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  1. Got a gig to say the Big Moon gig I was meant to be going to on Monday has been cancelled again. No explanation to why.
  2. Deftones have been around so long I'm wondering if the special guest Grandson is a band or a relative.
  3. I agree with the far too many people on site. By unnecessaries do you mean excess workers or stages/areas you don't think add anything? If it's the latter there will probably be a lot of disagreement on what is unnecessary.
  4. I loved the first 2 singles. The other songs don't live up to the same standard and the lyrics for Oh No are terrible, it's like they were given a short time to finish the album while there was so much hype and they just sang any old rubbish: "Oh noOh my GodLife is hardCredit cardOh noYou're so wokeDiet CokeI feel grossOh no"
  5. 100% agree, there are so many female acts around just now that I love. I just hope they fix the gender balance by giving good female bands/acts like Wet Leg, the Mysterines, the Big Moon, HAIM, Courtney Barnett, Phoebe Bridgers and Sacred Paws an opportunity rather than filling it with mainstream pop like Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. Always feel like Glastonbury should be about alternative culture and these type of artists get enough promotion elsewhere. Having said that, Lizzo played one of my favourite Glastonbury sets ever so I appreciate pop acts can be good live. Though they kind of caught her on the way up before she was a mega star.
  6. The album was probably my favourite album of the year. Had booked to see them on the tour supporting it and it's been cancelled so many times, finally meant to be seeing them in a couple of weeks
  7. Totally agree with this. Generally best to see bands either on the way up or when you really enjoyed their most recent album. I had a much better time at James at Playground Festival last year than I did when I saw them at Glastonbury and it was because I was actually looking forward to them playing the new material. When I was younger I used to think it was pointless seeing a band twice. Now I think it's pointless paying to see a band if they haven't released anything I like since the last time I saw them.
  8. An electronic drum beat that is too perfectly in time. Just feels soulless and for that reason I hate most 80s music (think after the 80s people put deliberate imperfections or a bit of swing into electronic drumbeats). Rap music where there is little going on other than the drums and the rapper, don't mean this to dismiss a whole genre, there is plenty of rap music (such as Little Simz or Dr Dre) where there is plenty going on musically and that I enjoy. Jazz music that has too many notes (again don't mean this to dismiss the whole genre, just the stuff where it sounds like the musician is being paid by the note).
  9. Daft Punk 110 (+5) Elton John 70 Kate Bush 60 (-5)
  10. Daft Punk 115(+10) Depeche Mode 70 Elton John 50 Kate Bush 105
  11. Daft Punk 90 Depeche Mode 80 Elton John 70 Dead Heads 0 (-10) Kate Bush 110 Nick Cave 60
  12. Daft Punk 90 Depeche Mode 80 Elton John 50 Talking Heads 30 (-10) Kate Bush 96 Nick Cave 65
  13. Daft Punk 80 Depeche Mode 90 Elton John 60 Rage Against the Machine 30 Talking Heads 45 (-10) Kate Bush 90 Nick Cave 80 Dua Lipa 35
  14. Of the ones I've seen Ray Davis, Lionel Richie and Kenny Rodgers are hard to separate, all were brilliant and couldn't pick one. Never really took to the Dolly Parton performance. The first 3 I mentioned I felt like I was watching legendary performers, Dolly I felt like I was watching some kind of parody. Was also a bit meh about Kylie and sadly although I like ELO the atmosphere was very flat them in part due to weather, but also think people just weren't into it as he wasn't as mainstream a booking as previous years. Ones I wish I'd been at were James Brown and Neil Diamond, both before I started going to the festival. Don't have tickets this year and gutted I'll miss Diana Ross. Would love to hear her belt out some of Supreme's numbers but probably don't like her enough to go to an actual Diana Ross gig.
  15. Daft Punk 100 Depeche Mode 110 Elton John 85 Rage Against the Machine 100 Pearl Jam 90 Talking Heads 105Kate Bush 100 Taylor Swift 65(-10)Nick Cave 85Dua Lipa 100
  16. Daft Punk 102 Depeche Mode 117 Elton John 85 Rage Against the Machine 110 Pearl Jam 109 Talking Heads 99 Kate Bush 100 Taylor Swift 60(-10) Nick Cave 85 Dua Lipa 91
  17. Daft Punk 102(+2)Depeche Mode 97The Strokes 24(+4)Elton John 80Rage Against the Machine 100Pearl Jam 114 Talking Heads 89(-4) Kate Bush 90Taylor Swift 70Nick Cave 95Dua Lipa 80The Jam 55
  18. I don't like his musical output but his cameo on modern family was great. He clearly has a sense of humour, knows how to design a stage show & loves Glastonbury. Not a bad sort
  19. Disagree. I've seen a few good acts in Avalon and also like the food options in that area
  20. The first time I had it, it was mind blowing because I'd never had Rekorderlig or Kopparberg. Now if you want a flavoured fruit cider there are so many better options.
  21. Legends has become too cheesy for me and taking that approach really limits who they can have and probably the reason ELO completely flopped as people just expect cheese from that spot on the line up now. You could argue they let too many people in for the duration of the festival
  22. I'd missed the fact there was a new Mattiel album. Love her voice, will need to check it out.
  23. Think I'm the same as you. Not listened to anything else new this month, but loving the Mysterines album
  24. Not sure if it's already known, but Craig Charles just said on his show that he's DJing at 1pm on Friday at Shangri La. He's interviewing Annie Mac who has said she can't say if she's playing Glastonbury as it's not been announced and she might get into trouble, but it seemed like as much as a confirmation you could get without actually confirming.
  25. Unfortunately was a bit hungover after football and Glasgow Wet Leg gig sold out before I even tried to get tickets 😞
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