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Mad Cool Festival 2022


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4 hours ago, Matt42 said:

Another user is saying that Bruce’s tour is off due to COVID anxieties. Mainly because if one person catches COVID on tour the whole schedule could be pulled.

I think this could be the case for a lot of artists. However this pandemic changes so quickly in terms of whats going on. When you're in the position Bruce is in you can pick and choose what you want to do, some artists aren't that lucky 

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3 hours ago, CharlieDaRapper said:

I have been feeling this way especially with the communication that Mad Cool provide which is very little. 

I am up for going tbf. Would've been happy with a trio of Killers/Muse/KoL days but I'm leaning more towards the Muse day and one other rather than all 3 after missing out on the 3 day passes. But it still feels too early to fully commit, even though this is a cheap time to book things with travel booking sites.

Hell I found some hotels and flights still at fairly reasonable rates on Expedia when doing some window shopping earlier (compare that to being offered hotels at £200 a night minimum for Manchester when I'm meant to be seeing The Killers there). I don't know if it's just specific to this festival though, even if they have that pre-disclosed poor comms issue.

3 hours ago, BenG92 said:

It's not unreasonable, but no, I have a good feeling about events in summer. Up until then it's pretty sideways. 

I want to believe this year is better, and the fact the Spanish government apparently want covid downgraded indicates there's a willingness there to try to put things on. But it is what it is. I don't think we'll truly know for a few months yet.

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