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  1. Patti Smith my highlight of 2015. Despite Slaves and Sleaford Mods playing that year Patti was still the punkiest performer on the Farm that year.
  2. Kylie Kate Tempest Pale Waves Miley Cyrus Christine & The Queens Kurt Vile Janaelle Monae/The Cure (gameday decision) Hot Chip Sigrid Jon Hopkins Not really must-sees but the ones that have piqued my interest the most so far
  3. Out of upvotes so here is a big thumbs up instead 👍 what a great post
  4. On behalf of my ticketless friend I declare this the worst line-up EVER. Please return your tickets in droves.
  5. This is absolutely bang on. If anything the low key (for me anyway) nature of this announcement actually open the whole festival up, this is a good thing.
  6. Hotchilidog

    Kate Tempest

    One of the few must-sees for me. Delighted that Kate is playing. Last time I saw her was at The Haunt in Brighton about 3 or 4 years ago, absolutely stunning.
  7. Any chance of some Hannah material in this set? Best of Both Worlds should surely sneak in. very pleased with this announcement.
  8. It's weird, I am underwhelmed by the initial drop, but I am happy about it. Too often I find myself drawn to the main stages for the bigger names and miss out on the smaller stuff, this line up provides me with plenty of quite-like-to-sees, and very few must-sees, hopefully freeing up my festival schedule. If the ground is in reasonable shape this could be the ultimate bimbling festival. Bring it on!
  9. Now in the office. FRENZY downgraded to just DISTRACTED.
  10. I’m on the train to work, but I am in a FRENZY of excitement!
  11. The Friday morning was extraordinary. Not going to lie it did affect me and my friends, lots and lots of ranting. However I was so glad I was at the farm as the day did soften the blow, if at home I would have been totally wrapped in it, at the farm I could escape. The main impact was me swapping the sublime Sigur Ros for the brute force of Muse as my Friday headliner. I just need some cathartic NOISE to work through my emotions. This was the one occasion where I felt the feeling of escape that the festival gives you the most and I was so grateful for it.
  12. Well worth a listen, a nice insight into the background and history of the festival. Alas no new revelations for this year, but it certainly ramps up the excitement for this year’s festival
  13. Anything within ear shot and sight of the Pyramid will go quickly, as will Pennard on the opposite side. Wednesday morning arrival will be essential for any of those.
  14. Well this would be fun!
  15. First Glastonbury: 2009 Favourite Glastonbury: It's a tough one but I'll go for 2009 as I just had the best time, 2015 ran it close though. First Glastonbury act: Cannot remember pretty sure I saw a band at Club DaDa on the Wednesday night in 09. Fave Glastonbury gig: Fave Pyramid show; Foo Fighters 2017. I was one of the few people who had never seen them before and they blew me away. Fave act I had never heard or seen before; Goat on The Park stage 2015, just outstanding. Fave performance by an old familiar face; Alabama 3 The Glade 2015, if they had asked me to write a setlist that was pretty much it. First non festival gig. Motorhead Hammersmith Odeon March 29 1982, Iron Fist tour with Fast Eddie still in the band. Fave Non festival gig: Again after going to around something like 1000 or shows (certainly high 100's), it's tough so I am going to plump for Taylor Swift, Wembley Stadium 2018. I had ticket but a friend of mine is mates with Charlie Xcx's tour manager and upgraded us to the Snakepit, got us Charlie's vodka to drink in the dressing room and we had crew catering, a mesmeric day topped of by a simply amazing show from Taylor. It really was quite the day out.
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