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  1. I'd click Like it but it would seem that I'm happy about Your GF losing job. That sucks. All of it sucks big time.
  2. Gn'R ? Although they start their US tour July 4th
  3. The last time I saw "mental" RW crowd was during Chase & Status Massive sing-a-long during a great hit song like In the End doesn't make people mental in my book. And without judgement - there were more moshpits during SOAD than LP so in terms of "hard fun" they won back then. Although I enjoyed both gigs exactly the same as a fan of both bands
  4. To be fair AM as a festival closer played their most non-festival album. We had dEUS & Beck in 2008 closing the festival (my first RW experience). Sometimes probably - as Ken19 and Jazebel said - things go from perfect to real. Then again - in terms of "hard" - Metallica played last in 2014 and no one critisized. And SOAD gig in 2017 was splendid, people were much more involved than in Linkin Park who played afterwards. So maybe that's the reason
  5. Wanna share your solution to this puzzle with us ?
  6. Until Friday then, no strong sub this week
  7. In terms of female artists...Dido has a perfectly fitting Werchter gap in her schedule. Would love to have her in The Barn during Kendrick if FNM are not Barn headliners.
  8. Foals play Opener in Poland July 4th. So they're around
  9. Offspring are playing Graspop so rather ruled out (FNM is a one time exception I guess) We still have the likes of Editors, KoL & Placebo available. I'd love to see MCR because I haven't seen them yet. But if they're asking to be too high on the bill - we know it won't happen. Another band I'd really want to see is Incubus (Barn 2012 headliner - GREAT gig)
  10. UA and RU dates have nothing to do with Werchter which happens week before
  11. MCR before The Strokes & Tame Impala after PJ still seems reasonable
  12. I must be really old (36) cause all I can say about those two bands is: WHO ?
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