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  1. Hi All, I have done all the major festival in this country and a few of the smaller ones. I like this line up a LOT and can obviously visit the website but just wondered, from people who do attend, what is the festival like? What is the vibe like? Is there much going on other than the main bands? I think that people who have attended these festivals before can give me much more of an insight than the web can. I am based in Reading so may drive everyday but I'm tempted to camp so any information / views you can give would be really appreciated. It will be certainly me and my partner (in our EARLY 40's and potentially our 16 year old who is Autistic (hence the questions) PS : If you've not seen ANY of the headliners live you're in for a treat!
  2. Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac please
  3. Exactly that! Look at wilderness festival - £180 a ticket - go and check their line up out! it makes Victorious look like Glastonbury! New order have a set list that could please a festival crowd, the Specials too. Rudimental are a good live band but no where near headliners for a festival of this size in my book.
  4. Everyone will have different tastes and see different bands in different lights. New order were ground breakers, as were the Specials so in that respect they deserve to headline a festival of this size. I think that we have witnessed the festival grow year on year and maybe expected more this year. It certainly seems to have reached a plateau this year.
  5. In fairness though, however good silent alarm is, we are still going to be robbed of a plethora of other brilliant tracks they could have performed!
  6. Is it just me or other than "Bloc Party" - I don't even think the under card is as good as the last two years and the headline acts certainly aren't. For me, the Friday on one stage is the strongest. Increased capacity, increased prices but not an increase in quality of acts. I suppose you can only book what is available but i don't see this year as a great effort.
  7. Primal Scream played in 2015 and were second on stage, are they enough of a draw?. I know they are a great and and would go well with New Order. Just seems weak after the last few years.
  8. I mean Peter Hook wouldn't headline my Summer Bar B Q so I'm hardly going to expect him to headline this Festival am I LOL
  9. Yeah, you misunderstand what I meant. I mean the Blue Monday sign could mean Peter Hook is playing and a Different band (NOT New Order) is headlining. Better?
  10. Peter Hook has been announced for festivals today! Still think it could be him and someone else headlining. I personally think all headliners this year are weaker than most years at most festivals. I would say this is also true of victorious, however the undercard at victorious is good, especially for the money.
  11. I think generally wherever you go on Thursday there will probably be mostly disappointed people.
  12. New order subbing the killers - makes Sunday pretty good all of a sudden
  13. The "killers" Radio interview - "I thought they were dead" "Don't say any more you'll give it away"
  14. Could Peter Hook be playing again as the special guest? My mind is numb in thinking who the headliner could be. I know there is a strong call for Catfish, i love them and would be happy but i just don't see it. I also don't see New order as a headliner for a festival of this size, especially when looking at the line ups over recent years. Maybe New Order could be a sub - but to who???? good fun this isnt it?
  15. Well the clue has never been for a headliner, Could be a double clue, Peter Hook again and the Cure headlining Ah we can all dream
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