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  1. Hopefully they'll go into town again with the buses. So many more hotels at reasonable prices. I did ask, and got a reply: "We are still working on our mobility program for Mad Cool Festival. We'll publish soon all the info in social media... Stay tuned! Greetings!" What "soon" means, I don't know, but hopefully it's a normal kind of "soon"
  2. Glad I saw this - I went in 2018, and the shuttle was great - we were about 5 mins walk from Plaza de Colon. Plaza de Castilla is miles away from most hotels - are you then expected to get a night bus?
  3. Prophets of Rage were a headliner that weren't announced till April 10th.
  4. Mad Cool seem to have their own schedule - dropping 20-30 names at a time when they are ready. Last year they announced the final 28 names on 10th April, and that included five headline/second line names, as well as Cat Power, Parquet Courts, Johnny Marr, Perry Farrell and plenty more further down the line up. It's like Primavera, who announce pretty much the whole line up in one go - not sure why we'd expect them to do it differently and start dropping single names. The only reason I can imagine is if sales weren't going well, and considering they've reduced capacity considerably this year, and the line up is still impressive, I can't see that being the case.
  5. Haven't Mad Cool announced in batches the last couple of years? Last year they announced the final names on 10th April - around 30 names, including a headliner and a couple of second line names. They might announce this as a one off, but we might also have two months to wait
  6. Definitely - the last time I saw them, they finished early so people could get the last train home
  7. The House of Love aren't hugely active, but they reunited years ago, and have played live most years in the last decade.
  8. Do we know roughly how many names are left to announce?
  9. That's great news. Having nearly drowned in mud at Glastonbury, I'm all for avoiding fields, but ten hours walking on concrete, with too few places to sit down can be tough. The "grass" at Mad Cool last year made for a much more relaxed atmosphere.
  10. Clearly heading for a 0-0 final Walking depends - If there's nobody around it's minutes - unfortunately there are nearly always a lot of people about. The dance area is a bit of a trek, but the two biggest stages are quite close together. If you're talking big names, and you're watching till the end of a set, then you'll almost certainly be at the back for the next band. It's sometimes worth balancing out standing behind 10,000 people twice, or heading off early and having a great view once. The other issue is that it's a long thin site, so there are quite a lot of pinch points in the middle. If you're at the front for one band, you might be at the back of a queue of thousands trying to squeeze through a small gap. Fingers crossed, with the variety of artists this year, they might be able to cut down a little on the movement.
  11. Mad Cool is a bit top heavy if anything. I went last year, and there were a lot of very big bands playing very long sets - although it was great, and I got to see tons of people I loved, it didn't have quite the excitement of the huge Primavera line up.
  12. The "crappest" crowds I've seen at Primavera were when Radiohead played. It was glorious wandering around the rest of the site, catching some great bands with smaller crowds, as they played for the other 95%.
  13. The undercard and many of the big names make for the best 'alternative' festival around - I've found more bands I want to see this year than at previous events when the headliners were more to my taste. I can even understand Cardi B - she may be popular, but her music is often challenging, and given how much more prominent hip hop is these days, she didn't look out of place on the line up at all. Hannah Montana, though? Now that is scary.
  14. Maybe that's why they're doing the "choose your own" Hidden Stage gimmick? Or maybe demand is just different - people who are scared of Carly Rae Jepson selling tickets they'd already bought - and even though ticketswap appears cheaper than the main site, I suspect most people won't take the chance or even be looking there while it's not sold out.
  15. And no-one has even had an attempt at a clashfinder yet. Sad times
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