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My mood in: April - I'm still happy now there's no Mordor, could feel more like the old days May - no Auditori this year as it's indoor, bummer but inevitable  June - confirmation that

Yes, you did. Three times. 

i think we're all forgetting something important - namely, which baffling, long-winded and quite possibly excruciating method will the PS team use to announce the line up this year? I'm hoping fo

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It's good.

I can't say I'm completely shocked by it and I certainly don't think it's phenomenal like some of you, but it's a bunch of very strong big names that will definitely sell tickets, plus an interesting undercard and some cool special stuff sprinkled around.

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1 minute ago, ZXCVBNM said:

I think Bill Callahan will play Auditori on Thursday but 'm not sure who else. Richard Dawson and Jessica Pratt probably will on the friday.

Ah good point. That makes me feel better, he’s pretty magical.

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Just now, festivalguy97 said:

Is there any possibility of them adding Frank Ocean? I mean there could be some secrecy and embargo on his tour and new album so who knows.

no way. it would be unlikely per sé but it's just too stacked already

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