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  1. The festival posted a "you're not following our tiktok yet, what are you waiting for?" IG story. I jokingly responded with "our refund". They actually responded and told me they'll "check if anything has happened" and that we should receive our money "very soon".
  2. Locals might be able to tell you more, but basically you have two separate city train systems in Madrid - Metro and Cercanías (run by Renfe). You can get from the airport to the new site with one change, but you have to combine both (and buy separate tickets, afaik). A lot of lines stop at Atocha train station in the city center, so you can look into other means of transport from the airport to Atocha (buses, shuttles, etc) and then take a train. Since the airport and the festival site are on the opposite sides of the city, the public transport will take you about an hour whatever you do. Looking at the map, the closest station is San Cristóbal Industrial (with the Cercanías line 3). San Cristóbal (M3) and Villaverde Alto (M3, C5) are close as well. Given that it is unlikely the festival will provide relevant information anytime soon, I suppose the best bet atm is booking something close to those lines between the mentioned stations and Atocha, giving you proximity to the festival and connectivity to the city center and beyond. We made great use of Uber this year, if the drop off point stays as convenient as this year (proximity, separate security and entrance), I'd certainly recommend it. A couple of euros more are in my opinion well worth the perks and above all avoiding overcrowded and usually terribly hot trains. We have an apartment booked in Usera district. Although we had a blast this year, we're likely to skip next Mad Cool - mostly preventively due to the venue change. In case we get Glasto tickets - or more likely decide to do Werchter instead, I'll link the place here a couple of days before I cancel it in case anyone wants it.
  3. How about train? There's a nightjet line Amsterdam - Vienna. You shouldn't have problems catching a connection to Budapest. Don't know about the prices so close to the journey though.
  4. I was really hoping to see Warmduscher, Marika Hackman and Dinosaur Pile-Up today. I guess Pixies - KoL - Editors - Royal Blood is a decent run as well 😂
  5. NBT and London Grammar before and after them had great sound, so it certainly isn't a stage problem.
  6. NBT were awesome, modest mouse a disappointment due to crappy sound. Blown away by London Grammar, amazing show, amazing sound. The killers were killer. Saw them at InMusic not long ago, decent, but yesterday was absolutely amazing. Still didn't queue for beer for more than 3 minutes. Still didn't manage to get home normally. I'm starting to think I'm the problem here 😂
  7. Whoever decided to put nothing but thieves on the third stage at this time deserves every taxi he gets to be as challenging as getting a taxi home from the festival. Massive crowd.
  8. Had an amazing night. Great music, no queues. Thinking about getting arrested tonight to come to the city centre faster.
  9. Mad Cool was always clash hell, but Muse Vs Parcels is borderline criminal. Sad for Warmduscher too. For me it will mostly be one early act followed by two hours of meh, followed by clashes. Oh well. Need to check out the smaller bands more closely, I didn't dare to until the schedules were out.
  10. I was afraid of catching covid as I'm now exploring Andalusia before heading to mad cool. Luckily I'm fine, as are both of my friends that were there with me.
  11. I was pretty underwhelmed yesterday at InMusic. Annoyingly mixed vocals didn't help, but I was never a big Deftones fan anyway.
  12. I did not think I could love them any more, but the bass player has a King Crimson t-shirt on.
  13. Šumski are starting.
  14. If you write 3 more posts I'll buy it just because I feel sorry for you 😂
  15. Still can't wait for the Šumski set though.
  16. But tomorrow did eventually come (almost wrote "came" there, that's how fucked I am), sadly. Waiting to get my press pass now so I can go all annoying on Brendan Flowers.
  17. Writing from the festival camp, I advise you all come, as I have got way too drunk yesterday and the festival hasn't even started.
  18. Not much. I hear there's a hotel near the airport which is in the area. Nothing for a reasonable price this late I'd imagine.
  19. I was in a group of four - two of us who had the wristbands shipped got in right away (that's after the moderate waiting time to get through security and walk to the entrance). The other two had to wait in line for at least an hour to get the wristbands. Moreover, they failed to scan the barcode on the printed ticket of one of them, so he had to wait in yet another line that was moving even slower than the first. He barely managed to catch the start of Tame Impala at around 21:30. We arrived at the metro station before 18:00. All of that with basically no shade in the Madrid sun. After me and my friend got in we queued for beer. That's when their cash register system failed and they couldn't sell any drinks. We spent the whole Toundra set and some more in that queue without moving. Things started getting better after around 20:00, though the bars were still crowded. Next day was fine, more bar staff, portable beer sellers etc. Getting back was a shitshow. We were staying in Gran Via, so with took a combination of shuttle buses where people were throwing up in, taxis, night buses and walking. Being dead tired, fairly drunk and sleepy didn't help either.
  20. I was never at primavera, so I can't compare, but I can share some things about Mad Cool in 2018. + crazy stacked lineup + terrific sound on all stages but one (quite a lot of bleed from the main stages and some technical problems) + fake grass everywhere + huge screens + the 2 main stages setup works great + safe, despite having 80.000 people a day (that was reduced to 65.000 a year later I think, but don't quote me on any of that) + reasonably smooth service apart from day 1 + fairly reasonable prices (about 5€ a pint, 10-12€ for a meal) - day 1 clusterfuck (improved immensely the next day though): looooong queues to get wristbands in hot Madrid sun with no shade, cash register network collapsing, not enough bar staff - long walk to the entrance - long way home (do we have any info on that btw, shuttle buses, metros?) - VIP spaces in front of main stages (they got rid of them the year later as far as I know) - as mentioned here plenty of times, the communication from the organizers is shit NOS Alive is a good comparison - similar lineups, smaller but still more crowded, although a nicer location. What kills NOS Alive for me is no spirits inside, I can't physically drink enough beer to keep me going, especially after a week or two of vacation we usually do before the festival. There seems to be quite a lot of primavera fanboys and mad cool haters on here. Both probably have good reasons. My recommendation would be not to mind them too much anyway.
  21. To improve the lineup would be my guess. (Sorry, couldn't resist)
  22. How long does it take to get from Main to World stage? I'd hate to be late for White Lies, but I cannot cut the already too short Šumski set any shorter.
  23. This festival is kind of like Ryanair. You don't like it. It annoys you. You know the baggage policy is crap and you know communication is crap. You can't defend it, you struggle to praise it. But in the end the flights are still miles cheaper than the rest and this lineup is still loaded af. You know full well what you're getting into, but you do it anyway.
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