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  1. Imagine putting on Gojira followed by SOAD, you'll need a bloody string headliner after that.( Don't think KOL fits the bill)
  2. This now shows us that we will get any of the acts announced in any order, not just headliners first (which used to be the norm as I remember)
  3. TOP is not named as one of the headliners in the text.
  4. Foals have a lovely clear gap to slot RW into. Currently in Manchester on the 1st and then nothing till Mad Cool on the 8th.
  5. Snow Patrol announced some dates for July next year. A very thin chance of them at RW as got to fit in a date between Scarborough OAT and Lytham Festival.
  6. Chris Martin on an interview with the BBC today has said that Coldplay are not going to tour the new album for the next couple of years. He is looking to make the whole tour a carbon neutral event.
  7. Just heard the first track, Arabesque, from Coldplays forthcoming album. Fresh but familiar, got some Gorillaz vibe about it. It has Stromae in it doing the French part. I think you can guarantee that Stromae will get out the office and drive up to do the live show if they play RW.
  8. Sam Fender should be a shoe in as he's very popular in Belgium.
  9. I remember an article from a Belgian newspaper a couple of years back which outlined that Werchter could have a permit for only a limited amount of events per year. If I recall right they were allowed the 4 day festival plus either 2 or 3 extra events per year. Unfortunately can't find the article anymore. Was linked in the Festileaks site. This may affect if Werchter have the permit to put another 1 day event on after they have announced one for Billie and one for Taylor.
  10. Daniel, you are welcome to join the RW family. In tents is perfect. Both rental and bringing your own. Good facilities on site. Connections to the main cities is free in Belgium (bus and train) before,during and after the festival. Best of all Belgian beer and frites.
  11. I see now that both headline acts for NOS are separate boutique gigs. That could mean that RW have some very different headliners to other festivals this year
  12. Cuffe and Taylor, gig promoters, were reacting to this year's programme at Scarborough and have left us this gem. "Peter says it's been an innovative season at the theatre, with Biffy Clyro performing a gig that was in effect a warm up for their European tour." Source: Yorkshire Coast Radio
  13. Made me laugh that we haven't seen Kings of Leon at RW for 2 years and they still have the "Winners" position. Not that I'm a fan of their 'static' shows. Real possibility of Foals this year now they will release part 2 of the new CD in October. Also new music from Sam Smith will get him a slot in the Barn. Long shot- Sam Fender.
  14. Would Catfish & the bottlemen be a possibility for festivals next year, due to their new album. They played in 2015 but not sure if they are popular in Belgium.
  15. Werchter won't get a clashing weekend with Glastonbury next year as they are holding it the week before Werchter. Although it's hard to say if Werchter lost out on any acts that didn't or couldn't play both in the same weekend.
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