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  1. Maybe Metallica or Rage Against the Machine?
  2. Thanks for sharing Ken! Its nice to get a glimmer of hope regarding festivals in general and Werchter in particular:) Hoping for the best outcome.
  3. Lets say "the classic" line up instead then😉
  4. But Flea and Thom Yorke really like each other and the former plays on some of Thoms albums. Would be awesome with a guest appearance if Thom and RHCP don't collide timewise
  5. Happy with RHCP announcement, especially since its the original line up we're talking about (with Frusciante back on guitar)
  6. Nice to hear that anecdote🙂 Also, Depeche Mode did a very nice gig that day. Hope they'll be back at some point.
  7. Nope, DM played after 30 seconds.. and before Editors who were the last act that day. DM seemed in good spirits though...
  8. I hope they can🙂 In 2009 (granted my favourite year) they afforded Oasis, Placebo, Prodigy, Coldplay, the Killers, Kings of Leon, Nick Cave, Metallica, Nine Inch Nails and many more. Regardless Werchter seldom disappoints
  9. Great news! Thanks for info.
  10. Is it likely that Thom Yorke will appear? What about SOAD? Those 2 are dealbreakers for me.
  11. I'll be happy as long as SOAD, Thom and PJ makes it into the 2021 line up=)
  12. Sad but exspected. We will all meet in 2021 damn it!
  13. I'm just happy if the festival takes place at all. As for the line up I'm already happy with it as it is. Will buy a ticket as soon as I get an indication on how Corona develops further. Let's hope for a festival summer 😊
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