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  1. They might be out at the moment but not “out out” - Taylor definitely won’t be there but all others possibly still could be
  2. There is the “Main” headliner still to be announced for each day other than the Saturday
  3. I won’t be rolling over to next year because In truth who knows what will be happening next year? Could be the same shit as this year all over again! ill make my judgement next year 😂😂😂
  4. Personally I think it’s a good update. Well worded and as good as could have been expected
  5. Couldn’t agree more - and I went for VIP 😂
  6. Can’t believe anyone would still think it’s on. Cant wait for the inevitable shit storm over ticket refunds ANY other festival and I’d feel a lot more confident
  7. If a fest is gonna go bust and never happen again anyway, wheres the incentive for any refunds? It's gonna kick off
  8. I think anyone expecting festivals to happen in 3 to 4 months time is VERY optimistic. Any announcements form the festivals should come sooner rather than later, saving them spending more time, effort and working hours on something that's simply not going to happen. Glastonburys reason was that although things may have cleared up by end of June, they need thousands of workers to make it happen before then and to continue would put all of these workers at risk. I know other festivals are not to the same scale as Glasto but.....it's common sense
  9. We could change the forum to " Good Netflix series" LOL
  10. In all due respect, when people are travelling all around europe with flights and hotels booked, it would be a much better situation if the festivals said earlier rather than later that this year will not go ahead With the way the whole world is right now, i personally think that anyone who believes festivals will go ahead is VERY VERY optimistic. Obviously most festivals can say tickets carry over to next year if you want them to, Mad cool cant even say that because they have not got plans form the authorities to hold the festival next year. Prepare project shit storm............................ Lets hope they handle this situation better than they handled their bookings!
  11. Hey all if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. No band or festival is worth 1 life. I hope everyone on this page stays safe, you're a good bunch! If it doesn't happen, maybe see you all in 2021 - if they get planning permission Haha
  12. Other Festivals are talking rescheduling and postponements with SXSW in America stating no refunds as we are looking to reschedule. I can not see how any festival with bands falling into slots between tours and other shows can "reschedule" certainly not with the same line up. So biggest concern - Mad cool is cancelled as rescheduling doesn't seem an option Biggest plus - They reschedule and Mumford and sons cant make it
  13. Did that quote come from the UK health minister? Because she's contracted it!
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