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  1. Anyone reckon we might get a couple acts from this line up?
  2. Although Guns N Roses weren't really likely they've just announced a North American tour at the start of July so that's another potential headliner gone
  3. I think I'm more likely to headline than OneRepublic
  4. Fair enough I thought I was onto something for a second there lol. Fingers crossed the dream duo of The Strokes and Tame Impala are for Friday
  5. Just looked through Twitter and there's a band on the Saturday low down called Emo Nite. Can't find anything about them on Spotify could easily be a MCR secret set under a suggestive name
  6. I'm really just hoping the strokes aren't announcing anything until after their NYE show where they announce a new album and then announce festival dates but maybe I'm just being too optimistic
  7. New album comes out Valentine's day next year so they would definitely have a different setlist. If RW gets them I reckon they would play mad cool and a few more European fests
  8. The first wave of tickets have been sold out more tickets are likely going to be available with the next set of announcements probably in January
  9. Rumoured for Coachella so Coachella will be one of the first festivals to announce them then they'll hopefully announce more dates
  10. Booked up tickets for me and my best mate. If the locals are as friendly as they were at Benicassim, I'm sure I'll have a fantastic time. Really looking forward to it. Strongest line-up for a festival that I've ever went to.
  11. This line up is so stacked already and they still have potentially two headliners to announce
  12. Is Kendrick Lamar less likely now that Bilbao BBK have announced him?
  13. The lack of international acts at TRNSMT always is so frustrating. I get it's a British festival but they should be trying to get something a bit more unique. Most of that line up have already played the festival and its only four years old it's ridiculous. The Saturday looks good so far
  14. Aitch won't headline 4th to the top is probably where I'd place him. Although he is riding a wave of hype right now so could move further up
  15. Mad Cool are announcing a big American band tomorrow wouldn't be surprised if TRNSMT are announcing the same band too. Any guesses?
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