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  1. He means that in the announcement of PJ they explicitly said that GnR wouldn't return.
  2. No they go (back) on sale on September 18
  3. She changed the tweet though. Makes you wonder if those two are still not completely certain.
  4. No HAIM (yet) with the first names for Latitude. Lewis Capaldi and Bastille are headliners there for the 2021 edition, where they had HAIM/Liam/Chems for 2020 headliners. Doesn't bode well for HAIM at the 2021 festivals.
  5. Edit: nevermind, have to read more carefully...
  6. BKS' director said in an interview that The Strokes were one of the first to reply them that of course they would be back in 2021. I have no doubt that the same goes for RW.
  7. I see you already found it... 🙂
  8. Organization of Woo Hah Festival just confirmed on Instagram that Kendrick will not return in 2021. That’s a shame... a DAMN shame...
  9. It's crazy... I know there will probably be a lot of people who blind buy Saturday tickets every year, but they will already have their 2020 ticket.
  10. They did? On their FB page you mean? Can't seem to find the comment anymore...
  11. Seems to me the biggest names for the first three days are still to be announced...
  12. Rage Against The Machine and My Chemical Romance obviously
  13. Nevermind, seems like a change of the festival dates to 2021...
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