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  1. Seems to me you are the one crossing the line by being an internet troll..
  2. I have to disagree on the discussion above concerning that the headliners are past their prime. I don't think youth equals better concerts. Pearl Jam and SOAD are, imo, one of the best live bands out there, old or not.. Of course I might be biased on the older bands since I'm fulfilling the criteria of the "dad-rock generation"😄 I also think that the line up is the best I've seen in terms of variety this year compared with other festivals
  3. I just noted that Goldfrapp are having a 20th anniversary tour for Felt Mountain. No European dates announced yet (except UK). Would be awesome to see her in the Barn! Dont know if Goldfrapp are big in Belgium though..
  4. Ah shame. Would have been cool with a proper hippie concert;) But the line up is already great!
  5. Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets just announced for In Music festival. Would be really nice to see them at Werchter. Perhaps in the Barn after Beck🙂
  6. Shame. Would have been nice to have her in the Barn after Beck=)
  7. Just saw that Gwen Stefani plays in Spain 4th of July. Perhaps she can be this year's Kylie as someone mentioned earlier..
  8. Post Malone had been mentioned several times as the remaining big act. Of all the realistic options I would actually prefer Kings of Leon and they would fit better together with the Strokes IMO. Of smaller acts I hope for Wolf Alice=)
  9. Bunch of good names I Think😊. My favourites are Fontaines D.C., Miles Kane and Richard Hawley
  10. I went last year and visited the island of Krk. It was very beautiful and I can recommend it strongly. 2-3 hours drive from the airport.
  11. I think there are more "rock bands" than previous editions actually, for example Faith No More, SOAD, Peal Jam, Pixies, Volbeat. Im sure they will add a few more rockish bands too.
  12. Very nice additions! Especially like Placebo, Cigarettes after Sex and Liam=)
  13. Sunday is now my biggest reason for going:) Will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow
  14. Thanks for your input Ken! I'm very hopeful about future announcements 😊
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