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  1. Nimrod

    lost phone

    My friend lost her phone yesterday before the Billie Eilish show. It was offline until today, went back online, we left tons of messages, didn't have much battery and now the last known location is literally at the long drops. Let's all pray together it wasn't found by the worst person in the world, that this is just a coincidence, the battery died and he's on the way to hand it to the lost and found
  2. On my way to Victoria for the coach! Wooo
  3. My biggest fear right now is my flight - Landing at Gatwick with a flight that 50% of that route was canceled in the last 2 weeks. let's hope for the best
  4. Believe me that I was skeptic before I fell into this, it's both hydrating and tastes good!
  5. Roi Perez at Block9
  6. I'm coming from the US where hard seltzer(BLASPHEMY!) became very popular in the last few years. Is there any in the UK or it's hard to get?
  7. Also changed the order to bigger acts/likely headliners first. Alphabetical order can anyway be set easily on spotify
  8. Anyone spotted acts that are not in the poster, but confirmed themselves along with it? It usually happens from what I remember
  9. Updated my Glasto 2017 playlist that had 1500 subscirbers. Did it really fast and some here don't represent / collabs so let me know if there's anything to fix - as it's the top 5 of most of this artists on Spotify
  10. My country, Israel, is starting to force everyone who visits abroad to 14 days quarantine. I currently live in NYC which stopped my parents to visit me. That's kinda harsh step (so far 50 cases in the country and 0 deaths) - we'll see if it'll really help to prevent it from spreading, one thing for sure is it is awful for the economy.
  11. Can someone please call IDLES to save us all?
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