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  1. Hotchilidog


    I'm used to camping in WV or Pylon so I've always been far away from somewhere, it's never really bothered me. Will be nice being camped in a different area to usual.
  2. 13.06 Friday 19th May for my one in 2017 so I guess anytime this afternoon is good.
  3. Hotchilidog


    Bottom right of the second one
  4. Hotchilidog


    Yep exactly that. Handy for the Park and Arcadia.
  5. No. My last resale coach got me on a 7.30 coach from Brighton. We used to have AM & PM departures but they just switched to all AM so resalers just got what what was available.
  6. Supergrass are on our list. Will definitely be aiming to see them.
  7. Yes it's a shame the last record is her weakest, Courtney is bloody great live though
  8. Well that is just pretty flipping brilliant. Could potentially be my main area of the Festival.
  9. A quick peek at setlist fm suggests a split between Star Crossed & Golden Hour
  10. The Shires are great especially their 1st album
  11. The Shires are playing if you are after some UK country, fairly well established in Nashville too. Kacey Musgraves likely to be on the Pyramid also.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, i’ll Check my Sticklinch order today. I was wondering when they wanted everyone’s details.
  13. They are clearly on to us and the 10am curtain call. Dammit there really is no pattern!
  14. I've limited myself to one must see, so anyone clashing with Phoebe Bridgers will lose out.
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