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  1. If puckno and xxialac end in deep serious romantic relationship then this thread might serve some purpose
  2. Robin was worse then awful, but robin generally is music for eurovision fans
  3. Its shame because I don't think we will ever have lineup this good again
  4. Nahh doesn't look like there will be Primavera this year...I will lose lots of money and really wanted it to happen...but I don't trust anything that who said about covid19 all this looks like biological warfare...
  5. Critical thinker xxialac "ask the hotel nicely"
  6. If he wanted not to disappoint fans he would announce cancellation sooner then later...most hotels have policy of refund to specific date ( mine up to 5th may and only 50% , after that nothing ), given that we have almost 3 months to festivals and hope that we will have hot April and May most probably option that festival indeed will go as planed and this corona lunacy will be behind us
  7. Critical thinking....yeah right let wait last week and then announce cancellation so he can piss 100000 people....critical thinking is what is missing on this thread
  8. Can't believe you guys are bringing frank ocean back again , this forum is comedy :)))
  9. Poor guy, he isn't informed properly, need to read more this forum, nobody told him Primavera is now in August...
  10. Im still pretty sure 90% that Primavera will happen...some here on this thread literally are having hard on whenever they read something about corona
  11. When everything goes according to original plan are you gonna admit then here that you are paranoid hypochondriac who need help ?
  12. You must be one of those doomsday preppers :))
  13. His source is some mighty shit he is smoking
  14. hahahah maaaan give me some of that stuff you are having :)))
  15. I have stopped checking this thread its become paranoid portal about virus, in few weeks temperature will rise and virus will disappear, primavera will happen end of story
  16. That other VIP area isnt for Primavera stage its area for chilling to grab food or drink use wifi and decent clean toilets and to relax big bonus is that it has nice view of Primavera stage there is also vip area at the bits with pool but I have never been there, seem little pointless
  17. There is still no one register confirmed case of corona in usa....
  18. Italian national research council : DATA on corona: “the infection, according to the epidemiological data available as of today and based on tens of thousands of cases, causes light/moderate symptoms (a variant of flu) in 80-90% of cases. In 10-15%, there is a chance of pneumonia, but which also has a benign outcome in the large majority of cases. We estimate that only 4% of patients require intensive therapy.” if you have sensitive lungs just take lots of vitamin c You will be fine...
  19. I told you in may corona will be past.....you can barricade yourself in home if that helps you to sleep
  20. SARS, Bird flue, swine flu, ebola, now corona...its every three years pattern...nothing ever happen nothing on global scale...all of them compared to seasonal flu were less dangerous...same will be with corona...chill out explore line up...
  21. You guys are overreacting way too much...in few weeks corona virus will be past...Im not sure if if you are aware just how many media epidemic have happened since 2000, they happen like in every 2,3 years and media make panic and that last few months and then die... Primavera will happen 100%
  22. Or in your case you need to send those to person you give or sell ticket
  23. Yes, for VIP full festival ticket they will ask you to show them copy of passport of original owner and letter where they say they are giving you ticket
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