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  1. Even more have fallen this afternoon. Hopefully Covid will have done the rounds by the start of Sziget. I've had it twice, I really don't fancy a third dose 1,000 miles away from home.
  2. Not sure if I've missed this somewhere down the line but in 2020, before Covid paid us a visit, Sziget announced a huge revamp of the Colosseum. Is that lined-up for 2022 now or has it been put on hold?
  3. Good news on the beer prices and, yes, IPAs would be very welcome at Sziget. I don't mind Dreher but there are a lot better drinks out there.
  4. Also from the sofa: 1. Buddy 2. Confidence Man 3. Lorde
  5. I first saw Nine Inch Nails in 1994. I got into them after hearing 'Head Like A Hole' played before a Guns n Roses gig in 1992. God, I'm old!! Last night, I saw Phoebe Bridgers which shows how my gig-going has mellowed! George Ezra bores me senseless but would be happy with Maneskin or Glass Animals.
  6. I got dragged to see them at Sziget 2019 - thought they were a bit Emperor's New Clothes but they surprised me. Excellent live band.
  7. On a more positive note, Sigrid is slamming it at Glastonbury at the moment. Hope she plays A38 rather than the main stage.
  8. I'm no legal expert, but I couldn't see that standing up in court. I could be wrong, but it seems silly to state that no scheduled act could be classed as a headliner. But, I guess if there's 50 other acts playing that day across all stages they could argue that there's still enough taking place for ticket buyers to have to abandon their plans. That said, I think they'd lose a lot of goodwill locally (as most day ticket holders are likely to be Hungarian I would guess) if they didn't other refunds of some kind.
  9. I think they have to offer refunds to day ticket holders if that day's headliner dropped out? It's a substantive change, otherwise rip-off merchants would announce festivals headlined by Pearl Jam, Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers only to swap them for Chesney Hawks, 5ive and The Cheeky Girls with no refunds. I don't think 3 and 6 day ticket holders would get it though.
  10. Thinking about it realistically, JB is due to play seven weeks today. Even if he cancelled today (and he won't, it'll be at least another three weeks if he does) and they announced a new headliner, it would have to be someone very close in style to him so they get as few day tickets returned as possible. If they suddenly announced someone from an entirely different genre they'd have to handle the returns and then VERY quickly sell another ten, twenty, thirty thousand day tickets in three or four weeks - unless it was a mega-act, you couldn't do it. There's a reason gig tickets go on sale months in advance. Therefore, I reckon Stromae being elevated to headliner is probably the only option at such short notice, with a 'name' support act added in.
  11. I was hoping to go to Mad Cool this year but, unfortunately, the finances didn't work out. However, I joined a Mad Cool group on Facebook and it's scary to read todays' posts about how many UK attendees are having their Easyjet flights to Madrid cancelled next week. We've got flights booked from Heathrow with B.A and staff have just announced strikes starting in late July. I know worrying solves nothing but it doesn't stop me!!
  12. We are staying in an apartment which overlooks Városháza Park. Which tram would we need? Do you know how often they would run? Many thanks.
  13. I've just read that the chain bridge in Budapest is currently closed (actually it closed 12 months ago) for refurbishment. Unfortunately, our apartment in the city requires us to cross the bridge Buda to Pest after taking the train to Batthyany at the end of each day. Do any members live in a Budapest and could they advise if there is a ferry service across the river (the article I read alluded to this) and is it likely to run late in the evening? Thanks.
  14. So........fifty days to go!
  15. That's exactly what has just been announced this morning. All U.S gigs postponed: Justin Bieber postpones all US shows following Ramsay Hunt diagnosis | Evening Standard Wonder what the Sziget office is like this morning!
  16. So, on the other side of the weekend it'll be 50 days until the start of Sziget 2022. When do we think the the full schedule will be released? Got some days with likely lots of clashes (Wednesday and Monday being the worse) so it would be good to start making planning decisions soon.
  17. Yes, all removed. No idea why they were on to begin with as they were almost certainly all wrong. EDIT: Scrub that, some of the times are still on there. Mainly smaller stages it seems.
  18. He has U.S gigs until end of the month and then seems to have almost all of July off before coming to Europe at the beginning of August. Suspect all his U.S dates will end up being cancelled no matter what. He stated that he needs rest, so what would be the point in playing a few gigs now when he could take the next six weeks to rest? I'm not sure where the risk lies with this. Sziget starts eight weeks today. How long do they wait before doing something if Bieber's team can't 100% guarantee his attendance?
  19. Just had a quick check of Budapest easyjet flights to and from Gatwick around the festival dates and they are either sold out or ridiculous amounts - £600 from Budapest to Gatwick on the Tuesday after the festival ends. They'd need to announce a reformed Led Zeppelin to attract me to pay that amount! EDIT: For context, the same Budapest to Gatwick flight on the following Tuesday is £93
  20. The problem is, they can't wait that long. The T&Cs for a one-day ticket would be a full refund as it's a significant change. Three and six day ticket holders would probably have to live with whatever change is made. They will be looking for a replacement now and I'd suggest they need a decision by the end of June - how many t-shirts and cups etc do they print with the line-up on them? I know of a small festival in the UK (35,000 capacity) and their t-shirts are sent to print three weeks before the festival. They can't have Bieber on them if he's not appearing so they need the new act in place, day tickets refunded and then a new campaign to sell tickets with the new headliner. Bieber's fee is likely to be around one million euros. I'm sure they could get someone decent for that kind of money!
  21. So, less than two months to go and I feel we've pretty much got the full line-up now. Who are you aiming to see? We have an: A list (must see), B list (will see if no clashes with A) and C list (will take a look if none of A and B are playing). All very geeky and we'll probably only end up seeing half of them! Plus we have three under-18s with us, hence the proliferation of pop acts (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) A Arctic Monkeys Alice Merton Black Honey Calvin Harris Caribou Dua Lipa Jungle KOL Sam Fender Tame Impala B Alfie Templeman Anne-Marie Bastille Beabadoobee Fontaines DC Sigrid Inhaler Lewis Capaldi Noga Erez Palaye Royale Role Model Rufus Du Sol C Cleopatrick Kensington Lola Marsh Milky Chance Sevdaliza Nova Twins Plus, various tribute acts no doubt!
  22. I thought Ronnie Flex and the Fam had dropped out a couple of weeks ago? Also, where's Cat Burns?
  23. They always were I thought?
  24. I was expecting around 1000 huf a pint but didn't realise Hungary had such significant inflation recently. Still far cheaper than UK festivals though, which would be more like 3000 huf a pint!
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