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Rock Werchter 2021


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1 hour ago, EV123 said:

Why not? Does the field have to be completely full for a show to be a success? I saw 30k people of which a lot were very dedicated fans and I saw one of the best shows ever at the Main. Don't forget it was pretty late at night when they started. I would say that the dripping off of fans during Muse's show that same year was more remarkable.

Just to be clear, i was talking about the field in general, a lot of people already left. I absolutly loved their show ;) 

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13 minutes ago, ParanoidTourist said:

Great news! Hope we get all three=) 

Nope, Squid was a band that was on the bill normally for 2020, but not announced?, so i reckon that they’ll be Back...

Marc Rebillet, Meute were announced for 2020 

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I don't see Muse coming back already. They were there in 2019 and it was not a huge success if I remember. The festival needs to innovate a little bit. They usually don't book the same headliners so quickly (exceptions: Kings Of Leon and Editors). I see more the band coming for a one shot show on Werchter field before/after the festival like they did in 2013 (Werchter Boutique). Or maybe at Stade Roi Baudouin.

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On 12/2/2020 at 3:26 AM, SwallowOrSleepOnTheWetSpot said:

They played Coachella in 2015...

I'd argue they are unlikely for Werchter since LN Belgium could probably make more cash on a separate show, but you never know. Cannot look at former precedents given everything that has happened.

Both Muse and Pink had their only (I think) festival shows on their 2019 tours at Rock Werchter

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