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  1. not. they got nice names but overall most of the lineups looks way better right now
  2. lets not forget its sziget. they let mano chao and mike headline on their own so sam is defo bigger. about lizzo i think its like shawn mandez or maklamore - a strong sub that pushed to co headline. shakira is the superbawl half time show performer (with j.lo) and every year the artist goes touring after it...
  3. the killers - sam smith - lizzo + calvin harris - imagine dragons - justin timberlake - shakira - foals + rosalia what do you think about that set of headliners? i can see the weeknd there too
  4. i agree. theres no dot after their name which means only one headliner. we all know thats not the case anymore. i guess they pulled out and two artists replace them.
  5. i think (and hope) the weeknd will be there. maybe rosalia too?
  6. 1 i think he costs wayyy too much and they wont do the ed sheeran mistake again with over crouded festival
  7. the killers? i think its way too soon but they're around
  8. true. but i wont buy a ticket to see the same old artists over and over again. i used to be at werchter every year and they didnt change much in terms of headliners from year to year. thats why i stoped going.
  9. prime tickets on sell! dont miss it
  10. he was the hardest gig to stay alive in at the 9 years of festivals. i swear he had the best croud this sziget. yeah he's a rapper(?) and not a rock artist, but he is one of the biggest artists right now and a headliner for sure.
  11. so its iron maiden day. i think we can rull them out...
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