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  1. No one likes a big head 😂😂 ….. apart from snipers
  2. They will survive though because for every person who is upset or disappointed or angry about the way they operate, there are 2 people who don’t know or care. Im not defending them and not saying it’s right but for anyone who goes to a festival for line ups alone - this will always be in the top 3 in Europe. Im going this year for my step son who loves loads of bands there and can not go alone as he is autistic. Generally I’d look for a lot more from a festival in terms of both cooperation with the fans and things to do on site. It may happen over a long time but I think for the next few years max cool will continue to sell out on line up alone.
  3. Only the strokes were leaked early. The MCR rumour was purely that…… just a rumour
  4. If anyone is looking for new bands at Victorious - I'd recommend Honeyglaze who are playing on the Sunday Well worth catching if you get the chance
  5. Yeah after seeing QOTSA in 2018 - I’d take Arcade Fire every day of the week
  6. After speaking to Mad Cool organisers they have confirmed to me this morning that there has been some confusion around QOTSA. The booking is actually for Christine and the Queens of the Stone Age as seen in the promotional poster below…..
  7. I agree it’s not great, still shows FNM on their “line up” section on Instagram as well as other bands who won’t be there. I’d imagine that although updates have not been forthcoming, they have legal teams who know what they can and can’t get away with…… doesn’t make it morally correct though. The only way it will change would be if people didn’t go, but that won’t happen. It just won’t. It’s not really about defending them, their efforts this year are shoddy and have been every year prior to this. Im just being pragmatic in the fact that I’ll still be going and it will still be a sell out.
  8. They need to join this forum 😂
  9. I'm worried now - i ordered through the official Mad Cool website but my tickets were emailed to me right there and then! Does anyone else have print off copies of tickets?
  10. I’d also add - I wouldn’t be surprised if the venue did change - this is mad cool after all. Didnt it happen with Dr Music festival a few years back - supposed to take place in a beautiful mountain setting and then took place at a race track?
  11. I think mad cool must just be picking on you, it’s definitely on my ticket
  12. Yeah a majority of those comments on Facebook are me 😂😂
  13. The above is copied and pasted directly from my tickets. All of the rumours based around the site moving were from this forum when they said there would be an announcement that would "change the way we see the festival forever" Everyone presumed this would be a change of venue and drummed up a following around this - like a Chinese whisper - it grew louder. Then they added a 5th Day (the big change) and placed the address on the tickets (as i have just shown above) that the festival is taking place exactly where its been since 2018! The same happened with everyone bemoaning Bruce Springsteen "pulling out" when he was NEVER announced in the first place I've been on these forums since around 2003 and people seem to take everything on here 10 times more literally than they used to.
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