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  1. That Friday is all I need. It’ll have me buying tickets in a heartbeat.
  2. How about Massive Attack? Are they a contender, now that they've been announced for Best Kept Secret?
  3. All band, but still without Wilson right? Only see this happening if Wilson rejoins tbh
  4. Kendrick Lamar is announced for Longitude on the Friday of Rock Werchter. Does that mean they will miss out? Or will they add him to 21P on Saturday? Does mean RW could announce him today, since he definitely won't be the Friday headliner.
  5. Crowds are super friendly is my experience... And indeed, as @alan_ts said nightly program is quite alright actually on the first two nights, without the overly drunk crowds you get at other fests. Good fun altogether.
  6. @Jazebel If your original post was too obvious a clue and the dot is not one... Care to give us a less obvious one?
  7. Best Kept Secret is a gem of a festival, but very laid back though. Very much centered around quality music and quality food. Don't expect massive late night parties and out of control crowds. For me, closing in on 40, it's the perfect festival to enjoy a weekend away from the hectic everyday life. Feel free to ask if you want to know more.
  8. The National just added (Northern) Ireland dates June 6-8. So they’ll be at PS on the 4th?
  9. Don't see anything on the website.. just the Tame Impala poster.
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