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  1. Brockhampton before Tyler would be amazing
  2. Maybe because it would be the first time you could see The Strokes in Belgium haha. I don't know, maybe you're right, but I can see them being a co-headliner. Are they really smaller than Gorillaz, Jack White or Queens of the Stone Age in Belgium?
  3. Great news that Brockhampton are around
  4. Good question...Kings of Leon? Did they have bad headliners in recent years? Maybe The Killers or The Strokes, but they all seem pretty big and not like typical SBSR-acts to me.
  5. I'm not sure. He's doing Lovebox and Parklife in the UK on the NOS Primavera weekend. It's still possible: 4th-6th: Primavera Barcelona 8th: Amsterdam (already confirmed) and probably some other european dates 11th: Primavera Porto 13th/14th: Parklife and Lovebox (UK) but seems a bit weird. I don't know, my guess is he skips Nos Primavera to come to Portugal in July for either Nos Alive or (probably) Super Bock SR.
  6. I guess Coldplay is not a possibility anymore. I think an embargo is the reason why they haven't announced the Friday headliner yet, so I'm still hoping for The Strokes, they could be the missing headliner at Roskilde, Mad Cool, Rock Werchter, maybe NOS Alive etc.
  7. Just remembered that post, maybe we should listen to this guy, nobody believed him 'cause he said Beck will be there...later he said either The Strokes or Frank Ocean are definetly on the line-up. Maybe those two are the reason for the delay of the line-up.
  8. This post makes me really really happy, thanks a lot. Even if it turns out that he's not touring, at least it shows that he's thinking about it.
  9. The thing about the missing dot gives me some hope, but yes, probably they are out.
  10. This is huge, two Glasto-heads on the same day, didn't see that coming at all.
  11. Nice, it seems that we went for the same reasons. Really enjoyed both, a dream come true to see The Strokes live. The festival site itself is nothing special, but didn't bother me, was there for the music.
  12. Yeah, we went to the sunday this year to see The Strokes. I think day-tickets were 79€.
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