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  1. When they usually start to sale tickets?¿?
  2. Know Nothing but Thieves was in 2018 line up, however could they perform in 2020?
  3. what do you think about seeing all Tom Walker concert and then go to the IDLES ones even if its has started? Me and my friends love the two
  4. Is it allow to enter with a flare? I mean light it inside
  5. It would be nice if they posted all the line up this week, I think we have wait too much and the festival is around the corner.
  6. Please go all to church, we hace to pray for an announcement for tomorrow
  7. keep tuned = unbelievable keep tuned revellers up
  8. I think we will get the next name just one day before the festival starts, omg... they take so long time
  9. Something for the 12 day, tomorrow please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I don´t think, he had posted many other artworks of Banksy. However it would be nice.
  11. You think next announcement will be tomorrow, Friday or...... just waiting Valentine´s day?
  12. Hope we will have something tomorrow... something strong please...
  13. Someone knows possibilities of the group Nothing But Thieves?
  14. Hope tomorrow they will post an announce
  15. Someone knows when they will put another confirmation?¿?
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