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  1. The distance to bits isn't a big issue - it's only a few minutes walk when it's quiet. But, when the crowds are moving late at night, it takes f*cking ages to get through. Last year, we just abandoned plans to see Mike D and Jon Hopkins because we were at other things at Rayban (I think) and the time it would have taken to make it across the bridge meant that we would have missed a good chunk of the sets. If they improve access between the two areas, it should be fine.
  2. Big time - I wonder did people drop out and they have had to re-book or something? We know that Mitski was on an initial draft poster and that she is now in the US that weekend and in Europe/UK late in the summer. Is it possible that one or two others also changed plans and that they have to re-book people? I'm struggling to see what could be causing the delay otherwise - it was the first day announced and it's only about 9 weeks away with no indication who else is on the line-up. I had considered booking tix to fly in for it but have held off now because there's nothing else on weekend 2 I want to see so the Bon Iver day would need to be pretty strong to justify the travel. As it stands, I like what is there but I've seen a lot of it before so I haven't snapped up any tickets. In comparison, the line-ups for weekend 1 are very impressive - I'm not even too bothered about the Chems or Christine & the Queens but would still have more than enough to keep me busy if I was at either day.
  3. This is what I was thinking. Mumford had been well flagged by some on here so it's not too much of a disappointment but if Christine or the Strokes was the same weekend as Bon Iver, I'd be snapping up tickets for both. Any sign of line up additions for the Bon Iver day? I remember Mitski being on some poster that was floating around when it was announced so would be hoping she's there.
  4. Cheers - if it's Mumford & Sons, I wouldn't be buying a ticket for the Saturday so that might just about seal the deal for me.
  5. Yeah was really hoping to get the Saturday of weekend 2 announced by now. Planning to go over for Bon Iver on Sunday but will make a weekend of it if the Saturday is worth heading to as well. Was hoping to have flights, hotels, etc sorted by now but still waiting!! As an aside - Vampire Weekend announced for a gig in Dublin on July 1. Not sure what that means about their likelihood of playing APE.
  6. Any solid tips on who is playing the Saturday of weekend 2? Flying over for the Bon Iver gig and just debating whether I want to make a weekend of it or just stick to the one day. No interest in BMTH. Flew over for the LCD day last year and had a great time so no issue just doing the one day again if I need to.
  7. Anyone been to this before? Wondering if it is one that would be worth doing solo. No interest from any friends (for some reason - maybe I need new friends!) but Bon Iver, Car Seat Headrest and Stephen Malkmus are all worth a look for me. Can get tix and flights easily enough so just wondering would I be left feeling out of place on my own if I did chance it!
  8. Really enjoyed this year but would echo a lot of what was said above. The crowd was huge so it made accessing bars and crossing the bridge quite difficult at times. Was just a little uncomfortable at times because of that. But, that said, a lot of great music again this year. Nick Cave, Hinds, Car Seat Headrest and Beach House all spring to mind straight away. Was impressed by the Arctic Monkeys, much more than I thought I would be, and Grizzly Bear was good too. Quite a bit of chatter was the only thing there that put a downer on it. No real misses I don't think. Noise levels for Cigarettes After Sex were dreadful and totally ruined that show. Might try head out for the Apolo shows later. Do they tend to be busy or can I just up a few minutes beforehand?
  9. Lots to be excited about today. Car Seat Headrest, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Slowdive, Grizzly Bear, Arctic Monkeys, Jon Hopkins, The Blaze... Can't imagine I can fit anything else in on top of that but tips are welcome as always. Gutted that Jonsi's project clashes with some of that - can you just wander in and out of the warehouse or is it a case of sticking it out once you're in there? Could skip RBCF to take a look.
  10. I enjoyed it. Set comprised almost entirely of the most recent two albums, though. Would have enjoyed an extra song from Boxer or Alligator. Finished with "About Today", dedicated to Scott from Frightened Rabbit, which was a very nice touch. Definitely wish they had longer to play though. Feels like an extra 3/4 songs wouldn't have hurt at all! Have seen them loads of times now and it was a solid set from them. Not an all-timer for me but few complaints other than the setlist chosen. Otherwise, today, really enjoyed Father John Misty and the Breeders. And Mike D. That was a lot of fun! Cigarettes After Sex was a total snooze from the top of the steps though. Could barely distinguish one song from the next. Hope it sounded better from down below.
  11. So it looks like no Unexpected this year? Or did I miss anything? Kept checking yesterday and heard nothing. Not necessarily a bad thing to not have it - loads to do anyway - but they did say it would be there and would be big so was just wondering... Anyway, yesterday was great. Hinds, the War on Drugs and Rostam were all brilliant and Nick Cave is up there with the best I've ever seen. Also much easier to get around and to the toilet/bar than the previous night!! Looking forward to the National later. Also thinking Daphni, Confidence Man and the Black Madonna. Anyone have any other recommendations/must sees? Taste is broad so happy to check out anything once it's not a clash!
  12. Anyone down at the beach area? How's it looking? Can you rent towels, etc down there or should I bring my stuff with me? Thoroughly enjoyed Wolf Parade last night. Wasn't as taken with B&S but would say its largely down to being stuck ages outside the crowd because I left to use the bathroom and couldn't get back in. Also, final question - what's the deal with the buses and trains back tonight? Metro finishes at midnight, do the buses run all night until metro reopens?
  13. Hey guys. Timetable has me very excited now. Heading over from Ireland on the Friday. Just checking in to see has anyone/everyone who bought from Amazon Tickets received hard copy tix yet? Ts&Cs say not to be worried until a week before but no sign yet so just checking!! Hoping to get to Confidence Man, Superorganism, Young Fathers, Glass Animals, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and LCD Soundsystem. Sad to miss Phoenix but sure...
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