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  1. Hotchilidog

    Doja Cat

    Never heard of her. To be honest half the acts mentioned here I do not have a clue, some of the festival lineups are a complete mystery to me. it's pretty easy to not keep up with modern trends. People consume music in different ways. I'm not much of a radio listener these days, occasionally 6 music, but even that would leave you out of certain loops. I'm happy to check out these artists once they have been brought to my attention though, I quite liked the track linked to above, but honestly I am way off base when it comes to new artists.
  2. It is a lot of money, but for me it is tremendous value for what you get in return. It's a week's holiday, you can take as many supplies in as you like to minimise additional expenditure on site. It's not just about the music, (for which it is tremendous value still), it's about the escape from the outside world that the festival affords you. Time simply drifts away at Glastonbury, with 24 hours available each day you are invited to enjoy every single one of them as you choose.
  3. I would regard the album version of All to Well as my version, it's a song who's lyrics are depressingly personal to me. it's the version of the song that has really meant a lot to me over the years. I see the 10 minute version as Taylor's song, and the full retelling of her story. It is magnificent, I thoroughly enjoyed the SNL performance and the Sad Girl version with Aaron is, if possible, even better than the version on the record. Which ever version Taylor plays I'll be dabbing eyes regardless. Just an amazing song
  4. It is, but MR is superlative... I knew I shouldn't brought this up 😀
  5. Mob Rules is way better than Heaven & Hell. Seems straightforward to me but some of my Sabbath mates continue to disagree.
  6. Why not? Otherwise what is the point of this forum? The idle speculation and straw clutching are what make this a very fun place to be. So the for that reason I am reading A LOT into it.
  7. I think it will be at the very least the regular amount of returns, mu gut feeing is there will be a few more. I've been going to gigs regularly since we have been let back out again but I know many who are still reticent about it and are definitely not sure about large crowds. We have friends who missed out so we'll be trying to get them in during the resale.
  8. Rise Against (acoustic) at Chalk last night was just absolutely flipping brilliant. I am hoping the ecstatic crowd has put Brighton in their thoughts for when they return to the UK for a full tour. The songs all worked fantastically and the band were aided by a very vocal singalong crowd. That was a special one for me.
  9. That is the one let down. Supports started at 6.30 last night. 7pm for Lyoness this evening and I shall be there for them
  10. Yes. 10pm curfew. Shame on at 8.30 same for Rise Against this evening. I think it's because they run club nights there. Now I am in my dotage I like these timings, especially on a school night!
  11. Went to see Shame at Chalk last night. What a fun way to start the week, excellent show and pleasingly huge slabs of the first album were played (unlike their Williams Green set in 2019). Newer stuff sounded much better live I thought. Back at chalk for Rise Against this evening. Surely a band who would fit the Glastonbury ethos would love to see them on the Truth stage
  12. I am pre-devasted already
  13. Hopefully it's just the post and it will be with you soon. I received no email for vinyl shipping just the cd
  14. Yep! Turned up an hour ago along with the unsigned CD. It's a hefty piece of vinyl!
  15. Coming up with a setlist now is a near impossible task. I like the two suggested ones with the exception of the inclusion of London Boy (no need to waste a valuable piece of audio real estate on that). Cornelia Street, DBATC, Daylight, Lover, Archer, Cruel Summer all deserve airtime from Lover but fitting them in on the back of Folklore/Evermore/Fearless/Red is so difficult. If 1989 is next then this becomes even more difficult and I will demand New Romantics gets included!
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