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  1. I thought you might find it of interest that they had recently posted multiple times about working on finding someone for Friday. I agree that their comms are haphazard and the situation with not updating QOTSA is very poor. I posted on here about the wristband issue and that it's a major fuckup. I even posted that, although they say they're working on Friday I'm not convinced at this stage that will be possible, as no-one else appears to have secured any major replacements. Given that, it's a shame you called it weird and suggested I'm defending the organisers, when I've simply pointed out that your criticism of my post (when you said I was referring to six month old updates), was mistaken, and told you where I seen recent updates. I thought I did this in quite a non-confrontational manner too, by providing the info with no comment. Still, I think we all agree that it's been pretty shambolic, but now at least you know they *say* they're "working on it" πŸ™‚
  2. They posted that they were "We continue working on Friday" on 21st April (on an Instagram story when they announced more names for their other festivals - there's a screenshot on this forum). They've also been saying the same to people on social media. I won't trawl through everything, but it took me about a minute to find a comment from two weeks ago on Facebook about Friday that Mad Cool replied to with "We are working on it, you will have information soon". (That one is under their 4th May post about Mad Cool Sunset tickets) I'm not convinced they'll pull a rabbit out of the hat at this stage, but they are suggesting otherwise.
  3. Mad Cool have said they're "working on it", but the nearer it gets, the trickier it must be. If I had a festival I'd just have Cardi B on a retainer. No-one expects her to actually play, so she could just get paid to sit on the poster for a while and then pull out at the last minute.
  4. Sure - but that's wasn't quite the point I was making. Rock Werchter, for example, lost both FNM and QOTSA, but I can't see any obvious replacements in their line up, apart from bumping names, which is rubbish. Just because they were quicker with their comms, they've still dropped some big names from the bill without actually replacing them. That may be "properly organised", but it's a very poor outcome for attendees. Mad Cool have with their limited comms suggested a few times that they are actually trying to get a replacement, but the worry is that that this is just typical Mad Cool idiocy, and they'll end up having to do the same as everyone else, and bump a name or two?
  5. What did the other festivals do that had QOTSA and FNM playing? There's obviously been more turnover the last couple of years because of Covid, so posters are all mixed up with three years of acts, but no obvious clues. I've had a look at a few festivals and can only see names being bumped up - nothing major being added. Unless I've missed something that doesn't bode particularly well.
  6. Arcade Fire's tour goes on sale tomorrow too. Bit of a long shot, but if they were planning festivals, maybe they'd wait till the initial sales rush was over.
  7. That's interesting as a few people on Facebook said they've been able to log in, but I wonder if that was before Mad Cool knew there was an issue. Still a total shame that there are lots of non-working wristbands about. So many will get resold to disappointed fans.
  8. I'd assume this isn't going to happen, but, she was due to play on the Wednesday in 2020 (which much of this line up is based on), and in that spot has been replaced by Metallica. Swapping her out for Faith No More seems positively tame in comparison.
  9. I did - but I also bought some via Festicket and they all came together - they did say that it would take a while to send them all out, and I think last time some people only got them just before they left. I wouldn't worry too much yet, as they did say that you can pick them up at the festival if needed, and that's over two months away. I'd suggest checking in to the MadCool area to see if the tickets work, but apparently all the people who got refunds can do that too. MadCool suggest contacting them if you have problems, which might help, but I expect they have bigger problems right now.
  10. It doesn't mention it on the "tips" section of the Mad Cool English fans facebook page, so I suspect not. On that page there are loads of people who got refunds AND wristbands. Some said they've contacted Mad Cool about it, so I expect that news is just sinking in at Mad Cool towers, and they're collectively hiding under the stairs, rocking back and forth. I expect Mad Cool will try and work out what went wrong and cancel them, but I bet lots of people sell them and we'll have disappointed punters being turned away on the day.
  11. Someone on Reddit has posted saying that they got a refund and they've still been sent wristbands! And there was me thinking something was going right at Mad Cool.
  12. Damn! Wish I'd done that now. Although hopefully it doesn't mean there will be a huge mess.
  13. Look what arrived in the post today πŸ™‚
  14. It's on the Andalucia Big Festival Instagram story https://www.instagram.com/andaluciabig/ The earlier ones, where they said they were working on Friday 8th, but had some other good news, was on Mad Cool's instagram story. Hopefully the Mad Cool news isn't about Andalucia.
  15. There's a big difference between confirming the location, and the message about QOTSA. Moving location at this stage would be huge and there hasn't been any hint that it would happen. Actively telling people the location when it's going to move would just be bizarre - after all when your communication is so bad, why reply at all? Bands cancel all the time, and the QOTSA message specifically addressed the rumours of them not playing by saying Mad Cool hadn't been told that by the band yet. I know we all joked about it, but that's definitely a more ambiguous "holding" message than the location ones.
  16. They replied this month to people saying it’ll be at "Madcool space in Valdebebas", so unless they waited months to reply to messages just to tell people the wrong info, I think we're safe πŸ™‚ Someone on Reddit had the same reply:
  17. They've been replying to people on twitter and facebook in the last couple of weeks saying it's the same location as before.
  18. That's only half the story. Is that, "We continue working on Friday but tomorrow we bring you other good news"? Suggesting that it's not the missing headliners.
  19. I think they're just trolling @xxialac now. Although maybe \Mad Cool will be waiting on the 8th, and at about 6pm someone will say, "do you think we should call them? Just in case?"
  20. And you get to see Queens of the Stone Age too.
  21. If you log into the Mad Cool Area of the website with your original ticket details then the new ones will be there. They still plan on sending out wristbands, but it's a reassuring way of checking tickets (e.g. mine were bought in 2019! and some were original FNAC packs).
  22. I remember looking at the original venue - pretty sure there was something bizarre about most accommodation being a little away from the festival, but they mentioned the possibility that with heavy snow this might be cut off from the festival site! Berlin festival did it a few years ago too. I went to the festival at Templehof a couple of times - they had lots of issues but it was a fantastic location and great experience - but in their final year, they moved it away from the airport (which was one of the coolest venues you can imagine) at short notice to a warehouse complex, even cutting down the line up. The worst part was they made out this was a great thing as it was more in tune with the ethos of the festival πŸ˜•
  23. Yeah - I checked the same yesterday. It's not on my new 2022 tickets @jonnytee1 that you download from the Mad Cool area. At least it's been confirmed to someone on this thread a few days ago (p37).
  24. To be fair, I think there were plans to redevelop the site, and 2020 was possibly going to the last Mad Cool at that location. Covid appears to have put off those plans, but I think that was where the idea originated, rather than just being plucked from mid air. Otherwise, I agree. We're here because we enjoy constant commentary, chasing rumours, thinking about the events we're going to. However, if we're partly responsible for the running commentary on events which used to take place behind the scenes, being in the public domain, then it feels like a shame that we get upset when organisers don't provide their own running commentary.
  25. Those two last names would be amazing - but aren't they both doing one festival as exclusives?
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