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  1. Is it by any chance an auto-mistake with the website based on timings? So everyone playing after midnight is sorted into the next day. Classic Mad Cool 🤣
  2. Hope you get it sorted. I've been logging into my RyanAir account every morning just to check my flight is still there!
  3. Stage 5 at 9.20. It's a bit hard to read as the name is long.
  4. Not really - just the wrong side of poppy for me.
  5. That's the three I'm going for too. Obviously tons of second choices are out, but that's the way with any festival. I also need to become a twenty-one pilots fan in a week just to improve my Wednesday experience.
  6. If it helps - I had 14 must-sees on my clashfinder, and 13 are clear, with just one partial clash (and I've seen that band before!) I even bought a hat that I don't look really stupid in today, so it's all good at my end 🤣
  7. At Nos Alive. But Amyl and the Sniffers are new on Mad Cool.
  8. Pretty sure I saw that the last train leaves around 1.30 from the end of each line, so that suggests lots will be able to catch it at least part of the way home.
  9. They said he's cancelled other festivals, but his own website has four listed for the next week, and he's still on the website for two of those.
  10. Early finishes too. 1am on the Wednesday, then 3am on the other nights, and 12.30 on the Sunday.
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