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  1. What is with the Sziget social media post this morning? Could it actually happen in 2021?
  2. The Cure - 112 Stevie Wonder - 48 R.E.M - 68 (+10) David Bowie - 162
  3. Not hot, but warmer than Wigan.
  4. I suspect you are right. My daughter was 12 when Yeah Yeah Yeahs played and I remember not being able to take her to that because of age restrictions, but just wondered if they'd changed.
  5. Couple of final questions - any idea on age restrictions? I've found two separate ones. One says 16+ and the other says 2+!! Quite a difference. Got a 10-year-old son who would love to see Foals. Second questions, anyone got experience of the VIP package and the area near the stage? I'd normally avoid these like the plague but if it gives my 10yo the opportunity to actually see something then I might be tempted.
  6. Are they electronic tickets? We are in Cornwall for two weeks until the Sunday and don't fancy driving home to Nottingham to collect tickets (assuming they are posted out just before the gig) when we could just go straight to London for the night.
  7. I've never heard of or used Dice. Are they new?
  8. Thanks for this. I am loathe to book through Festicket after them taking seven months to refund me on a cancelled overseas festival last year! Is nobody else selling them anywhere?
  9. I'll be travelling into London from the Midlands for this. Just booked hotel - just need tickets now! What is the festival itself like? And what are beer/food costs like?
  10. Balaton Sound just cancelled to 2022. Same owners/organisers as Sziget I believe, but no word (yet) from them. Edit: I notice Volt has also cancelled. Not sure when that was, but that's two of the three cancelled for 2021.
  11. I wonder how they were able to get insurance and all of the UK festivals appear to have been unable to do so. I'm not sure what they would claim for (lost income one assumes?) - it can't be outlay I shouldn't think as they don't appear to have spent a penny on the 2021 festival so far!
  12. It has been a month since you told us this. Do you know why the cancellation hasn't actually been officially announced yet? I'm struggling to see what benefit there is in not announcing it?
  13. I'm struggling to follow this method to completion. Are they saying that test results will appear within a two-three minute window and once the doctor has seen the test administered and witnessed the result then she will issue a QR code? That sounds like a lot of activity in under three minutes!
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