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  1. So....................after all of the anger and torment and who,s playing furore and anxiety and finger pointing and bitterness and meanness and speculating over the last 3 weeks and 30 pages..................... are we saying MCR and The Strokes Pahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  2. Guns N Roses just announced a show in Scotland at end of June so they ARE around Europe at the time of MC! Sorry to disappoint but if Post Malone plays - he headlines. Although i quite like his new album (which is not my usual taste)
  3. I thought that was a possibility but I am not sure how it would fir with the vibe of Mad Cool. Don't get me wrong - the show is immense and they are legends but i just cant see it. I'd be happy though!
  4. In fairness all we really need is Tool and Rage Against the Machine to confirm and we will all be sorted LOL
  5. In my head i still believe we will have the Strokes. Some interesting acts I'd like to see alongside them on an evening A few mentioned previously include Beck, Pet Shop Boys what about Lana Del Rey is she around?
  6. I'd point out that whoever the headliners are for Friday - the undercard on that day is impressive! The line up so far is already well worth every penny. It could be that they are just holding back on announcing or it could be that they are seeking replacements - who knows? Either way - there isn't a line up as good in the whole of Europe as far as i can see.
  7. Glasto have Paul McCartney and Taylor Swift - could Mad Cool have them both too??
  8. There are only a certain amount of bands / Artists of that ilk and era though and Victorious tend to do pretty well in not having repeat headliners thus far.
  9. Well I hope if it is the strokes that they are better this time. I’ll be happy to watch them again as the songs are quality. I just hope they put on a better show than previous times I’ve seen them. MCR would be a great other headliner with them.
  10. If it was posted at 12:51 - it’s the strokes
  11. Seriously I don’t get the excitement with the Strokes - help me understand? yea they are an amazing band on record but they just don’t bring it live whenever I’ve seen them, apart from one very early gig! Have these people getting excited actually seen them live before?
  12. I’ve seen Dylan and Lou Reed - Lou Reed was worse, but in saying that - he’s not going to be at mad cool
  13. I honestly don,t mind if the strokes are there or not. to me their debut album was the best of the last 20 years and all others were very very good but............ I've seen them live three times, once indoors in the "this is it" days then twice headlining festivals and at both festivals they were flat and boring. granted these festivals were some time ago (room on fire days) but unless their live show has changed drastically (which i doubt it has) - I personally don't think we are really missing much if they don't play!
  14. I noticed the same thing. Not sure why the hold off on McR then. They are a good band and I’d definitely watch them but they headlined reading when I was there and weren’t anything amazing.
  15. I had it before and I actually preferred it to gassy lager so win win for me
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