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  1. The Pretty reckless are going to lot of festivals (like pinkpop) what do you think for RW?
  2. I think I saw IDLES was in 2018. Is there a change to have them this year or too early. I had seen them at Nos alive 2019 and they were so fucking amazing
  3. I have one question. Im just going to choose between this festival or Reading and leeds (depends on the line up) but: When the 4 days tickets ruled out usually?
  4. Know the killers are going to make a tour in UK, but is there a possibility? They have announced for Mad cool festival Spain
  5. The killers for madcool in Spain, What do you think?
  6. The pretty reckless comes back, they have announce Download uk and Nova rock. What do you think?
  7. The Kooks are announced for end July at Spain (Fib Festival). They were in 2018 I think, could they come ?
  8. RHCP announced for a french festival 20 june
  9. Waiting for headliners is killing me so hard, hope this month (end) will be have something
  10. Cage the elephant announce for Nos Alive fest in middle of July
  11. Muse official account just post a photo of their show at Reading festival in 2011. What about them? Know they were in 2017.
  12. RCHP June at Firenze Rock festival. If they are in Europe, there Is a possibility of them????
  13. When they usually start to sale tickets?¿?
  14. Know Nothing but Thieves was in 2018 line up, however could they perform in 2020?
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