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  1. Mad Cool is a bit top heavy if anything. I went last year, and there were a lot of very big bands playing very long sets - although it was great, and I got to see tons of people I loved, it didn't have quite the excitement of the huge Primavera line up.
  2. The "crappest" crowds I've seen at Primavera were when Radiohead played. It was glorious wandering around the rest of the site, catching some great bands with smaller crowds, as they played for the other 95%.
  3. The undercard and many of the big names make for the best 'alternative' festival around - I've found more bands I want to see this year than at previous events when the headliners were more to my taste. I can even understand Cardi B - she may be popular, but her music is often challenging, and given how much more prominent hip hop is these days, she didn't look out of place on the line up at all. Hannah Montana, though? Now that is scary.
  4. Maybe that's why they're doing the "choose your own" Hidden Stage gimmick? Or maybe demand is just different - people who are scared of Carly Rae Jepson selling tickets they'd already bought - and even though ticketswap appears cheaper than the main site, I suspect most people won't take the chance or even be looking there while it's not sold out.
  5. And no-one has even had an attempt at a clashfinder yet. Sad times
  6. Lots of people seem to have mentioned the tap situation, but we were regularly filling up with water and while they were busy, each tap never had more than one or two people waiting. Are we talking about the set of 25-30 taps just behind the main run of food stalls?
  7. Agree completely. We got lucky on the first day - arrived just a few minutes before the doors opened, so didn't queue for long outside, and then 30 mins or so to get a wristband. That was the only time we really struggled with heat, so can imagine that a 2-3 hours wait on that day may have really clouded it for many. Otherwise brilliant. Didn't have to queue at all inside. Chose food based on the queue, and could get great spots for bands, by arriving just a few minutes early. It's a compact site, so appeared busy (there weren't any real quiet areas), but surprised how easy it was to see bands close up given the numbers. Massive Attack was a disappointment - still feel that even if things aren't perfect, the band should have told us that, played on, and then given Mad Cool hell after, and we'd have loved them for it. Festivals are always going to be a little hit and miss with sound, and fans would always prefer it to silence. NIN were amazing - the surprise of the festival for me. Thought they might be a little one dimensional, but they really perform the hell out of those songs! Justice were majestic and there were so many more highlights. The last time I saw Underworld it was at Glastonbury. I remember multiple bands being cancelled, my tent being under water, hour long treks between stages, through knee deep muddy water that stretched all the way to the portaloos, and much more! This was paradise in comparison
  8. https://elpais.com/cultura/2018/07/14/actualidad/1531574065_132582.html Not sure how accurate this is, but Massive Attack don't come out well. Looks like all the other acts playing agreed to compromise, reducing sound, finishing early or starting later, but this wasn't good enough. Looking forward to a "we did it so the fans weren't let down" justification from Massive Attack.
  9. Same here, but then, apart from a thirty minute queue to get in yesterday, I didn't queue at all. Reading this thread, I think I may have been at another festival
  10. 90cl. Blame the rest on brexit :)
  11. So long as you check in advance that it doesn't clash with some random Gaelic football match. I used to go and watch football in an Irish pub in Streatham and they'd happily annoy a whole pub full of customers watching the Premier League, because Patrick at the bar wanted to watch Cork
  12. Bear in mind that the festival is running through the night. 30+ in the sun is hot, but most of the bands are on after the sun has set, and temperatures could be mid/early 20s (and feel cooler than that without the sun).
  13. It was 37 yesterday - hope that was a typo
  14. Than again - since that was posted, Thursday is now predicted to be even hotter. They've replaced the sun with a full thermometer! Hoping it's down in the early 30s, rather than high
  15. With main stages, it's not usually the distance, more the fact that 20,000 people are already in front of you
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