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  1. visdave34

    Rock Werchter 2018

    If I understood correctly the stage is being set up underneath the Slope, at the backside seen from the second foto you posted. Behind the Slope there were benches and bars, which will probably be removed, making it an open air stage.
  2. visdave34

    Rock Werchter 2018

    1. Fleet Foxes/Jack White (2 of my favorites overlapping... ) 2. QOTSA 3. Gorillaz 4. Anderson .Paak 5. Ben Howard 6. Nick Cave 7. Fever Ray/Arctic Monkeys (depending on how good AM were at Best Kept Secret) 8. NIN 9. Eels/David Byrne (will be last minute decision) 10. Curtis Harding
  3. visdave34

    Pukkelpop 2018

  4. visdave34

    NOS Alive 2018

    Heineken is replaced by Sagres this year though, so can’t be sure those guys with the back packs will still be around...
  5. visdave34

    Pukkelpop 2018

    Wanted: artists willing to leak the new names and stage splits next Monday. PM us if interested (not you again, PW) PW being Pharrell Williams...
  6. visdave34

    Mad Cool 2018

    Of which one isn't on the album tracklist...
  7. visdave34

    Lowlands Festival 2018 (17th - 19th August)

    Sorry mate, I totally forgot to answer! Hope it's not too late, here goes: As far as camping is concerned, I only have experience with Rock Werchter, but I can tell you Lowlands camping is very well-organised. Most campings have 24h showers and all campings have a camping shop for food & drinks (cold cans of beer). There's also a camping shop if you need a new sleeping bag, air mattress, poncho's or other utilities. Where the camping is different than RW's is that the camping is an integral part of the festival. Since they only sell weekend tickets including camping, I'd say 90% of the festival goers (maybe more) are camping at the festival. When you arrive, there's one large security checkpoint where all your luggage is checked and where you receive your festival wristband. From there, everything is really relaxed. No checks when you go from camping to the festival arena for instance. There is security on entering the arena, but they will only stop you when they see you bringing stuff in that's prohibited in the arena, like large backpacks or your own drinks. Beer: 1 token is 1 (small) beer indeed. Large beer is 1.5 or 2 tokens, can't really remember :))) On Thursday, one of the three 'main areas' of the festival arena is already open. I've never been there this early since they do it this way, but I hear there is a slient disco area (very crowded though) and bars are open in that section of the festival. Don't know if there is any music or parties besided that silent disco area. I'm not going this year (chose BKS and RW), but I feel the lineup is a bit lean still... Kendrick and Gorillaz are great headliners, but apart from some other personal indie favorites (TWOD, Grizzly Bear, Protomartyr, Bonobo, King Gizz for instance) it's still a bit lacking for me personally. However, with one or two fairly substantial waves of confirmations I expect still to come and always lots of interesting smaller names to discover, they always manage to keep me running from one stage to the other for three days straight, so I never worry about their line-up. Hope this helps, just fire away if you need to know more. There's also some English info on the website: http://lowlands.nl/english/
  8. visdave34

    Rock Werchter 2018

    Both are huge though, so yes: from the front row of the car park to the entrance of the hive it's a few minutes, but if you're unlucky to be at the back of both parking and hive (which happened to me ofc), it could easily become a 30-45 minutes walk.
  9. visdave34

    Rock Werchter 2018

    He will NOT be missed... Hope for a quality Belgian act in return. Any one out of Millionaire, Absynthe Minded, Intergalactic Lovers, Warhaus or Girls in Hawaii would be nice, thank you...
  10. visdave34

    Inmusic Festival 2018

    Those are some pretty awesome additions, St. Vincent, Nick Cave, Massive Attack, Anderson .Paak, Interpol etc. etc. Elevates this line up from not half bad to freaking great (imho ofc)
  11. visdave34

    Rock Werchter 2018

    You shouldn't have trouble finding a supermarket in Leuven or Haacht. Be sure to buy cans though, glass bottles aren't allowed on the campsite.
  12. visdave34

    Inmusic Festival 2018

    I doubt that... In largest font on the poster at the moment: Wednesday 4/7: Eminen / Cardi B / Nine Inch Nails Thursday 5/7: Bruno Mars / Nephew Friday 6/7: David Byrne Saturday 7/7: Gorillaz Now Eminem, Bruno Mars and Gorillaz I consider downright headliners, but David Byrne's not, is he? I expect they still have something up their sleeve for that Friday...
  13. visdave34

    Inmusic Festival 2018

  14. visdave34

    Lowlands Festival 2018 (17th - 19th August)

    Went there 10 times since 2001, will elaborate a bit when I find some time. In short, it’s a unique festival and I have no doubt you will have the best of times there. Any specifics you’d like to know about?
  15. visdave34

    Rock Werchter 2018

    I’m really curious to what extent this problem will be solved by enlarging the Barn from 14k to 20k capacity this year. You’d think it will make quite the difference. Oh, and Wolf Alice at the Slope and Franz Ferdinand in KlubC?! Will be crazy crowded, no?

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