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  1. I would take Gigi over Paul in a heartbeat
  2. If this means Kendrick is coming to Werchter I'll wait as long as it takes
  3. To be frank, by the time we are allowed to have festivals again - be it June 2021, August 2021 or Summer 2022 - they can put my mother-in-law on stage for all I care... (ok, that's a lie, but you get what I mean)
  4. I miss @Jazebel... (no offense to @Ken19!!)
  5. I've also been thinking about this solution, but what do you do when people have positive tests, after they were probably in a long and crowded line before being tested?
  6. A Wolf at the Door... Radiohead confirmed! 😉
  7. I know, but the 2020 RW event on bandsintown is rescheduled with the new dates in 2021 there (including artists). And if artists have a feed from bandsintown on their own website (like Kendrick) it will now show the 2021 date. Although, that's what I make of it.
  8. It probably is, since it is fed by bandsintown. We also saw bandsintown schedules for other unconfirmed RW artists, so it's probably the 2020 event rescheduled.
  9. Holy hell, he's coming to Europe... Ken, do you have any news? I can't imagine him being in Poland and RW NOT having him. Or is he a possibilty for Boutique?
  10. He means that in the announcement of PJ they explicitly said that GnR wouldn't return.
  11. No they go (back) on sale on September 18
  12. She changed the tweet though. Makes you wonder if those two are still not completely certain.
  13. No HAIM (yet) with the first names for Latitude. Lewis Capaldi and Bastille are headliners there for the 2021 edition, where they had HAIM/Liam/Chems for 2020 headliners. Doesn't bode well for HAIM at the 2021 festivals.
  14. Edit: nevermind, have to read more carefully...
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