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    2022 New Music

    Nice one, I like it a lot on first listen, very fun and good vibes. New album is coming september 16th.
  2. Would love to see some of those on the line-up: Snail Mail Death Cab for Cutie Mitski James Blake Wilco Pinegrove St. Vincent Wolf Alice Mac DeMarco Julia Jacklin Joji Tinashe Deafheaven Arca Surf Curse/Current Joys Sports Team Soccer Mommy Lucy Dacus 070 Shake Alex G Superorganism Whitney fka twigs Maybe The 1975 (and Phoebe Bridgers of course)
  3. Yeah, maybe I was too definitve in my comments that he would have a high spot, it just wouldn't surprise me at all. His new single was released like two weeks ago and already has more streams than any song FKA twigs has ever released by herself I think. And if you combine YouTube and Spotify-numbers Slow Dancing in the Dark has way over a billion streams. I know streaming stats are not everything, but that's really impressive. And I also think he's pretty good, he has the quality to play Primavera in my opinion. About FKA twigs, I hope she will be there in 2023, I still listen to Caprisongs a lot and was a bit sad that she didn't roll over from the 2021 to the 2022-line-up, would love to see her live.
  4. Yeah he hasn't played often in europe in general, so it's hard to predict. And as I said he is by no means a headliner yet, but his new album is set to be huge and he is getting big slots in the US (third down at one of the biggest festivals in the world (Coachella)) and he is for sure as popular as fka twigs or Brockhampton, who were 4th/5th down on the 2021 poster. So 4th down wouldn't look strange to me and is quite a big slot in my opinion.
  5. Yeah I agree. That's why I don't see him as a headliner right now, but maybe in the future. Especially if his new album will be as big as his new single is after only a few days and Primavera keeps the 3-5 headliners a day thing.
  6. Can see Joji getting a pretty high spot, not headline tho. Think he might be a future headliner, if he is good live too. He played third down at Coachella this year like Meghan Thee Stallion and his new single is getting impressive streaming numbers.
  7. I thought they were amazing, but as someone already said, the crowd was quite dead. Expect for a small group of people right next to me, who I think were friends of the band, they knew every single word and jumped through the whole set. Me and some other people joined them when they played French Press and the drummer started to crowd-surf, had a really good time. Top3-gig out of both weekends for me.
  8. Hm, I didn't have any problems moving between the sets and even during the sets. I went to the toilet after Charli, had to wait only 2min in the queue and was back before Tame Impala started without problems. Was standing right where the monitor between the two main stages is and there was still lots of space. Had a good view from the side, not optimal, but secured us good spots in the middle of the stage for Pavement.
  9. I have to agree that the bar and especially water-situation was terrible, but I had a really good time. Thought the two main stages worked really well, I was mostly in the front rows and thought it was always quite crowded but never too much (I can imagine that it was different on smaller stages). Charli killed it, Tame Impala was ok, but expected a bit more, The Strokes-cover made my day tho. Pavement was amazing, loved that the crowd upfront was really into it with jumping and everything. It's my first Primavera, so don't know how it has been in previous years, but I really liked it. Gutted about the Strokes-cancellation, but still very excited for the next days:)
  10. Just noticed that Tyler is doing 75 minutes on weekend 1 now apparently, this is new isn't it? Great news if true, now I can see the last 20 minutes of his set after Beach House.
  11. Lorde and Giveon do have a lot of shared fans I think. Especially for the more mainstream crowd, that listen mostly to the usual popular pop/R&B-songs. For two of my friends it's the worst clash of the weekend. And Tame Impala/Cigarettes after Sex too for the 10's Indie-fans...
  12. Where did you find this? Can't find the timetable on their website
  13. Actually, it's still the best day over both weekends for me with: Lorde, The Strokes, Clairo, Courtney Barnett, and The Smile as must see's and on top Bleachers, Britanny Howard, Grimes, Giveon, M.I.A. and PinkPantheress:) Actually think The Smile, Burna Boy and Clairo aren't any smaller than some headliners, Jorja Smith or Interpol for example
  14. Hey, a friend of mine just decided that he wants to join us for the 2nd weekend. What do you think is the best option to get a ticket now, the Dice-waiting list? Or is ticketswap legit? Thanks for your answers:)
  15. The Yung Lean/Drain Gang evening looks very tempting, also there's a weird gap between those two for about an hour (Drain Gang are playing from 4 to 5 am lol)...maybe a secret set, don't know who would fit tho. Technically FKA twigs, since she is on Lean's new album. Would be amazing, not that realistic though, I think.
  16. MrTobs

    2022 New Music

    Love it, also another Jack Antonoff-masterclass in my opinion. King and this one are both amazing while My Love didn't click with me and I just found out, that it's the one that is not produced by him...
  17. MrTobs

    2022 New Music

    Yeah, it's a bit strange that they are coming over just for London, Berlin, Paris and one festival in finland. Singer/drummer Nick Rattigan has rescheduled Birmingham, Leeds-dates and another London date on june 19, 20, 23 with his solo-project Current Joys though.
  18. MrTobs

    2022 New Music

    Glad they're back, sounds good. Wonder how they'll do, now that Freaks blew up since their last album.
  19. Mac DeMarco starts his european leg on 4th in Paris, so he could do 2nd june I guess. alt-j are around, although I can't see it. Mura Masa is playing in Porto, but not Barcelona, maybe he will be added.
  20. MrTobs

    2022 New Music

    New Muse-single was leaked early by the director of the video. Man it's really awful, isn't it? Hope I'll never have to hear that chorus again.
  21. The undercard ist really strong. I like this line-up more than Rock Werchter for example. Imagine if they still had Taylor and Kendrick instead of Dua Lipa and Post Malone, the line-up would be mindblowing. It's still good tho imo, there are many great acts every day except wednesday maybe.
  22. I'm 19 and that sat-mainstage annoys me, it's just super boring and bland. I have to say some of my friends would probably like it, but mostly those of my friends, that don't care too much about music and just listen to everything that's on the radio/is popular, which is obviously okay, but I think they are not exactly the type of people Rock Werchter wants at their festival. Phoebe and Clairo would save the day tho for me and most of my other friends.
  23. The mainstage on saturday might be the worst run of acts I've seen on a line-up (of festivals I'm interested in) in a long time. Some good stuff on the undercard as always, especially Snail Mail, Big Thief, Sam Fender, Moses Sumney, Michael Kiwanuka, Clairo and Phoebe. The heads don't do anything for me, but I get why they have been booked, except Greta van Fleet, having them on the top-line is just embarassing. It's an okay line-up imo, but I think it could have been so much stronger.
  24. Only now realized that beabadoobee isn't on the poster anymore, she was supposed to play june 2nd and still has it listed on her website, might be a mistake.
  25. In my opinion one of the best german line-up's in recent years. Would definetly go, if I wasn't at Primavera that weekend.
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