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  1. I guess so! Does that mean we can still expect an announcement for RW tomorrow? Sure hope so! They might even complete the programme tomorrow to make way for Pukkelpop I guess.
  2. So, do you know if we're getting any new names tomorrow, @Ken19 or @Jazebel? Found it really remarkable that there was no 'More names soon/next week' or anything similar in last week's announcement. Pukkelpop's turn this week maybe?
  3. Most definitely ruled out, still in the US in August.
  4. Having had her health issues, I don't see it happening that she'll play her show 4 days in a row. Would gladly be proven wrong, but may even want her to take good care of herself even more.
  5. Only a first drop, lineup is far from complete
  6. Haha yeah, that's a classic vid, priceless stuff...
  7. In all fairness, I would definitely go see Katy Perry if there’s nothing else on. Should be good fun and as a bonus not bad to look at. But within that set of headliners that would musically not be my cup of tea, to say the least.
  8. Imagine Lana could also be Katy Perry... The horror...
  9. Don’t know if you can draw conclusions for APE, but Best Kept Secret communicated the following about the Massive Attack show: “This show will draw from the full gamut of Massive Attack’s extensive catalog, from iconic debut Blue Lines to Heligoland.”
  10. My Spanish is a bit rusty, but what I understand is that MC is in an argument with the municipality of Madrid over the location for the 2021 edition? Apparently the current location is no longer available after this year due to expansion of Ifema and they don't agree on the alternatives offered by Madrid and are now looking for spots outside of the city. Correct?
  11. I think Marty76 had the topics mixed up and probably thought he was posting in Mad Cool topic. Correct, @Marty76?
  12. Not drop, they will still be sub. But probably to two co-heads instead of one headliner. Both RW and Volbeat themselves don’t mention them ‘headlining’ in the announcements or on the socials. That, plus the fact that they are announced within a package of 12 names (did that ever happen with a (co-)headliner?) make me suspect they will sub and not headline.
  13. Exactly this. If she's there, I'm there...
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