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  1. I seem to remember something about the site being redeveloped, so that 2020 would have been the last year there. There was then talk about whether that was still the case last year, but obviously Covid put back any development plans. When they mentioned big changes/surprises, it made sense that this could be a move, as there was still plenty of time to plan that. With the fifth day those changes may already have come, especially as time passes you'd think someone would have picked up news on any redevelopment plans for the site.
  2. That's what I thought - Although knowing what festival marketing teams get excited about it could be a branded slushy.
  3. And a "very special surprise" that will change the festival as you know it.
  4. Pavement are a little different. Massive Attack do pop up more, and were lower down the bill when they (didn't) play Mad Cool. I prefer the Primavera line up, but have friends who are much more excited about Mad Cool. Metallica, Muse and The Killers are all stadium bands in the UK, whereas only a few of the top line Primavera bands are at arena level with most being the level below that.
  5. Some of those undercard names may just not be confirmed yet. Compared with the final poster for 2021 we're still about 25 names short (not including the ***s for headliners), so there are plenty more to be added.
  6. There's definitely an element of that. I was quite hopeful that we might see something special as we should have three years of bands wanting to tour. There would be some that are now not wanting to tour, but overall there must be a huge pool of acts compared to a normal year. Obviously more big names is more money, and Primavera have been really clever with the two weekends, which, given the savings on logistics, would give them a huge artist budget. Someone mentioned the list of headliners, but comparing two weekends and a midweeks worth to Mad Cool is unfair. The only let down with this is that it's still a year away and much of this line up was known 18 months ago, so a long time to keep up the excitement.
  7. Think you're out of luck - It's M or N at the moment. Wonder is 16th is when they announce, or it's another letter?
  8. So, essentially we're getting a big reveal game which excludes most of the big additions (although if we believe Ken, they still managed to get into trouble). Have we reached peak Mad Cool?
  9. Someone joked on social media about how they felt sorry for the person doing it. I assumed they would just have the poster done, with the text hidden, and it's a simple find and replace to make it show up. Looks like they're doing it the hard way!
  10. Have they simply messed it up already? Looking at the old poster, that's 99.9% Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, but they've got the bigger T in the wrong place. It's the same place as FCatR in the poster, the little Ts are the same, and they're the only band that had the name in a small font. It suggests that they're not doing it accurately, so others could be wonky too 🙂
  11. Makes sense - looking at the comments there wasn't an act that got lots of mentions, so not a fan base led thing.
  12. Well, looks like J is in the lead now 😕
  13. The next highest letter is A, then it looks like they didn't think this through as people are clicking on the first few letters - so B is next highest, then M, R and C. Given that we've had two versions of the line up and it looks very similar, then it seems odd to do any kind of tease. For the bands that were there it's hardly a thrill to find that they're still there, people gone will be a disappointment, and it doesn't look like there's enough change/additions to blow us away. After the Primavera line up, where it almost looks like multiple years worth of headliners in one go, it's looking a little disappointing.
  14. Looking like A or T. No idea why so many people want B (which is 3rd) though. Is there an act that might reveal (Billie Eilish fans who can't work out that L would be better?), or are instagrammers just too lazy to go far down the alphabet?
  15. It would be good for them to confirm the location too, and even better to let us know vaguely where the night buses will go.
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