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  1. Hmm, does not look like a mistake. @Sziget2022_Leakscould you confirm the extra day? 😮 What would you guys think who could headline that day if it is not a mistake and a full festival day.
  2. Maybe i've missed something but, Co-Headliner materials; Muse or The Strokes with London Grammar as sub?
  3. So if I am correct RATM will play here? Or?
  4. I am personally just wishing it is not Justin Bieber at this time hahaha. Definately not a Festival act in my opinion, just let him do his own concerts. But if Sziget manages to catch him they do have one of the biggest pop stars. Would work out just like Ed Sheeran a while back to attract a lot of people to the festival (Mostly woman I guess haha).
  5. Kendrick Lamar has just been leaked for Milano festival this year. Maybe the heart is not about love yourself but love in general aka "LOVE." song? 😜
  6. After taking a lot of artists in consideration I do see Justin Bieber is the most likely according to the photo-hint. Also due to the fact (At least what I've found) that he never played in Hungary before.
  7. Gorillaz it is, a gap between norway and london 10 to 19 August. Maybe co-headlining with tame impala than? Justin bieber it is, gap between sweden 09 august and 04 september. Would perfectly fit. So either the set of headliners is than complete or there are some co-headlining options. Either way; My guess at this moment. Dua Lipa - Arctic Monkeys - Kings of Leon - Justin Bieber - Tame Impala - Gorillaz.
  8. Elephants in the video of paradise of coldplay? hahaha but probably tame impala indeed. Maybe heartless instead love yourself. Could be either The Weeknd or Kanye West. Beach could be The Neighborhood.
  9. Do not find where you got this from? I would understand if he'd perform at Boutique 2.0 or something but not on the festival itself atleast.
  10. That's unfortunate tho... Would love to see him perform. Any chance for another rapper? 😄
  11. Would all be great but gorillaz if f.e. already on boutique but next to this it seems like all spots have been filled already. 7 artists on the main each day.
  12. No good replacements for FnM and QOTSA I do think that RW is lacking in that area. No good solution whilst there are a lot of artists playing in the surrounding area.
  13. I do miss a good replacement for Faith No More and QOTSA. Hope they will find a good replacement for those names. I would imagine Florence & The Machine / The strokes could get the spot of QOTSA. Maybe Tame Impala would join either way XD
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