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  1. So is this all also on iPlayer or is there anything you need to watch live if you want to see it?
  2. Sooner you have your page up quicker people can donate so I wouldn't stress too much about an appropriate target. Pretty sure you can raise more than what you set the initial target to. Nobody that was going to donate is going to think I won't bother they've already reached their target. £135k seems unlikely though. Might be more motivational to have a realistic target. Good luck, great idea.
  3. The Chemical Brothers 330 lggy & The Stooges 500 The Prodigy 555 LCD Soundsystem 505 Christine and the Queens 55 (+10)
  4. Modric was great, but he had lots of space all game. We made it easy for him. I do admit your last question is a problem. It's not a glamorous job and don't think the SFA have much money. Wish we had someone like Desmond and O'Brien with Ireland or Abrahamovic with Russia who was willing to fund their countries getting top managers.
  5. With Kilmarnock, is that not just because they had a shitty plastic pitch which was a leveller until the other teams got used to it? The same thing happened to Hamilton. Could beat teams at home due to more experience playing on a low quality plastic pitch, then the opposition got used to it and they get relegated. Worth pointing out that McLeish did most of the work qualifying us for this Euros and Clarke's making a pigs ear of world cup qualification. Plus my main objection is the style of football. We genuinely have good footballers in Robertson(Liverpool CL winner), Tierney(Arsenal),
  6. OK. I stand corrected, twice 🙈 Let's just vote out Chemical Brothers then 😄
  7. Am I right in thinking Christine and the Queens is the only LGBTQ+ artist left? Surely not a good look to kill them off during pride month! Also their music is brilliant and they always put on a proper performance. They are not someone to just turn up and go through the motions! #saveChris
  8. I thought Modric was well known and the obvious player that would make Croatia tick, but apparently Steve Clark never thought of having someone man mark him. We have good players and his tactics are just hoof it up the park. Supposedly his strength is making us hard to beat, but not convinced that's true. We concede at set pieces and don't mark the oppositions best players. So frustrating that we waited so long to qualify and had this eejit in charge. Now with 24 teams in the tournament 54% of Europe qualifies were in the past only 36% of Europe qualified so hopefully we don't have as lon
  9. The Chemical Brothers 340 lggy & The Stooges 483 The Prodigy 530 Portishead 20(-3) LCD Soundsystem 495 Christina and the Queens 77(+7)
  10. The Chemical Brothers 339 lggy & The Stooges 484 The Prodigy 530 Portishead 20 (-3) LCD Soundsystem 485 Christine and the Queens 92(+7)
  11. Excited for QotSA too. Remember Zane Low playing their entire set on his radio show and not really knowing them before but instantly becoming a convert. Not actually seen the set before, just heard it.
  12. With the other sporting events it's been a bit different to a festival as they are seated, but golf is similar to a festival in terms of its lots of people standing in close proximity. Just a bit worried that it's people with influence/connections to the government that are allowed to have test events rather than events in general being allowed. Doesn't bode well for the smaller festivals
  13. The Chemical Brothers 339 (-1) lggy & The Stooges 474 The Prodigy 544 Portishead 43(-1) LCD Soundsystem 469 Christine and the Queens 105(+8)
  14. Totally agree. Also think the Welsh are comfortably the best of the home nations.
  15. The Chemical Brothers 339(-1) lggy & The Stooges 475 The Prodigy 535 Portishead 49(-1) LCD Soundsystem 455 Christine and the Queens 148(+8)
  16. I messed up and used out of date figures then PDAD has posted ignoring my votes so I'll just create a new post/votes
  17. I'm so confused about O'Donnell. Against the Czechs he looked like a random guy from the pub that had won a competition to get to play. Completely out of his depth. Against England he looked ok. Not sure what his true level is. And did we just play better against England as we were more up for it or are the Czechs just the best team in the group? So confused. Only thing I feel certain of is that Scotland will fail to go through by the narrowest margin possible as is tradition.
  18. The Chemical Brothers 313(-2) lggy & The Stooges 460 The Prodigy 535 Portishead 50 LCD Soundsystem 440 Christine and the Queens 193(+8)
  19. Think I might have listened to it after your post now I think about it,so cheers for the recommendation
  20. Can I recommend Joy Oladokun, singer songwriter, her album came out the same day as Wolf Alice so everyone seemed to miss it, but it's really good.
  21. The Chemical Brothers 333(-2) lggy & The Stooges 460 The Prodigy 514 Portishead 70 LCD Soundsystem 444 Christine and the Queens 248(+8)
  22. The Chemical Brothers 350(-1) Iggy & The Stooges 450 The Prodigy 496 Portishead 124 (-1) LCD Sound system 419 Christine and the Queens 258(+8)
  23. The Chemical Brothers 323(-2) Iggy & The Stooges 440 The Prodigy 502 Queens of the Stone Age 12 Portishead 183(-1) LCD Soundsystem 405 Christine and the Queens 272(+7)
  24. That's fair enough, but if the government know events can't happen with any certainty they should have been honest with festival organisers from the start. It's Boris that's given people false hope that's caused event organisers to waste time & money planning shit that consumers have now bought tickets for.
  25. The Chemical Brothers 325 Iggy & The Stooges 430 The Prodigy 485 Queens of the Stone Age 51 (+1) Portishead 181 (-4) LCD Soundsystem 380 Christine and the Queens 275 (+5)
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