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  1. Oof that could only mean either Metallica, RATM, Rammstein or AC/DC. All sounds great!
  2. With the upcoming album of AC/DC I am really hoping that Ken is talking about them Would fit within SOAD/Metallica/RATM area I think. Otherwise Rammstein or Iron maiden 😜
  3. @Ken19do you have any information about Kendrick or maybe that he'll be playing on another Werchter festival?
  4. Wed: Billie Eilish - Kendrick Lamar Thursday: Pixies - Pearl Jam Friday: Tame Impala - The Strokes Saturday: Twenty One Pilots - Gorillaz Sunday: Royal Blood - Red Hot Chili Peppers Sunds good to me!!!
  5. Thanks you for coming back @Ken19, I really needed some news . I think the possibility of RW having 2 main stages or the chance of the barn and Klub C becoming more like open-tents like the Alpha at Lowlands.
  6. Do you mean about the refunds or about the names?
  7. Hmm I can imagine it is a bit too late to re-book him, although RW stated they'll do their best to keep most of the 2020 lineup. Personally I would rather have The strokes then Kendrick since it is more "Unique" so I can imagine RW thinks the same. Might be that Kendrick's 2021 tour won't pas RW but goes to Mad Cool instead.
  8. Is this maybe the "Push" Rock Werchter needed to make it a 5-day (4.5) festival with the wednesday being a half-day experience like P!NK in 2019?
  9. Finally Pearl Jam reconfirmed! So something like PJ, The Strokes, RHCP, Gorillaz, Tame Impala, TOP, Royal Blood, FNM ?
  10. I guess acts within that size yes. Metallica, Rammstein, Pearl Jam, Eminem, Kendrick, Coldplay, U2, Guns'N'Roses, Rolling Stones etc.. What will Rock Werchter do with people who already got a 4day ticket, will there be a chance they will get the chance to choose a 5 day ticket than as well and they only need to pay the difference between both prices or how will that work @Ken19?
  11. No dream co-headline construction than But yes I am also curious what they'll do with Volbeat, not that I really care about them playing or not but ye..
  12. @Ken19 Are there any pop/hip hop sub/headline acts available for 2021?
  13. Must be Tame Impala then, only band I can think off who is capable to co-headline RW and played in the barn many times before.
  14. Thanks for all the insights! Must be Tame Impala right? Maybe Imagine Dragons but nahh?
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