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  1. I think the most sensible thing to do would be to set up a dozen testing sites around the city. This prevents people congregating outside the festival waiting for their results. As long as the sites are open from, say, 9am onwards you can get your daily test done whenever you like before making your way to the festival (although there would be an argument to be had that testing immediately before entering the festival would be safer) and then turn up on site as usual.
  2. Heathrow but into Prague for a couple of nights, then train to Vienna and then the festival.
  3. Would love it if they were. Could do without another round of Post Malone though.
  4. How confident are we that the 2021 dates will be 4 to 11 August? Need to get some flights booked (they have risen in price 25% over the last week while I've been monitoring them and can't afford them to rise much further).
  5. Aw man, I completely misread that! Lol. Cheers for correcting me, the whole family was getting excited for an upcoming announcement. I guess I'd better go and let them down gently. Whoops!
  6. They say they're announcing line-up details to assist people in making their decision on whether to keep their ticket. That's got to be before 9 June so expect info in next 10 days or so. It will be interesting to see how much of the line-up they keep. They should know by day ticket sales which headliners were the most popular. If a lot are rolling over from 2020 to 2021, I guess we will also, possibly, find out who the two remaining headliners were going to be. Loads of acts I hope will be returning but mainly Dua Lipa, The Strokes, Foals, Fever 333, Stormzy, Glass Animals,
  7. Sorry, forgot my manners. You going in 2021?
  8. It's very likely. Have reserved accommodation, just in case. Can't see this shit lasting another 15 months without either a vaccine or some kind of testing / certification being in place to allow festivals and other major events to go ahead next year.
  9. Anyone heard anything about their refund yet? It's been almost three weeks since cancellation. I wonder if Sziget is looking to announce some of the 2021 line-up and then ask people to keep hold of their tickets until next year, to help with their cash flow?
  10. Just looked on their Facebook page. They'd posted every day this month, from 1st to 27th April, but nothing in the last three days. Guess they knew this announcement was coming today.
  11. Stupid question I suppose as it's a "how long is a piece of string" question. My party (seven of us) still have flights, accommodation trains booked for this August - Into Vienna, onto Budapest, then finishing in Prague. My final Budapest accommodation payment (50%) is due in two weeks. Do people think we should pay it (450 euros) or just cancel the whole lot and not throw good money after bad?
  12. Do you know what next year's dates are likely to be? Start 4 August or 11th?
  13. Oktoberfest in September? Interesting! It wouldn't surprise me if Coachella did go ahead given Trump's bullishness. Sziget obviously not going ahead - or certainly not as we know it. I hope they announce soon and ask everyone to roll their tickets over to next year. If most agree, this should ensure the festival's survival.
  14. Etihad Airways has today starting testing their passengers for the virus on arrival at check-in and easyjet is not selling the middle seats on flights to create some distancing. I guess this will become the norm in the next few months. Suspect everyone will be given face masks on flights over the coming year and a massive increase in cleaning the inside of the aircraft after each flight will begin. Also suspect that, with every third seat not being sold, that we will see the cost of flying increase significantly once the summer period is over.
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