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  1. Thanks man! Will purchase all the tickets on 2nd November!
  2. Is there any possibility of ' the national' and ' the war on drugs' to show up at 2022? Been coming to rock werchter all the way from India ever since 2017 hoping for the national every year xD
  3. Hello all! What's the possibility of getting tickets on 2nd November? We're a group of some 15 people coming from rock werchter. I have tried on ticketswap but didn't work much.
  4. Please please please announce ' the national ' . I have been coming all the way from India since 2017! I deserve this rock werchter
  5. That Friday is gun's n roses and the national!
  6. Are we completely ruling out 'the national" because they are playing BKS?
  7. We get new names in 1 and half hour? As per @Ken19
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