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  1. Jarvis Cocker has confirmed that Pulp are reuniting for live shows next year. Gotta be a good shout as headliner? https://www.brooklynvegan.com/pulp-are-reuniting-for-shows-in-2023/
  2. Watch the crowd turn from 20 year olds to 50 year olds overnight. 😂
  3. Tour kicks off in Barcelona on April 28 so I'd say it's a no go. Plus, it's all standalone shows. Not common to see a festival wedged in there. As fun as it would be.
  4. I think if PS is happy to have Dua Lipa as a headliner, they won't say no to the 1975 either. Nothing wrong with either act IMO, just represents a change at the top. I'd say we can expect a nostalgia/oldy act, a big pop headliner, an indie band, and an up-and-comer that prompts everyone to say "ah they're not a headliner" only for them to get a huge crowd. Add in some electronic bits and it's a handy formula. So for me, that could very easily be Nine Inch Nails, the 1975, someone like LCD soundsystem, Vampire Weekend or Bon Iver, and maybe a Phoebe Bridgers or Mitski type, with the electronic slots filled out by the likes of Bicep, the Chemical Brothers or Moderat. But I won't be at all surprised if none of those acts are there either. The wildcard then is the mega R&B or pop act. Your Frank Ocean/Weeknd type, which could gobble up the pop slot too, or be alongside it. Its fun to speculate - but with the slow pivot of all festivals to include a broader style of music, including more pop and reggaeton, etc, I'm certainly finding it trickier to guess in advance!
  5. I wasn't a fan of the side-by-side stages at all. If I could make one change for next year, it would be to revert to the older set up. But given Gabi's remarks about how successful it was, that ain't happening. I think the combination of the mega crowd gathering all together, combined with the distracting set up/dismantling while the other act was on just meant it was a bit off, for me. So now I'm at the stage of hoping that I'm not too keen on any of the major headliners, which is a bit strange. I'd be much happier with a weekend of bouncing from Cupra to Binance and Plenitude etc. Anyway, in headliner prediction games... Lcd Soundsystem? Been a while since they were there, not sure how the BBK performance went. I can definitely see Rosalia or Bad Bunny as the big pop headline act, which is cool as I'm not too into either, so I'd be able to wander off. And everyone seems very confident in Nine Inch Nails or Portishead so I can get on board there.
  6. I held off on the early bird tickets. I may well regret it with the price difference and the likely strong line up, but gotta cut your cloth somewhere. Will see later in the year how my usual PS crew is holding up, there wasn't much appetite for the extra spending this week more than anything. Too many other holidays and gigs to pay off! It's a tough life... 😂
  7. Had a quick look at the timetable for Mad Cool. I hope everyone going there has fun, but man I'd struggle to fill out a single day. Another step closer to an early bird PS2023 ticket. 😅
  8. This echoes a lot of what I was going to say. I don't speak Catalan so I was relying on the Twitter translation thread but I thought most of it was reasonable, especially given the context of the issues emerging elsewhere about bars, travel, Covid and crowd control. We don't need to re-litigate the issues like the bridge closure etc as we've discussed that extensively in the other thread, and I agree - if Gabi had said "we've got it all figured out", I'd have nearly been more irritated that they didn't fix things last time! Some of the issues are bad organisation and comms, and under estimating demand (Ciutat, bars, vip etc), and others are out of their control to an extent (the bridge access is a local authority decision, the beach capacity is, the noise levels are etc) I do think a little clarity on what's to be included in VIP next year would have been a good idea though, given the price difference and the changes this time. I don't think I'll be buying an early bird tomorrow but I certainly wouldn't rule out immediately regretting that decision. 😂
  9. You're new job as PR for the Madrid leg is going great, so? 😂
  10. If they'll buy me a ticket and give me 10 months to decide if I want it, that would be great 😅
  11. No arguments about the quality. I'm a huge fan of the festival and wouldn't hesitate to come back, but have a few others bits I wanted to do next year. I knew I'd pay extra to wait and see who is playing so I could decide whether PS2023 is a must-visit for me, but I didn't quite think it would be this much overall. I've some budgeting to do, I think.
  12. What did full festival tickets (non-vip) cost this time? €325 seems like a much higher price than I'd expected. Early bird are a good price if you have faith in them to deliver on the line up, but I told myself I wouldn't go before I saw a poster...
