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  1. Hotchilidog

    Taylor Swift

    I hope you are right. BST said that would be talking to all their acts to try and reschedule. If they do rebook then ticket holders will get the opportunity to buy their ticket back, before they go back on general sale.
  2. Hotchilidog

    Taylor Swift

    On my umpteenth listen now and it just gets better and better. It's not really comparable to Lover as it is just a completely different type of album. The more monochrome and subdued atmosphere of folklore complements the bright shiny colours of its predecessor perfectly. To write a record without any obvious (at first listen anyway) hits/bangers is a bold move. Of course the hits are actually buried in there they just take a while to emerge. Cardigan, Exile, August, Mirrorball, LGAD, Seven and many more are now embedding themselves on my internal I-pod.
  3. 2017 the best for me. The year I finally got what everyone was raving about. I watched the set from the back of the field and didn’t even notice the screens issue the music was so good. As a bigger fan of their pre-Kid A material I could not have been happier with the set. I enjoyed the noodling and since that show have spent time getting to know it better.
  4. Getting ready for my trip to Werchter Boutique and the first of my three Taylor shows this summer
  5. Personal stash ordered. Box for our communal gathering also ordered. It is nice to have a bit of Glastonbury come home
  6. Hotchilidog

    BBC Glastonbury

    Literal goosebumps...what a video, just brilliant
  7. Hotchilidog

    BBC Glastonbury

    This is superb. Just another little piece of the pre-festival preparation. Thanks!
  8. Hotchilidog

    Virtual Meet

    Well this sounds splendid. Very much enjoyed the one e-fests meet I was able to attend. I like the idea of kicking off Glastohomebury on schedule
  9. This! To be in field with thousands of like-minded people enjoying themselves and never having to concern myself with what the time is.
  10. Thanks to both yourself and @Jay Pee most helpful. I'll get my order in early!
  11. What's the delivery time and how long does it keep? We'll be ordering for our Glastonhomebury extravaganza
  12. Sorry to be a downer, I'm still so disappointed about losing my Swifty summer
  13. Ordered the charcoal t-shirt. Shall be wearing it for the duration as we celebrate Glastohomebury 2020!
  14. No offence to the OP but the initial suggestion of the 1975, Macca and AM is just so much weaker than what we were promised this year. A huge Taylor shaped hole there, I really hope she comes back. If Gaga reschedules her European dates then I hope she'd take Swifty's slot.
  15. This is actually the sort of proposal that at the very least deserves to be debated right now as a whole swathe of the economy and more importantly social fabric is currently being decimated. Sadly it does depend on the government chipping in with a fully functional and trustworthy app, the ready availability of tests as well as their speedy expedition. All these things look unlikely at them moment, but there must come a point when they run out of mistakes to make and eventually get stuff right. Well done to Melvin for coming up with a constructive proposal, I sincerely with him every success.
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