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  1. Fingers crossed. We're seeing them in Lytham but will still be disappointed if they cancel W1
  2. Nothing some ibuprofen and a private jet won't sort out.
  3. They've got the hits. Hits go a long way.
  4. Good. Flaming Lips are in England the day before, they would be a more suitable albeit much smaller replacement
  5. Please not NIN. Phoenix are playing in France that night. Lcd are European exclusives for BBK. All roads lead to Arcade Fire should the Strokes cancel.
  6. Anyone but the fucking Strokes, man. Fucks sake
  7. Think most of them will be either clashes or the VIP section changes. The clashes criticism is valid I think. Putting Dua Lipa and Charli, Strokes and Giz, National and Parquet Courts, and Jamie XX and Caribou up against each other makes are strange decisions.
  8. For me I always find it best to go to left/right at the back of the crowd and go forwards at the side of the crowd if that makes sense. I am always generally found to be front left or front right of stage when it comes to gigs though.
  9. Never done this main stage side by side thing. Feels a bit weird, anyone else been to a festival that's had it? If so how was it?
  10. Agreed. Nothing to do with our taxi to the airport picking us up at the airport 3 and a half hours after their set finishes of course.
  11. Disclosure should be on one of the mains imo
  12. Am I being thick or is the site map not on the app?
  13. Thanks, just emailed our hotel (Holiday Inn Express Poblenou) for confirmation. Prices are absolutely insane now.
  14. If anyone gets their hotel cancelled its always worth checking with the booking agent to see if they can find you an alternative. We had ours cancelled by booking.com for PS 2021 and they found us an alternative and paid the (massive) difference themselves. Probably helps with them being one of the big players but definitely worth a go.
  15. Do it. You won't regret it.
  16. Great, we get to walk around with t-shirt that says MEMBER! in massive letters on it.
  17. Definitely a lack of Pukkelpop 'buzz' this year. Wouldn't surprise me if they do a RW and scrap the Hear Hear day and condense some of the line up into the Pukkelpop line up
  18. So you're saying it's Arcade Fire then?
  19. Just activated access thing, seemed pretty straightforward. Got the credit on there as well. No mention of the free t-shirt though?
  20. It's Régine from Arcade Fire
  21. I feel slightly better knowing that day 1 of week 2 is also clash Central and as much as I love them, staying up till 4.40am for 2manydjs just wasn't going to happen lol
  22. And Idles clashing with Gorillaz. What's the fucking point??
  23. King Giz clashing with the Strokes. Wtf?
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