  8. Day splits and stage splits tomorrow
  9. That tbc is a nice Django Django sized slot 😉
  10. Very solid lineup, undercard especially good, sick
  11. Last minute leak, no acts this year they're just relying on people doing kareoke on the mainstage due to budget cuts
  12. Nick mason in the same Johnny Marr had 2019?🤔
  13. Lool I was meant to post the 2nd one on another fest soz xo
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