  13. The same problems are cropping up at sports events, concerts, in hospitality and at airports everywhere... Basically everything that shut down for the pandemic and is only now returning to full capacity. Hopefully things improve as the summer goes on.
  14. Interesting and somewhat upsetting to read some of the chatter on the Glasto forum this morning about crowd crushes, surges, over capacity issues, over-zealous bouncers, and hour-long bar queues. I assume its not indicative of everyone's experience of Glasto but its certainly very reminiscent of the Primavera 2022 thread on here (which also wasn't reminiscent of everyone's experience tbf, mine included), particularly in the days after weekend one. A few of the regular posters on there made the point that the issues we saw at Primavera were a combination of bad organisation from the promoters, and poor staff levels and inexperience among the staff hired. Certainly if the reports from elsewhere are to be believed, it seems its a wider issue. Hopefully one that is resolved the more events take place, but it's a little concerning really. I think we'd all like to see smaller crowds at all of these events but I just don't see it happening, really.
  15. Was just coming here to post the same thing. Amazing.
  16. I was also advertised 750 for three day VIP pass. Maybe a loyalty scheme ticket? I got a push from the Primavera app to buy at that price. Sadly, I don't think I'll be in LA in September...
  17. Does she do much Alabama Shakes stuff? Loved their albums but never saw them live before the split.
  18. Mitski has gotten a lot bigger but is she headline level? On her current tour in Europe, she's still playing smaller venues than the other acts people are pitching. Though maybe the tour was just booked before she blew up? I'm a big fan, I just hoped I'd get one last chance to see her on Cupra or something before she's main stage material!
  19. Im based between Ireland, UK and Netherlands most of the time and almost every gig I've seen go on sale is selling out very quickly. All the big festivals too. The appetite for live events is absolutely huge. I reckon the only thing that sends us back to a quieter crowd, lower capacity event (at primavera and elsewhere) is an economic downturn tbh. Of course that's something nobody wants to see - I remember being at packed festivals in 2008-2010 and then seeing those events dwindle to a fraction of their previous size by 2012. I don't see what else turns the trend around - everyone is on board the Insta-worthy, big events, whether those are concerts, festivals, matches or something similar.
  20. Every time I try to put together a wishlist, I find it is basically just the 2019 line up, with a few additions. I'd love to see David Byrne, maybe Anderson Paak and Pusha T. A few repeats from this year, as unlikely as they might be - Fred Again was great and I'd say the crowd would be twice as big; and Phoenix, but only because I was only weekend 1 so didn't get to see them. And then swinging for the fences dream stuff - Sufjan Stevens on Cupra and in the Auditori for multiple shows, and Sault, though I don't think those guys perform live at all, do they? Id be quite happy to skip Mordor almost entirely so I'm not too bothered about the top line acts, though I wouldn't say no to Vampire Weekend or Nine Inch Nails or something, but they won't be deal breakers for me next time.
  21. Id love this. Clash Central all over. Sign me up. 😂 I love how embedded in the festival the dropouts and replacements are that even our dream line ups have to include one!
  22. Just on this - why is this hard to believe? Planning and licences are always granted within 2-3 months of an event taking place, in almost any country I've been to. Presumably PS had been in talks with Sant Adria and didn't get what they hoped to get. What different solution would you suggest? They came up with one - they put more big acts on the main stages - albeit one that had negative impacts on crowd size. But what was the alternative? A boat?! The complaints about bars, queues, crowd sizes are all legit, even if I think the bars were largely sorted after night 1 (I didn't queue at all after that) but the crowd complaints are funny. The sentiment from a few people on this forum seems to be "everyone went to the same gig as me and that made the crowd big but don't put things on at the same time so I have to choose"... Its no different to sitting in traffic and complaining about traffic!
  23. I'm nearly hoping for a return to the 2019 style line up of no mega headline acts, and just a totally stacked line up from top to bottom.. But I'm sure we're more likely to get the Arctic Monkeys or something.
  24. Almost certain my three trips would've made me a loyal ticket holder. Ah well 😜 I'm joking, of course. I just think the social media discourse was funny - you'd swear it was Fyre Fest the way some of it was portrayed. Far from perfect, lots to improve but the entitled shrieking for refunds because an act cancelled or something... Yeesh. Of course I'd rather have seen the Strokes, but there's a real lack of maturity there for some of those people (in particular those on Instagram, really) Maybe I'm just settling because I was so glad to be back at a festival. I dunno. Anyway, roll on 2023 with dua lipa, Grimes and Jamie xx.
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