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  1. Bummer about The Strokes zero popularity but then again....they should sub at the most at THIS particular festival. That Saturday ticket sales should be an indicator than 65 minute set rap headliner ain't the solution here to sell tickets. Last time I was at RW was 2017 and I saw plenty of young people so the next generation of customers shouldn't be a problem. Plus as Ken stated sometime ago...it's the older people who leave most money on the ground 🙂 🙂 I'm pushing 40 and I'm feeling old by the festival standards 😛 😛
  2. I've stated this earlier here...For me it's only fair to offer a full festival experience with top bands playing. I just hope if there is some kind of festival thing going to happen in August then 2021 tickets will be transfered to 2022 edition. Otherwise it would be unfair.
  3. Graspop postponed, now it's time for us 😞
  4. What do You all get from RW post ? A lot of words,and nothing specific. I've felt like they're delaying the inevitable
  5. Robert Plant, Thurston Moore, Mark Lanegan, Incubus, Patti Smith, Alabama Shakes, Royal Blood...oh yeah. The Barn is extraordinary place
  6. The only "bubbles" at a festival I can accept is Biffy Clyro performing their 2009 hit
  7. Let's face it...it's better to cancel again than to force ticketholders to "some kind of festival" experience. Nevermind the local ones, but for someone who wants to travel more than 1000 km it DOES matter what you gest for a full ticket price. As I've said before, this place is sacred to me because of the freedom experience. I want it to stay this way therefore I'm waiting patiently for 2022 edition.
  8. RATM & Metallica on the same bill ? + Gorillaz & RHCP ? That would sell out in a heartbeat
  9. Maybe I misunderstood You. Metallica weren't backup plan for 2020 but main plan for 2021, right ?
  10. That's understandable. But if Metallica were the plan for 2020 AND for 2021 then The Strokes would be only Friday sub (and they weren't announced in a way a sub would be....quite the opposite). Also, that 2020 Friday would be a fucked up day with Lewis Capaldi , Liam Gallagher and Julian before James & Co. Not the day for a typical 'Tallica fan (I'd take that in a heartbeat besides Lewis but I'm on minority) I gave my hopes up for 2021 edition, I don't want a festival with restrictions, dilemmas whether I can travel to Belgium without 10-day quarantine hiatus. I don't want to wear th
  11. Was the plan to ditch The Strokes due to poor ticket sales or were they supposed to sub ?
  12. I fear the silence is a prognostic of "See You Next Year" announcement 😞
  13. From what I'm reading France (and Belgium) have so far vaccinated very few in comparison to other EU countries. Where's the optimism coming from ? Don't get me wrong, I'd LOVE to have a festival this year but it's not looking promisingly judging from the vaccination rates
  14. I get Your POV (I yawned during NEM and SBT last time I saw them in 2018 - and I'm a fan), but let's be honest. If it's Metallica @Ken19 is talking about it's the most obvious and easiest headliner to make up SOAD loss for SOAD fans. And he said Sunday tix sold great whereas Saturday (Kendrick day) not so great. That "compensation headliner" didn't announce a single 2021 date yet. That leaves us with Metallica, AC/DC or RATM (only when they reschedule US tour for the 2nd time) on the table. We've gotta be realistic - Metallica WILL sell tickets. And that's the only thing the organiser cares ab
  15. I feel like a Foo Fighters' new song title....shame, shame
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