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  1. Nothing. Seems we're done for this year with RW. Only The Boss for TW I guess
  2. Maneskin sold out 8k capacity arena in Poland in a heartbeat. I didn't listen to their album but Eurovision single IS a catchy tune. I think they sell tickets and they're lot of fun live Perfect RW band in my opinion.
  3. Sum 41 is going loud on my headphones, high school all over again 😄 😄 😄 😄 Probably that's it for 2021 announcements but if that's it - that was a VERY GOOD announcement
  4. https://www.rockwerchter.be/en/blog/16-new-names-for-rock-werchter 😄 ::D 😄 😄
  5. 2016 I escaped from The Hive after two days, ended up in Brussels with a fever feeling like shit. Haven't seen Sat & Sun headliners since I needed a train back to the city. Once I returned home I stayed sick for a week, all my bones and body hurting like hell. This mud, rain and cold really hit me hard. Then I said to myself "no more festivals, I'm too old for that" 2017 I was back in full swing 😄 😄 😄
  6. https://www.ticketmaster.pl/artist/robert-plant-bilety/2136?brand=presale&fbclid=IwAR2dmV1SNPTLyryRv7-eruTwVNLoYzRcZuCdOzYXVYHFt3wPvTyAbf_Pqvo
  7. Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - July 1st & 2nd - Norway. This rules them out. Sad, I was hoping to see Mr Plant for the third time live...But then again this music doesn't really fit festivals. 6 hours of hope for an announcement to go !!
  8. 55 - 19 = 36 Last time I checked basic maths 36 is WAY bigger number than 19. Like neraly twice the size of 19. So...appareantly out of 55 deaths in your country on one particular day non-vaccinated were the majority of death toll. Around 66%. But hey, it's OK...blame the vaccine. Out of the curiosity. Which country are You from? Cause I'd like to know which country informs about such private thing of a dead person whether he/she's been vaccinated or not
  9. Just found out Jack White will be back next year with TWO new albums. Can't see a place for him since he'd be high on the bill...unless he'd play before Pearl Jam. Or rather he'll play august festival circuit...who knows.
  10. Had the same feeling about The Black Keys before PJ in 2014
  11. Last time I saw The Killers live was....2009 so I'm happy with them being announced. Then again I've NEVER 😞 seen The Strokes live ....
  12. He was on 2020 lineup, I guess he's one of the acts Ken was talking about that they're waiting to sell more own date's tickets before announcing them at RW. I don't mind him, Fleabag is actually quite a catchy tune. Greta van Fleet just announced some 2022 dates, last one is UK June 29th, no Belgium so far. Haven't seen them live, I know opinions are VERY diverse and they were too high on the bill last time. So - will they show up or not? What's your guess
  13. Last time they played RW was 2008. Saw them back then at Pyramid Marquee, splendid set. Musically they're possible but since they gave us NO summer dates for a reunion tour so far I'd say they're highly unlikely Anyone have the camping map? I don't want to sleep in the Hive so those other 3 camping regulars seem more acceptable for me. I just need to know where those campings actually are
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