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  1. What about those ticket sales? As we've not had any notice of "not many day tickets left for..." then I take it that it has been steady but no day has broken the bank. Anybody know?
  2. Call it UK based but I still can't believe they haven't announced Sam Fender and Foals yet. Now both are looking increasingly vague chances. I haven't, same as a few in this group, still got my annual combi. There just doesn't seem the line up for me, either seen most already or don't feel some of the newer artists. It's going to be a late decision if I spend €600 this year.
  3. Haha, @Ken19 you gave 1 drip of info after your sabbatical due to trolling. Now everyone is coming back for the advice and info. Good to see you are measuring your responses. I know Biffy Clyro are not big in BE/NL but can still give a show just as good as others that are in the same boat or are side project bands i.e. Thom and Damon. Anybody out there have any clues for the legend spot this year ( previously Kylie/ Robert Plant/ The Pretenders).
  4. Gap in the tour schedule for Sam Fender, who is big in both UK and Belgium. Would also like to see Inhaler at RW as well as The Sherlocks. Also have gaps to fill with their presence. I believe Foals will be at RW and do the main stage around 6pm. I think RW held off getting them last year as they wanted them once with the 2 albums rather than two years in a row.
  5. Apparently so Blackfoxx. The announcements are from so long ago I've either forgotten who has been announced or temporarily lost interest.
  6. Just got this on Instagram. From Rock Werchters account. Not showing on their website.
  7. Fine by me. I can watch SOAD then go to the barn to finish the festival in the company of Thom York.
  8. Imagine putting on Gojira followed by SOAD, you'll need a bloody string headliner after that.( Don't think KOL fits the bill)
  9. This now shows us that we will get any of the acts announced in any order, not just headliners first (which used to be the norm as I remember)
  10. TOP is not named as one of the headliners in the text.
  11. Foals have a lovely clear gap to slot RW into. Currently in Manchester on the 1st and then nothing till Mad Cool on the 8th.
  12. Snow Patrol announced some dates for July next year. A very thin chance of them at RW as got to fit in a date between Scarborough OAT and Lytham Festival.
  13. Chris Martin on an interview with the BBC today has said that Coldplay are not going to tour the new album for the next couple of years. He is looking to make the whole tour a carbon neutral event.
  14. Just heard the first track, Arabesque, from Coldplays forthcoming album. Fresh but familiar, got some Gorillaz vibe about it. It has Stromae in it doing the French part. I think you can guarantee that Stromae will get out the office and drive up to do the live show if they play RW.
  15. Sam Fender should be a shoe in as he's very popular in Belgium.
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