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  1. Hotchilidog

    Billie Eilish

    Was near the sound desk and I enjoyed her set. Took me a long while to get into her music but i’m glad I have now. The main issue for me was the bass being to high, other than that a banger of a set.
  2. Pinning it down to three is tough, but here goes. 1. The Cure 2. Shame 3. Lizzo
  3. Hotchilidog

    Flops 2019

    Everyone I intended to see and did delivered for me. No disappointments for me. I did catch the end of Slow Thai before Lizzo and just didn’t get it at all. A lot of energy yes, but it seemed a rambling, incoherent performance to me. Still I am an old man these days and I am not the demographic for his show that was clearly enjoyed by the majority of people at the stage, i’m glad they all had a great time.
  4. Hotchilidog

    Bar Prices?

    The prices look decent. Cash for food, card for booze. Sweet!
  5. Hotchilidog

    Bar Prices?

    Splendid news. I shall bring a little less cash this year then. Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Hotchilidog

    Bar Prices?

    Is that a contactless sign I see there?
  7. Utterly splendid video. Thank you very much!
  8. I'd like to watch something at the Blues/Gully. One of the reasons I've neglected the area is that Silver Hayes has some might like to sees rather than the more must sees on the rest of the site. With decent ground this year, and for me a killer lineup all over the site I reckon stage hopping will be much easier this year. I'd like to explore more this year.
  9. It's all looking very good. I almost can't quite believe it after the roller coaster of the last two weeks
  10. Normally Silver Hayes (except for BBC Int), so I think I'll actually try and see something there this year.
  11. Hotchilidog

    Steel cups

    I already have some reusable pint cups, I wonder if we can use them at the festival. I’ll have one for cider and one for beer. Also taking a coffee cup and of course a water bottle, should decrease the amount of rubbish I make this year. Every little helps I guess
  12. No apologies required, your contributions are highly valued and we'll take what we are given. Thanks for the updates so far
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