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  1. Yeah no line up is starting to get to me especially since I already have my ticket and I'm not a massive liam Gallagher fan lool
  2. Convinced liam Gallagher's headline slot is really an oasis reunion
  3. I'm 22 I'd prefer biffy over a lot of headliners but I'm not overly fussed about them either, hoping they're holding out with the announcement because they've got someone big and not because they're still fucking around tryna get someone to play
  4. Size of the crowd and reception he got this year, the amount of publicity he's getting and the fact all of his songs are bangers?
  5. Slowthai deserves a high up main stage slot
  6. Viagra boys, amyl and the sniffers, psychedelic porn crumpets, king gizzard and the lizard wizard
  7. System, maiden and blink 182 Subbed by gojira judas priest and the offspring
  8. Bit of rain will be nice if its gonna be hot tbh, as long as its not as bad as download I'm fine ?
  9. Slaves, idles, foals, psychedelic porn Crumpets, Johnny marr, gonna be bloody mental
  10. Anyone know if theres gonna be an app like reading have this year?
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