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  1. Ouch, that is possibly terrible news for Down The Rabbit Hole.. Any chance you're in the loop of the status of the Gorillaz booking there? Will it go through as planned?
  2. I thought she replied to someone on her socials that festival shows would still be on?
  3. That’ like Sophie’s Choice! If Sophie had to choose between a giant douche and a turd sandwich…
  4. Oya isn't officially canceled yet, right? Given their statement last week.
  5. No not quite, Pinkpop has indicated in an earlier stage that a full festival would be their only option. What happened yesterday is that they requested for a festival permit for the end of August. These applications must be in with the municipalities 6 months in advance. Pinkpop has responded that they still prefer and aim for a June edition (not gonna happen), but they want to keep the options open for a move to August. Also the government's guarantee fund for events might be in play here, which is valid for events from July 1st and presumably there is still no decision on whethetr Pinkpop could enforce an exception on that date. So a move to August could also be driven by the fact that they could apply for the guarantee fund in case it would be canceled.
  6. I'm quite done chilling... 😉
  7. Wasn't unexpected that June wasn't going to happen, but hope was still that they might be able to move to August/September. So it's still sad news that they cancel altogether...
  8. Best Kept Secret 2021 is canceled... https://www.bestkeptsecret.nl/en/news/
  9. Best Kept Secret moving to September is all but certain. Yes, the site seems to have been booked for that weekend in September, but that site also hosts two other festivals. Moreover, the € 300M guarantee fund only seems to be aimed at events that were originally planned after July 1st, so a move to September doesn't seem to help BKS in this matter. I'm quite curious how it will all play out. All we can say pretty surely at this point is that it won't happen in June (at least, not in the way we were used to).
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