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  1. I would have gone for "dunno if it's a Don Broco hint or they're just very good actors"
  2. Here's the thing, I've been a bit ignorant on social media recently so i let this one get away from me.
  3. Where did you hear this? (the announcement, im aware of Estrons)
  4. I don't think they'll be back in the UK Until 2020 - The singer is having a baby in late march.
  5. Looking at it laid out like this - Unless they're having an extra stage this year, there won't be a "breakout" stage - apart from IDKhow, Pagan and Wallflower there aren't really any suitable bands for it, and even then i'd say these bands are relatively established. And there were only 6 stages last year, one of which was the breakout stage. (obviously i'm discounting the acoustic stage).
  6. No info on Title Fight but I'm sure Converge and La Dispute are playing, don't know why they haven't been announced yet.
  7. Title Fight would be the best.
  8. Foals are not playing All Points East, they're touring the UK in June.
  9. Foals are headlining this. (although it looks like you all knew that already)
  10. Completely different set of songs.
  11. RE enter shikari - they're playing 2 sets per site, one of which is could be a 10 year celebration of Common Dreads
  12. Yeah I mean the staff at FR don't make their posters on MS paint
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