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  1. Hotchilidog


    Totally agree. I thought your set list was great and yet there were still so many omissions. Taylor is one of my least skipped artists when listening to her albums, maybe one or two odd tracks but normally I'll just listen all the way through.
  2. Hotchilidog


    I'll be at the Belgian show the Saturday before, I'm expecting that to be a more Lover heavy set for some reason. I think we'll get something different at Glastonbury given it's global status.
  3. Hotchilidog


    Great set...but.... no Death by a Thousand Cuts or Cornelia Street? I do not envy Taylor's task in compiling her setlist at all but I look forward to hearing what she comes up with.
  4. Just checked and you can only buy the terrace or ultimate bar experience tickets for Taylor now £324 or £399. All the punter tickets seem to have gone.
  5. Got another Kendrick email from BST today, the hard sell is on for those Hyde Park tickets. I suspect Kendrick maybe left off the initial poster, which sadly I don't think will drop until mid-march
  6. That is sad to hear. Saw them in Brighton and they were terrific
  7. Why not. The countdown is ON! 1hour 19minutes to go
  8. Have to say I was quite surprised, the tent was not full. Busy but not full. I did find hear about the Greenpeace one but I was miles away and on the verge of heatstroke so I went for a sitdown and some water instead. Would be nice to see Frank on the Pyramid, I think he has earned it.
  9. Only saw/heard Frank three times last year, it was not enough, sadly missed the Greenpeace gig. Strummerville was great, Avalon was epic and the BBC Introducing gig was fun and actually seemed to be relatively secret.
  10. Anyone criticising Lizzo's ability to perform should have been at the West Holts that day. Flipping brilliant, and we were stuck right at the back, the energy was infectious throughout the entire field. I'd be surprised if Lizzo returned so quickly but if she did I'd be there.
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