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  1. Is Bilbao big enough to attract the likes of Eminem, Kendrick, Justin and Kanye? What's the daily capacity? Google says 15,000 which wouldn't cover the fees for any of these guys.
  2. Foals are massive at the moment. Garrix is great live - fun with great pyros. Think VW stands out a little as too fluffy to be headliner in this kind of company tbh.
  3. I suppose, to appreciate them fully, you need the crowd to be fairly quiet which is a rare thing at a festival. However, they are too popular now to play anything other than main stage.
  4. Great booking. Wasn't expecting them from the description but it makes sense now.
  5. An absolute stab in the dark: Future Islands?
  6. Absolutely fantastic booking. Only issue is that he'll be 78 when playing and Diana Ross will be 76. Glasto now needs to announce a couple of contemporary acts to silence the naysayers.
  7. One a scale of 1 (no chance) to 10 (guaranteed), what are the chances of Paul McCartney next year now that he's been announced for Glasto? Is he too much of the type of heritage act that Sziget shies away from? Or is it their opportunity to try and book one of the few remaining living legends of music?
  8. Agreed, it's either The Beatles or Brother Beyond. Almost too close to call.
  9. As Yelo points out, there are very few headline-sized acts that are currently rumoured to be around in August (although Reading and Leeds has yet to announce and all their four headliners this year played at Sziget earlier in the month). I wonder if this might mean that Sziget has to pay top-dollar for a couple of big artists to return to Europe in August, meaning that we get a watered-down list of headliners. Two big hitters, an EDM act, a rapper and three acts that might normally be at sub level? In addition: I have listened again to Bon Iver and still cannot begin to understand how they are have headliner status. Different strokes for different folks I suppose.
  10. I'd be happy enough if we got a couple from: Foals, Coldplay, Killers, RHCP, The Strokes (in order of preference).
  11. Payday today so six Szitizen Prime tickets just purchased. My bank account has been decimated!
  12. Perhaps throw in the potential for Tame Impala and The Strokes (who are both in the rumours section on Festileaks - although judging by their previous festival line-up accuracy this should probably count them out!) Hoping something drops over the next 48 hours while the Prime tickets are on sale. Would also like to see Vampire Weekend, Sam Fender, Rex Orange County and Oh Wonder in there somewhere too.
  13. Had never heard of them but just taken a listen and like what I've heard. They're playing near me next week. I assume from your tour that they are good live|?
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