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  1. Just asked them on messenger. They ignored me last time I asked though😉 Edit; they answered: "Yes we will have more names".
  2. Yes if he is a world.stage headliner he should be located lower (both on the web page and the poster) ? In any case, the lineup looks really great now imo:)
  3. Really nice announcement👌 Looking forward to hear some Smith's songs
  4. Yes looks like that. Good work with your time table btw👍
  5. Just saw that Sofi Tukker plays on the 24th of June so perhaps Santigold or the Hives plays on a another day:)
  6. Parkway Drive (though they play in Russia on the 25th of June), Bears Den and SWMRS play Hurricane/Southside and Werchter so we might get them since InMusic is a convenient gap between those two festivals.
  7. Just listened to todays announced acts: they are pretty good I'd say. I probabaly will pay a visit to the hidden stage more than I thought I would=)
  8. Good acts for hidden stage! Even Heard of them;) I think Black honey plays both Hurricane and Werchter as well.
  9. Ah ok. Didn't realize that competition winners also play main stage. Still hoping for a band slightly above the Bombino and Pins level;) In any case, already bought tickets so I'll enjoy the fest for what it is.
  10. Asked the organizers yesterday if they have announced all acts on main stage by now. Still haven't got a response..
  11. My theory is that they have been trying to seal a deal (and failed?) with a known band and therefore didn't know where to put Santigold on the line up, hence the longer wait for the poster. This poster also seems to indicate that Santigold plays the main stage. Could this mean we have one more name for 3rd on main and one more World stage headliner?
  12. Good Points! I agree with them all. Also, it seems many bands choose to play their own stadium tours as well and do fewer festivals like for ex. Muse.
  13. I still think its weird that the poster haven't been updated after the Santigold announcement. Maybe they are still uncertain where on the line up she will be.. Or wishful thinking: perhaps another announcement today;)
  14. They have 93 listeners per month on Spotify so I guees not a high stage status (I hope)
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