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  1. Ahead of the game! Nice!
  2. I've always used one device one browser and just refresh, keep it simple. It's worked most times 09/10/11 were pretty easy, 15 was resale on my phone, 16 coach sale on phone, 17 coach sale at home, 19 regular sale at home, 20-22 regular sale at home. One device one browser each time. I'm giving the credit to sheer flipping luck.
  3. That was pretty funny and nicely self-deprecating. One thing the author is right about though, what was it with the Bucket Hats this year? I did not get that memo I stuck with my Panama.
  4. I'll be all over the tour. However seeing Swifty at the farm would truly be special. If I miss out the tour will be the consolation prize.
  5. Tested negative this morning so I'm clear. Just one of my group of six tested positive.
  6. Very easy indeed. Absolutely no problem whatsoever. For me this is really the main selling point of WV and SL it makes Day 1 and Day 6 a lot easier to handle.
  7. Fleetwood Mac would be an amazing booking. I'm happy to see them without Lindsay (in fact the only time I have seen them he wasn't there) I'd rather see a group of people who all want to been stage together, I want to have fun and if the band are then that only increases. Lindsay is a phenomenal guitarist and not having him play I'm So Afraid would be a huge loss, but one I can live with. Bloody hell FM and Taylor my T-Day anxieties are now going through the roof!
  8. I really liked it. Toilets were clean and stocked all week, if you were up before 7.30 getting a shower was a breeze. Wouldn't have minded some more seating by the food or maybe a communal fire for when you returned of an evening, but other than that I thought it was excellent. Less food options than WV but to be honest you were literally next door to the festival so that was not so much of a problem. We are definitely rebooking if we get tickets next year.
  9. 1. Phoebe 2. Pet Shop Boys 3. Macca Other sets that deserve to be in there Olivia, Skunk Anansie, Turnstile, Self Esteem (Greenpeace), Nova Twins (GP), Supergrass, Cassette Boy and many more....
  10. Emotionally it would be Phoebe Bridgers, during Sidelines I couldn't really keep the tears in. I stumbled out of the JP and headed over to my friends and they could all tell how affected I was by that set. On a more ridiculous note, watching a very drunk crowd in the Village Inn on Thursday go absolutely apeshit to The Chain by Fleetwood Mac the most unlikely mayhem I witnessed all weekend, it was hilarious. That was the content I was there for!
  11. Really enjoyed Sticklinch. If you are up early like me, no queue of note for the showers before 7.30 and the toilets were immaculate and fully stocked with paper and sanitiser the whole weekend as they were being well stewarded pretty much all the time. As for the compost toilets, yes superb as always but I stacked it coming down the steep steps on Friday morning as I slipped on the wet steel. Luckily I avoided any serious injury, but I do have some battle scars to show the folks back home! The smoothies at the Hedonist were excellent and the perfect start to my day. Definitely going back if we can get tickets next year.
  12. It wasn’t just me in tears at the end then. Unbelievable performance. Just watched it again when I got home. The connection between the audience and Phoebe was special.
  13. Seems to be filling up nicely but not full yet
  14. This is reassuring to hear. Good luck today train travellers!
  15. Woo hoo! Literally get in there!!!
  16. I woke to find my Sticklinch email this morning. Delighted to see that the Tipis are as close to the festival as it is possible to be, so excited. Not particularly looking forward to being routed all the way round the festival from the east to get on the A361 but hey ho, all part of the fun.
  17. This thread truly is the gift that keeps on giving! What a finale on the last day!
  18. Out of upvotes, but consider this one. Enjoy your evening, I’m envious
  19. I emailed Sticklinch yesterday and this was their response. So we'll be heading to Shepton Mallet/Cannards Grave and then following the signage to take us around the site. Hi Andy, Once you are on the A371 there will be lots of signs to direct you. You will need to turn off the A371 onto Stickleball Lane and continue to follow signs down the road. The campsite entrance is off this road. Best wishes, The Worthy View & Sticklinch Team
  20. It's looking Welly free and I'll take that. Anyone demanding a shower free Glastonbury is really being a little bit greedy.
  21. Hotchilidog

    cash or card

    Expect most people to accept cards but the odd trader to be cash only. I'll bring around £100 just in case there are any issues.
  22. Good to see Burrow Hill make it in to other bars, not sure I had seen that before, this is great news. Also I'd imagine the Cider Bus would be a flat fiver for a pint, it has always seemed cheaper than the main bars.
  23. Thank you Dee. The absolute highlight of my June mornings! What a delight these posts have been.
  24. Thanks for the earworm!
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