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  1. Gorillaz on Werchter Boutique so maybe still Kendrick?
  2. honestly wouldn't mind to see Billie co headlining a day with Imagine Dragons. As well as Qotsa in front of someone.
  3. How come? Because of the pandemic or financial problems? And what does this mean in combination of the lineup?
  4. Well well well.. Coldplay officially came with some news today. New album coming in October and I personally think they are going to plan / planned a tour around this one. Might be our RW Boutique headliner?
  5. Maybe more like a co-head in combination with KoL or Imagine Dragons for example
  6. Kings Of Leon - Dua Lipa - Calvin Harris - The Strokes - Muse - Imagine Dragons - Eminem (Still hoping... He would've been there in 2020?) @Sziget2021_Leakscan confirm this maybe? 💔 Furthermore, Stormzy is out I think due to the shows this year. Count The Killers, Alt-J, Royal Blood, Editors, The War On Drugs for next year as sub I guess.
  7. Personally think sunday is way too weak in comparison to the Friday/Saturday
  8. Until now it looks like this for me; Metallica - Twenty One Pilots - Placebo - Carly Rae jepsen/Yungblud Red Hot Chili Peppers - Imagine Dragons - The Killers - Deftones/Foals Muse - Faith No More - ???? - AltJ/TWOD Billie Eillish - Kings Of Leon - Pixies - Royal Blood/Editors This looks pretty damn awesome if i am being honest.
  9. @Ken19so for example artists/bands such as ed sheeran, Coldplay, Eminem etc will pretty much guarantee the day tickets being sold out. Maybe this also has to do with exclusivity as well or not? For example eminem doesn't play as many shows like muse etc.
  10. Personally couldn't agree more on you with that. Love to see Metallica play next year tho, but I reckon that mad cool is digging its own grave with this behaviour.
  11. Thank you again for the inside information. Really appreciate it! But what the hell is Mad Cool doing... I think they should've learned from the last time...
  12. R.i.p. Mad Cool 2k21 if they continue with not keeping their word about the made agreements.
  13. I hope the people will choose the E as their next letter. So many bands/artists include that letter.
  14. Ofcourse Faith No More! My bad. Muse - Faith No More - Alt J - The War On Drugs. Sounds promising.
  15. What can the headliner including AT be?
  16. No mumford and sons? That's a miracle.
  17. Unfortunately no T + J name in the lineup currently.
  18. Jamie XX, J. Balvin, Jack White, Jade Bird, James Blake, James Bay, Jess Glynne, Run The Jewels, Jimmy Eat World, Jorja Smith, Alt-J.
  19. Not a lot of J's in the lineup this time. I personally dont get the choice of the J. Would rather start with the A/I/E/U/O letters.
  20. Oof that could only mean either Metallica, RATM, Rammstein or AC/DC. All sounds great!
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