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  1. I have a question, if you have a collector ticket for 2020, will we recieved another one for 2021 or is the 2020 valid?
  2. Is it IDLES an option of new-name for the line up? They are going to release a new album in September.
  3. I have some questions, I know we are in unknowed situation, however what do you think is going to happen? They will posponed the festival or just cancel. I'm from Spain and with my gf we already have tickets.
  4. Is there a possibility for the band “Rolling Blackouts CF”?, not very popular but they are nice live.
  5. I know I can be annoying because I repeat too much myself but, will be a dream having catfish and the bottlemen. However, fantastic line up!
  6. I think it will be Royal Blood our next name, however; what other possibility we have?
  7. One question and one thought: 1) How many coupons of food and drink would you buy for 2 people? And 2) Line up is very nice but the co-headliner name missing is killing me because we don ´t have clues and it´s intriguing. Thanks @Ken19 for all the info, it´s great to have you on this forum(It´s so sad to see what is happening in MC forum and saying about you).
  8. Will be so nice to have Cage the elephant but they are playing the 1,2,3 and 5 in other festivals
  9. @Ken19 would you say that the final name of co-headliner is something we dont expect? I mean beyond if its very big or only big.
  10. I have a question: is the Kooks a possibility?
  11. All time low is around europe in June, are they relevant in Belgium?
  12. I saw them in Madrid when they did a special concert before the Mtv sevilla show. It was all dookie but they played the song of father of all... and live is fucking nice ( I hate the filter voice of the studio version).
  13. Catfish and the Bottlemen announced in Hurricane Germany 21 June.
  14. What do you think about Snow Patrol with Liam and Strokes? They´d been announce for Latitude
  15. I know insiders said to calm down our expectations, but I´m agree with you.
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