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Pyramid Subs - Did They Pull It Off?

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9 minutes ago, Ddiamondd said:

I had to sit 2013 out, but I remember really enjoying The xx's Other headline set on the TV. The word I got back from friends in the field was essentially: it was fine but probably worked better in a comfortable place. It was windy, the new material was insular and they weren't exactly warming anyone up.

2017, by contrast, was a gorgeous day, they were promoting a more peppy record and they had all the material off In Colour to lean into. Oliver doing that little half-cut, off-the-cuff "aw I luv you Glashtonbury" during one of the quiet moments definitely bedded in a positive mood early on. I remember 'Loud Places' being where the set went from very good to a knock-out. The whole crowd lifted as one.

Fine details make the difference, you could say. But they preached beyond just the already-converted and aced it.

SO good. 😍

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