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  1. Long time lurker. First time going for Glastonbury tickets. I'm in a group of 2. Looking for help and to help other groups of 2 or 4?
  2. Yeah the singer sounds far better than last time I seen them too just sound alot more refined and their time off has obviously got fans hungry to see them again. They should have headlined last year instead of Fall Out Boy but fair play to R&L getting them in a non headline spot this year it might be similar to what they done with Liam Gallagher where he subbed just before new album released and the year after he headlined everywhere
  3. Watching Royal Blood on IPlayer right now definitely think they'll be headlining a couple big festivals in the UK next year. They sound great and the crowd is getting right behind them a proper good rock and roll set
  4. Paulmcm1998


    Anyone at Gorilla tonight?? Can you let me know what time foals started playing. Going to Edinburgh tomorrow and don't want to be late
  5. Highly doubt they would be booked three years on the trot since they've already played on the current album tour
  6. I'm not an idiot just throwing out an idea it's honestly not a bad shout. She'd probably be a better announcement than George Ezra or Stormzy but whatever. I don't think she'll get announced but it's a suggestion
  7. My outside bet would maybe be Dua Lipa she's meant to be releasing a new album I'm sure and is arguably on the same popularity level as George Ezra (if not bigger)if that's the crowd they're trying to appeal to. Would be a safer option than Stormzy imo
  8. Is their any hotels near this festival? I would love to go but wouldn't want to camp
  9. Royal blood are UK exclusive to reading and Leeds so yeah we're looking at bottom of the barrel acts
  10. I reckon George Ezra will sub he's everywhere right now
  11. If Dan was joking about the royal blood being sub George Ezra is another 10 letter 2 worded band.(technically since he plays with a band) he also headlines everywhere this year
  12. A$AP Rocky is touring Europe in July and August. Would he be likely and is he big enough to headline/co-headline?
  13. This again surely means we've still got 3 more headliners to be announced maybe Martin Garrix will be before Swedish House Mafia.
  14. This suggests that Martin Garrix isn't headlining??
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