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  1. So what did everybody think of this year? It was my first time at In Music and I was pleasantly surprised=) My top five concerts were: 1) Zeal & Ardor (what a band!) 2) Suede 3) The Cure (Epic!) 4) Peter, Bjorn & John (a real surprise for me: super good live band!) 5) Foals
  2. Many people peed in the woods yesterday due to the lack of toilets. Might be worse today as you say but lets hope for the best
  3. Yesterday was really great! More people in general and Frank Turner, Suede and Zeal & Ardor were all awesome imo😊
  4. Good call! I would do the same. If you get bored you can always venture out in Stockholm since the city centre is fairly close.
  5. Still tickets on sale + loads of advertisement so maybe sales are not too good. I'll personally.go on the Saturday since the line up is great that day imo:)
  6. As I like to make lists here are my top 5 acts I'll see this year at In Music: 1) Suede 2) Zeal & Ardor 3) The Cure 4) Foals 5) The Hives
  7. Interesting that Kurt, Suede and Hives are more popular than the Cure:)
  8. The line up looks great on Monday and Tuesday but Wednesday looks very boring imo (except for the Cure obviously). Especially now after Sofi Tukker wont show up..
  9. Wow 25th of June starts to look really good! Hope the last day will have some nice addings too
  10. Yes true! Agree it looks pretty weak on that day (apart from THE CURE 😉)
  11. Pretty close indeed! So can we get some indication from this whether we're still missing a World stage headliner or not? Wednesday looks like it could get another name..
  12. For those into Suede; here they are touring again: https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/suede/2019/o2-academy-newcastle-newcastle-england-3931163.html Nice setlist IMO:)
  13. Its really good! I especially like Roy's tune.
  14. Sad to hear that the festival appears not to sell well. I understand if some of you think the line up is old but I really like it (+ I grew up in the 90s listening to Suede hehe) . And the undercard bands are really strong this year it seems=) Maybe festivals have trouble to sell out in general this year. For example: Rock Werchter are usually sold out by this time of year and so far they only sold out one day,
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