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  1. So if it's only women I guess it can be any of Florence, Wolf Alice, Skunk Anansie, St Vincent, Billie Eilish, Sigrid, Little Simz
  2. Good news! Not sure if I dare to reawaken my hope for McCartney but hopefully a good line up will appear.
  3. Do you mean TWC2 is happening after all?
  4. It seems Rolling Stones have teased a UK/European tour on their Instagram page. Maybe they are also a possibility (apart from Macca) for a potential second TW Classic day (or Encore day).
  5. Ok, I see. Before Ben mentioned 26th as the date but those plans have changed then I guess.
  6. Oh, I didn't know that. Has it been officially confirmed?
  7. The second day was supposed to be on 26th of June so we'll see.
  8. Speculation time again: Given the recent Glastonbury announcement (and assuming a second TW Classic day takes place), Macca, Foals and Noel Gallagher are all free to play on 26th of June.
  9. That's a fair point! I guess we will find out eventually.
  10. I think it's fairly similar. It only takes sir Paul about an hour to travel from UK to Belgium in his private jet😉
  11. If it's Macca I'll definitely do TW Classic. It's likely the last chance to see a Beatle in concert. He will be the oldest headliner ever in Glastonbury.
  12. He is playing 2 nights in a row in Seattle in May so it's plausible.
  13. That´s true! Plus that they need to officially announce the 2nd Classic day in the first place.
  14. Several British papers now reports that sir Paul will headline Glastonbury on 25th of June. https://metro.co.uk/2022/02/21/glastonbury-2022-sir-paul-mccartney-to-headline-becoming-oldest-ever-16139991/
  15. In the same place at least. He plays Seattle 2 nights in a row.
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