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  1. Just been listening to their most popular songs on Spotify. They've got one called 'Words you don't know' which is pretty good and has a very catchy chorus, but the rest sound like they could've been recorded by any number of hair-rock acts in the 80s.
  2. Lists Sziget on 13 August
  3. Couldn't agree more. Out of almost 200 acts on there, there's nine I'd be interested in. Not a great return! Mind you, that's mainly because I haven't heard of half of them!
  4. There are so many acts on there I haven't heard of it's ridiculous. Normally look at the Coachella line-up and think 'if only', whereas with this one I think 'thank fuck'.
  5. I suggested Harry Styles as a potential headliner some months ago. I'm going to double down on that now:
  6. When do we think the next announcement is likely to be? Before the end of Feb? Got a couple of friends who are interested but need to know more before booking anything.
  7. I'm not a huge fan but I'd certainly watch him and he's a big name nowadays. Judging by his post, It could be an interesting show too.
  8. Unless things go REALLY wrong in the next six months then I would imagine we would have a full festival season this summer. Covid figures plunge in the summer months and all of last year's events that took place did so without any significant issues (well, certainly here in the UK).
  9. Has the world gone mad? Duffy? As headliner? There's more chance of The Beatles headlining. At best, she could play the A38 in late afternoon. What next, Milli Vanilli?
  10. I'd be incredibly disappointed if we got Megan Thee Stallion. However, I fear it's inevitable after that Reading and Leeds announcement. Not my kind of music at all. Really hoping we get some more guitar-based music in the next announcement. Would be very happy to get Nothing But Thieves from that Summer Well announcement and got fingers crossed for Foals or Sam Fender (or both!)
  11. Looks like we may have lost a few posts during 'the blip'
  12. I think every festival organiser will want to hear that album before they pay megabucks to book them. Once bitten, twice shy in relation to Transquility Base I would think. That said, it would appear they are waiting for someone....but who? I would assume it's a U.S act. Taylor Swift? The Boss? Eminem? A.N.Other? They're all expected to be announcing something soon.
  13. I really can't imagine Disclosure or George Ezra being big enough to headline Sziget. Strong subs perhaps. Saw Ezra headline Latitude a couple of years ago and it was underwhelming. Saw Disclosure at the same festival a couple of years before that and they were electric but I wouldn't put them at headliner level at a festival the size of Sziget tbh.
  14. Tickets don't sell out for Sziget. You'll be absolutely fine. Also, suspect they'll go on sale around the same time as FIB.
  15. Stromae's chart positions in the UK compared to the rest of Europe makes interesting reading: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stromae_discography
  16. Pretty sure Pixies are playing Budapest a couple of weeks after Sziget so I'd guess that puts that at 0% likelihood. Which is a massive shame.
  17. I have literally never heard of Stromae prior to him being mentioned on here. What sort of interest does he command in Europe? Is he likely to be headliner, co-headliner or sub?
  18. I think Tame Impala is the nearest we've got to a 'very likely' at the moment.
  19. In truth, nobody knows other than @Sziget2022_Leaks who has indicated that Dua Lipa and Kings of Leon are set to headline. Other than that it's anybody's guess who the other four are (and a few of us did just that a few pages back). We know it's not The Strokes or RHCP but I think that's about it.
  20. @Sziget2022_Leaks said earlier this month that the plan he (or she) had heard was that the first announcement was going to take place in the early part of November. It's looking very likely that will be the case now, so I'm going with Thursday 4 November (plus, that's my daughter's birthday so it'd be a nice present for her!)
  21. So, who do we all want to see at Sziget this year (below headliners?) I'd love the following dozen, who are all playing gig/festivals next summer: - Sam Fender - Sports Team - Foals - Frank Turner - Jungle - Nothing But Thieves - Royal Blood - Editors - London Grammar - Phoebe Bridgers - Caribou - Black Honey
  22. Is there any chance that Sziget might get Green Day?
  23. Sam Fender would be a very welcome addition as far as our group is concerned. Five of us and all fans since he started (my daughter has seen him five time over the past three years so she'd be very happy). If announced, where would he be likely be placed on the bill? Is he sub-level / A38 headliner or below that in Europe?
  24. As I've said earlier, I know very little about EDM but I do know a large number of Calvin Harris tunes. So, I'm with you on this. However, I did see Chemical Brothers earlier this summer and I've got to say, it might not be my sort of music particularly, but they were absolutely fantastic.
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