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  1. Little Simz for me - its a masterpiece of an album. Self Esteem close second
  2. Echoing my statement above, as I know I mentioned the negativity. I knew it would be a great festival but you weren’t wrong beforehand - they need to up their game in communication. im glad you had a great time
  3. Hey I know I had a dig at the negativity in the past but I’m really glad you had a great time. I’d imagine this festival will remain that way - a complete cock up before hand but an amazing fest once there. I had an amazing time bringing back loads of amazing memories and covid 😂😂
  4. I made a call on the Thursday night to watch Sigrid and st Vincent on the third stage. I love rock but seen killers 8 times and didn’t fancy imagine dragons Sigrid was surprisingly good and a bit of a guilty pleasure but St Vincent was out of this world. Absolutely superb. im glad I mixed it up a bit
  5. Does anyone know how you can find out how much money you have spent / have left on your wristbands? I’ve got some idea but did think that some of the prices I was being charged last night seemed incorrect
  6. Anyway - the festival starts today - we still have a decent array of bands although not amazingly diverse. After going previously - after the adrenaline wears off - stay hydrated, wear sun cream, don’t pre drink to a level where you can hardly speak at 5pm and enjoy yourselves. That’s my advice. You will crash and burn in this heat otherwise I hope that after the previous negativity (some deserved for sure)….. the next few days go well for everyone. Been a pleasure debating and chatting with you all on here again this year. I’m getting old now so might be my last one. Stay safe and have fun kids 👍🏼 Till next year………… maybe
  7. I’m nit sure I understand what they were supposed to do. He pulled out a week before. I’m just thankful the festival is on
  8. Where do you find your wristband code? There is nothing on my wristband
  9. Understood, but my point remains, any band that pulls out will more than likely be blamed on covid and its always an issue for ANY festival that ANY band could pull out because of covid
  10. Maybe some? Maybe none? Who knows! Maybe @Ken19 does? He has not replied to that comment. However there were drop outs at Glasto because of Covid and that may well also be the case for Mad Cool Lets face facts - if anyone doesn't turn up - it will be blamed on Covid!
  11. We will agree to disagree - either way, what ever they are doing, they will have to do it soon or muse will have to play for hours - I’d be happy with that
  12. No - I read it clearly - it’s says they are “working hard to find a replacement” not “we will definitely have a replacement” They may well have one or pull something out of the hat but I think they will probably bump bands up the list We will have to wait and see what happens.
  13. They will have to do something unless Muse play a 4 hour set - 2 headliners is a lot of time to fill on the two main stages. I'm not sure why we are "owed" any replacements. The only thing we are owed is some information on who's playing / not paying and whats going on.
  14. I seriously think it’s only us on this forum who are even that bothered in fairness. 99.9 percent of the people who bought tickets probably just think “I’ve got a ticket” - they’ll go to the festival - a few will moan when a few bands don’t turn up, most won’t. Everyone has fun, festivals are back, we all wait until the next years headliners are named, we all get tickets because it’s an amazing line up………. Then we will all moan about the same crap we moaned about this year 🤷‍♂️
  15. Even after all that though I’d rather pay £170 for this with half the bands pulling out and no social media Info from the organisers than pay an extra £70 for an Isle of Wight festival ticket, who update every day about the worst line up I’ve ever seen 🤷‍♂️
  16. Yeah but the line up of the festival is good - Ryanair planes are as bad as their service - bad analogy 😂😂
  17. Sometimes - you don't get a replacement headliner - Rock Werchter have not named replacements, nor do they intend to. Personally - I love NIN but if i was going to see the Strokes and foo fighters and got NIN TWICE in 2 days - I wouldn't be over excited. I am not and will not defend Mad Cool for their lack of communication - its not good enough - debate not even necessary, however I am more than happy with the line up we have even without QOTSA and FNM. Especially after the last couple of years we have been through. I think that the people "defending" it or "sticking up" for the festival, probably aren't defending it by choice, they are probably just a bit fed up with the doom and gloom on this forum when the line up is actually still miles better than almost every festival out there. The only way people can truly vent their frustration if they are not happy is 1) Sell your ticket and don't go 2) Go this year but never go again
  18. I'm already good looking and successful but appreciate your offer
  19. Mad cool have released a statement saying that FNM will not be there. Also i believe that someone on here posted a comment from Mad cool stating QOTSA have not informed them that they aren't playing. That could be BS or could be true. Some part of me hopes QOTSA turn up - not because i want to see them but just so i can come on here after the festival and laugh at everyone getting their knickers in a twist
  20. No one likes a big head 😂😂 ….. apart from snipers
  21. They will survive though because for every person who is upset or disappointed or angry about the way they operate, there are 2 people who don’t know or care. Im not defending them and not saying it’s right but for anyone who goes to a festival for line ups alone - this will always be in the top 3 in Europe. Im going this year for my step son who loves loads of bands there and can not go alone as he is autistic. Generally I’d look for a lot more from a festival in terms of both cooperation with the fans and things to do on site. It may happen over a long time but I think for the next few years max cool will continue to sell out on line up alone.
  22. Only the strokes were leaked early. The MCR rumour was purely that…… just a rumour
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