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  1. Gnarwolves have not officially "split up", however the members are doing other things for the time being.
  2. FYI, it's like this every year.
  3. You don't headline festivals on a stage show or a great performance, you headline them on album and ticket sales.
  4. Of those half that didn't buy a beer from the bar, how many do we reckon were under 18?
  5. Dinosaur Pile Up are on tour in the states from mid june to end of july... supporting Shinedown. Lol to that, but means they won't play trees.
  6. Bring me The Horizon play Big weekend in Middlesbrough on the Saturday, Middlesbrough is pretty close to Leeds 😎
  7. Looks like i misunderstood, none of the bands on that poster clash mind (main two stages alternate)
  8. That poster is the two main stages, the bands are divided between the stages by the font colour - No clashes.
  9. Every Time I Die to play on the Main Stage, Therapy? To headline the Axiom?
  10. Not a fan of Culture Abuse? Expect you'd probably like them.
  11. I would have gone for "dunno if it's a Don Broco hint or they're just very good actors"
  12. Here's the thing, I've been a bit ignorant on social media recently so i let this one get away from me.
  13. Where did you hear this? (the announcement, im aware of Estrons)
  14. I don't think they'll be back in the UK Until 2020 - The singer is having a baby in late march.
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