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  1. I am not Ken19, but I've come to learn that Kendrick kind of makes his plans when he feels like it. Now take a professional festival organisation with bookers that are dealing with booking headliners more than a year before the previous edition of the festival. He'd be very lucky to have a headliner cancel and to be able to replace the way he's with his bookings. To put things in perspective: you plan a holiday with friends. One friend is evasive/hesitant to actually fulfill the plans. So, you and your three other friends book the holiday, 4 beds, a car, tickets for everything sold out and you have them just for the 4 of you. Now, said hesitating/evasive friend finally comes along somewhere down the line and says: well I've been thinking about it and now I want to go as well. But you can't fit this person in your accomodation anymore, no more tickets for the events, no extra space in the car. Annoying right?
  2. While I'd welcome it with open arms, the chance of that happening is 0.00000000001%.
  3. I agree with you too. A balance is great, and I honestly feel (personal opinion) the bookings for Rock Werchter are done quite well in that perspective. Sure the headliners aren't as progressive as you proposed, but there's always a new undercard. Also, other festivals want headliners too, so have the opportunity to offer slots you propose, I.e. Kendrick are Les Ardentes.
  4. Lorde and Bon Iver could be Barn headliner. I'd think they'd fall flat on their face as main stage headliner acts. A headliner at Rock Werchter on the main stage needs this as a main ingredient: energy. Tame Impala might be able to share co-headline status. Kendrick already booked. Billie and Taylor booked for Boutique. Dua Lipa is here today gone tomorrow, as with 99.9% of pop artists. And those rappers would fit the Barn or Pyramid and definitely not as headliners. If you're looking at a festival like Rock Werchter, you're also having to deal with a percentage of people who come back year after year, and not just people who come once for a festival experience. Booking a lineup that you've suggested would alienate those people and essentially have quite an impact on sales of tickets and the future of the festival. You only need to take Pukkelpop as example. They switched to catering for a younger audience, and look what happened to their ticket sales. But, given those acts you prefer are also touring, you'd still be able to catch them, just maybe have to set your eyes on another festival.
  5. Maybe Volbeat will sub Metallica at Rock Werchter?
  6. The Offspring were planned for Graspop 2020. I think they'll be heading there for 2022.
  7. @Ken19 I read that Nine Inch Nails at Hellfest will be a European exclusive show. Do you possibly have any information whether that is true or not? Of course you don't have to confirm where else they would be playing, but I'd really like to know if it's just Hellfest or not.
  8. That is the most insane line-up ever. Seriously unbelievable. I hope Graspop are able to compete.
  9. I'm really sad about the prospect of not having The Strokes headline too. But, if that falls through, I hope there's an alternative date or place for them in either Belgium or The Netherlands.
  10. Might attend solely for Emperor.
  11. Hoping Springsteen might be the headliner for the second event 🤞
  12. I love Muse, BUT we have a two year forced break from festivals, leading to a vast array of headliners for future editions and a positive effect (in my opinion) of not having to book the same headliners over and over again. And we possibly get the same headliner they had at the last edition of Werchter in 2019? I certainly hope not. I'd love for Muse to headline again, but make it 2023, '24 or even '25.
  13. Underwhelming... But maybe something better in August?
  14. I'm not speaking for Ken19 at the slightest, but my guess is I don't think Ken19 will be the one (allowed) to give you these answers as I doubt he's a Belgian government official or the head of Live Nation. Your answers will be coming, however patience is needed. And rules enforced by the French government do not mean that they automatically apply to a neighbouring country. The one thing I've come to learn from this pandemic is that while a government might take some ideas from other countries in the EU, but they're still just going to do their own thing on the basis of their knowledge. My advice, which I welcome you to throw in the trash can if you prefer: try to stay optimistic until things are actually cancelled. There's really no way to be certain how things will pan out.
  15. Never heard of this international festival.
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