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  1. 1 i think he costs wayyy too much and they wont do the ed sheeran mistake again with over crouded festival
  2. the killers? i think its way too soon but they're around
  3. true. but i wont buy a ticket to see the same old artists over and over again. i used to be at werchter every year and they didnt change much in terms of headliners from year to year. thats why i stoped going.
  4. prime tickets on sell! dont miss it
  5. he was the hardest gig to stay alive in at the 9 years of festivals. i swear he had the best croud this sziget. yeah he's a rapper(?) and not a rock artist, but he is one of the biggest artists right now and a headliner for sure.
  6. so its iron maiden day. i think we can rull them out...
  7. maybe a38 headliner? if the editors did it so can them
  8. on main stage i get it. on any other music stage too as long as its in the back. but how will they do it on the arts/circus/dance etc.?
  9. they added a vip tickets for 600 euros. its says there will be an exclusive vip areas at major venues. i wonder if its the same as every year or some weird closed area infront of the stage (like mad cool 2018)...
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