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  1. First time at the festival and got to say I loved every minute of it. The organisation was phenomenal, going to a bar and getting served instantly was so convenient when you're used to at least a 15/20 minute wait in the UK. The site was pretty easy to move around and the only area which felt super busy was the food court around 9-10. Getting home was tough the first night but they improved the uber queues each day and I'd be home each day within an hour of leaving the festival. The lineup was fantastic even with a couple of dropouts. Highlights were Metallica, Frank Carter, The Killers, Haim, Don Broco, Mura Masa and Florence and the Machine. Definitely considering coming back next year. Having been to primavera last month (week 2) and having a good time but feeling it was a bit too uncomfortable and overcrowded at times it was amazing to come to mad cool and have so much room at the main stages. The sound felt alot better than it was at primavera as well. Hopefully the lineup next year is good and the new site can handle the increase in capacity. Lastly God bless kermit the frog for appearing everywhere that weekend
  2. Who was that mystery act Chimera/Quimera?
  3. That lineup to be fair was very similar to something you might get at primavera but Mad Cool is a much more commercial festival or at least it feels that is the direction its going in. Thankfully I'm going to be at Primavera and Mad Cool this year
  4. People were speculating during covid that social media people would be the first sorta staff to be cut from the jobs of festivals as they are alot more expendable than the rest of the staff. I agree though Mad Cool has terrible communication. Primavera isn't much better either on communication
  5. Primavera appeals to a different audience though. Mad Cool brings in the most popular rock bands and Primavera have more "niche" headliners I think both can easily survive.
  6. Fair enough my bad they're still really poor and unprofessional with regards to embargoed acts
  7. It's the first option I had a ticket for the 2020 edition they were rumoured to have MCR and the strokes as headliners but the information leaked early and it pissed the bands out and they ended up replacing them with Royal Blood and Mumford and Sons they're notoriously bad for annoying bands etc with teasing them before they are allowed to announce them etc. I'd honestly not have high expectations for the final 2 headliners. Here's hoping instead of two weak headliners they just get a bigger headliner in to compensate for it and bump someone up
  8. Green Day I don't think will ever play mad cool after last time they played an acrobat died just before their performance and they were really annoyed nobody mentioned this until after they finished
  9. Just read an article describing it as an arena for 15,000 doesn't sound like it'll be that big an event
  10. That's just a gigs in Scotland promotion didn't say anything about being linked to connect festival. That gig is likely to be a Calvin Harris summer sessions show
  11. Top 5 Weekend 2 Tyler the creator Playboi Carti Lorde The Strokes Tame Impala
  12. It's the 26th to 28th August so definitely possible that there will be some crossover between the two festivals
  13. You should be able to get tickets via resale at face value
  14. Brilliant, scotland has really missed out on having a big camping festival since T in the park ended. I'll definitely try make it to this provided the lineup is good
  15. Is this likely to be a camping festival??
  16. Highly doubt it festival season came back this year. We may still need winter lockdowns but I'm sure we'll all be back at large events by end of March at the latest
  17. Faith No More have dropped out as headliner. Who would be likely to replace them?
  18. New Kasabian song Alygatyr was pretty poor on first listen. Might be a grower though
  19. Thankfully I'm one of the lucky ones going to both. Never been this excited for a festival before both line ups have really knocked it out the park
  20. Flume being added to The Loop is huge. He's fantastic live and can't wait to see him
  21. I think Dave would be quite a cheap headliner option the rest though would all cost alot
  22. How much will it likely cost to spend a week in Barcelona including the festival?
  23. Not officially ruled out but the stuff coming out about the singer Josh Homme doesn't look promising and I wouldn't be surprised if they don't get booked based on the accusations
  24. Muse potentially?? they're playing in europe in July and definitely would shift some tickets
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