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  1. visdave34

    Green Man 2019

    With Lowlands on the Saturday in between.
  2. visdave34

    Pukkelpop 2019

    Someone is posting hints in Dutch on Festileaks forum. So far we got Franz Ferdinand, Eels, The Streets and Frank Turner.
  3. visdave34

    Pukkelpop 2019

    My money is on Post Malone.
  4. visdave34

    Pukkelpop 2019

    It's in the Dutch news section on RW's site: "Balthazar - hun enige festivalshow in België komende zomer , Parkway Drive, Tamino, RY X, Lewis Capaldi, De Staat, Black Honey en Laurel komen op zondag 30 juni naar het festival. "
  5. visdave34

    Pukkelpop 2019

    Wouldn't know what else they would make such a fuss about. Anything else than a line up drop would be a huge disappointment and that would make little sense marketing-wise.
  6. visdave34

    Lowlands 2019

    The latter, so also different from RW, which sells camping tickets seperately and you get a camping wristband as well as a festival wristband. At Lowlands, all is integrated, so you get one wristband on arrival, with which you can enter camping grounds, choose a site and walk in and out of the festival arena.
  7. visdave34

    Lowlands 2019

    You can quite compare the level of facilities to those of the Hive camping at RW, but the Hive usually has longer queues for showers and toilets. A few Lowlands campsites (don't ask me which ones) have 24h showers. You can just go there in the middle of the night for a shower and have no queue at all. Where the Hive is one ginormous field, the campsites at Lowlands are a bit more seperated, each with theit own large tent with sanitary facilities. Here you have a great photo of the total grounds of both festival and campings:
  8. visdave34

    Lowlands 2019

    I think they do have a few Glamping options for (quite some) extra bucks, but in my experience general campsite is more than ok. https://www.campsolutions.com/webshop-festivals/gllamcamp-lowlands/ (in Dutch though, but pics and prices speak for itself I think)
  9. visdave34

    Lowlands 2019

    Been there quite a few times! Festival ticket includes camping and camping is exploited by the festival organisation itself, so probably 90% of all visitors stay at the festival campsites (also since there's barely any alternative in the near vicinity). For a few years now camping is pretty much integrated with the festival, as the only proper security and ticket check is on arrival at the campsite. Afterwards, you walk right in on the festival arena from the campsites. Camping facilities - for a festival camping ground - are excellent.
  10. visdave34

    Southside / Hurricane 2019

    Edit: nevermind
  11. visdave34

    Lowlands 2019

    11.00 CET
  12. visdave34

    Bilbao BBK Live 2019

    Eddie Vedder, The Good The Bad & The Queen, The Raconteurs. All ‘front men is some form’.
  13. visdave34

    All Points East Festival 2019

    Where did you see this?
  14. visdave34

    Paredes de Coura 2019

    Balthazar is the best Belgian band since dEUS and never disappoints live. Absolutely love ‘em.
  15. visdave34

    All Points East Festival 2019

    That’s why I didn’t say it won’t happen. Seem to be wrong a lot these days. What d do you think at the moment? Nailed on for Glasto? Or leaning towards APE?