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  1. How many times have you been to each? (that's an enquiry btw, not a challenge - I've never been to either. But Sziget 2019 here we come!)
  2. Had an email from Festicket offering twenty per cent off Mad Cool tickets. Bit worrying!
  3. Parklife recently announced the cancellation of Cardi B with 72hrs notice and just rejigged their line-up (and probably saved themselves 100's of £k by not replacing her). If SP cancelled then FR would have a real quandary. They know that few people will be coming just for SP so few refunds will be requested so they either: add a decent headliner that they hope will boost ticket sales or push a smaller act up to the slot, not gain much more in additional sales but pocket the £200k (or whatever it was) that they would've paid SP for their headline slot I hope it's the former. I like SP but feel they are completely out of place in the Latitude 2019 line-up. No ill-will to the SP guitarist and wish him speedy recovery but if they are cancelled then could imagine one of these being called up, schedules permitting: Vampire Weekend Kylie The National Tame Impala Janelle Monae Bastille
  4. This is purely guesswork on my part but I suspect SP will be 8 to 9.30 and Underworld from 10 to 11. I reckon this has been done to break up the times day ticket holders leave the site, as there were reports of two hour queues to leave last year following The Killers' set. In addition, I also think FR has realised that SP's draw as headliner is not what it once was.
  5. Doors open six weeks today but we still seem to have a few gaps here and there. An announcement today to fill those would be nice.
  6. Wonder if Cardi B will be replaced at this late stage or if her timeslot will be consumed by others extending their allocated time. Surely the Parklife have a plan B in place - she cancelled gigs last month so must've been a 'possible' rather than a 'definite' over recent weeks. Miley Cyrus has replaced her elsewhere.
  7. Sorry, I've got to ask. Are beers REALLY nine euros? Is that a pint???
  8. You'll all be fine. The line-up isn't stellar compared to recent years but that shouldn't stop a party. This is Festival Republic, they are a massive company who put on some of Europe's biggest and most well-respected festivals. They have hundreds of thousands of customers each year so a few moans on social media will do little to garner their attention. Without wishing to sound toooooo cheesy, the language they understand is cash. Therefore, my advice is keep your wallet in your pocket next year and wait for the line-up announcement. If it's crap, go elsewhere. Don't get suckered in to saving twenty quid by buying an early bird ticket - you are likely to drop a grand on the festival with tickets, flights, food, drink etc - a twenty quid saving is a drop in the ocean.
  9. I can't say for certain but I would be gobsmacked if this raised any issues. The A4 bag rule has been in place for a couple of years and I've never had any issues walking through with a small (25litre) rucksack. I would pop the child in the carrier as you walk through so security can see it has a purpose and submit to it being searched if they ask. If any issues are raised I'd just ask to speak to a supervisor and highlight the reason why you need to take it through.
  10. What country are you in? In the UK there is: www.twickets.live Out of interest, as a couple of friends have expressed interest in attending, what kind of price are you looking for? PM me if you'd rather.
  11. Agreed. They also responded yesterday to an email I sent them two weeks ago asking if the Co-op are returning. They are. Suspect an announcement encompassing both is incoming.
  12. Sooooooo, who's everybody got in their top ten? I've got: Foo Fighters Florence and the Machine Anna of the North Twenty One Pilots Khruangbin Chvrches Naaz Jungle Tove Stryke Parcels
  13. What is it that you want to know? We've been going for the past seven years and it's a new phenomena that's taken place over the past couple of years. Seems an eminently sensible idea to me if you own a trailer and it didn't seem to be an issue with staff at all.
  14. If I was running a festival and my booker hadn't got Billie Eilish for this year I'd be absolutely furious. Booking normally happen the year before and Billie Eilish in mid-to-late 2018 would've been cheap to book. I'm not a massive fan of hers but appreciate that her sound is unique enough to grab the attention so she should really have been at the top of the list of any major festival's booking list: Cheap, unique and available. If Sziget don't announce her for the Saturday, where the line-up is currently lacking imho, then they've made a mistake.
  15. I don't want to sound twee but genuinely feel for everyone who had bought tickets. This isn't Electric Fields, it's a city centre event 40 miles away from where it should be held. Bit like moving Glastonbury to Cardiff city centre! Hope all those who have bought tickets are able to claim a full refund (should they wish to).
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