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  1. It's sold out long ago, from their POV mission: accomplished. Besides the only option to improve a day is when someone cancels and then you find a replacement who still doesn't have to be your/mine cup of tea. Saturday is lame (IMO) but I plan to get as much from this day as possible. Stay positive !!
  2. Wow, she really lost her headlining status in BE....
  3. So, Leuven it is again, not gonna try anything new 🙂 Thanks a lot for the answer !!
  4. Wow, a lot of new informations from RW team, including night trains 😮 I see there's a second town added as a bus departure base - AARSCHOT - and it's recomended for people with regular camping tickets (which is for me and my friends). Therefore I have a question for the locals: - which city - AARSCHOT or LEUVEN has more train connections with Zaventem Airport? I'm on a pretty tight schedule arriving June 30th 9:30 am and leaving Bru July 4th 10:30 am so I'm not gonna take any chances and if this AARSCHOT has less train connections with the airport than Leuven.
  5. True. I still remember the taste of "free" oysters from 2017 🙂
  6. Physical chips, actually it's a piece of paper 🙂 That's recycle coupons from 2012
  7. Luckily I've found an alternative route directly to my hometown so I'll have to be at the airport around 9 am. That's easy 🙂 But thanks for the answer !!
  8. Anyone remembers when shuttle buses start driving to Leuven on Monday morning? I'm thinking about 7:40 am plane home from Zaventem so I'd have to be on the bus at 6 am...
  9. Not Werchter 2022 related but I have to write it here... Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters drummer) is dead 😞
  10. Since 4 weeks ago line-up is complete and the festival is SOLD OUT
  11. TWOD were brilliant in 2015 so I expect them to do the same tis time. For me it's Greta - haven't seen them and I fell asleep on ALt-J in 2017 (to be fair, I was at the barriers waiting to enter GC to see Foo Fighters) Haven't seen anyone of these guys but Fender seems more rockier so it's an easy choice for me
  12. I used to risk everything and board a plane in Poland at 7 am the day festival started. Collect a luggage, get to Leuven, bus to Werchter, pitch a tent, get in line and enter the festival grounds. Did that couple of times and usually managed too see 1st band on main stage. 2016 was an exception but it was an exceptional year (due to the fucked up weather conditions) Think I was full of luck so not gonna risk this time. Flying to Brussels the day before 🙂
  13. Saw Beck only once in 2008 (Werchter had TWO stages back then) and I have NEVER seen Pixies. It's manageable, but since I NEED to hear "Where is my mind?" I'll travel to The Barn after Pixies end their set
  14. @Ken19will this idea od "1 drink coupon for 20 empty cups" be continued? Can't seem to find any info about this in FAQ for this year.
  15. Yeah, forgot about this one. But I'll stick with Pixies to the end and then I'll go to see Beck
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